Thursday, May 24, 2007


Till last year , my greatest debacle in terms of seeing a waterfall was aby falls, not cauz it was not good but may be because it just fell short of expectations i had carried from the reviews of the people around here. But this time around , there was neither an expectation neither we got anything. The curprit --- the girl in red. Not that she might have drank the entire waterfall , oops , i forget to tell you that it is waterless waterfall , atleast , the time of year it was planned was nothing but a failure .. Khair , the pics are very good and can be deceiving for all , even us .. but all thanks to the wonderful Kodak Digicam of Sameer ...

Now Chunchi falls , or the Great fall .. was full of sand dust and .. rocks .. expecting water .. not stand a chance for it till it is your own sweat .. .. and we could see traces of water atleast a Km away if not less. While coming to Chunchi falls , we saw a lavish Gate which said "chunchi falls 5 Kms " but an elderly lady sitting there told there is a dead end and there is another enterance. We dont know if there was a dead end but one thing is sure , we went in mazes and loops and again saw huts and villages which were nothing but seemed that we have transpired in time to a back date , say mediveal times. All mouses made of hay , grass and mud. all doors shut and like a colony of ants just trampled by mischevious gang of children. With none to ask for directions and relying heavily on senses and boards, we finally reached The Great fall .This is me standing at the deepest accessible place there . the other straight route we left was actually the correct one :) but when the day is not your way , it really is not .

Below is image of what we supposed to be hosting a plentiful of snakes sleeping warmly in depth of mother earth. But vipuls' grandpa stopped me from doing that, and Sameer's all intention of the wonderful weekend went in vain .

below are few pics of Chunchi fall disaster , and i dont think any one will disagree ... see the wicked smile on sameer's face here ( green t-shirt )



What Happens when A herd of Mad Eye Moodies refuse to bend to the nerves and go for impossible ... It ends in something good ... but the May 13 2007 was surely not a day to remember or cherish. However Dont mistake it from pics ... I am going to split the Day of 13th May as always in parts ... as the space is always a constraint... This time we had another reason to cheer. We were going under the blessing of Vipul's grandparents, with whom I had my best times atleast in bangalore. With the quality of food to the love that was showered on us for the stay in Bangalore could not be expressed in words. So the journey started from our Place in Bangalore HSR layout. The journey was planned to start early in the day at 6:00 AM where the person who arranged the trip was to join, but she declined at the final moment. So we finally had the cab coming to us at 8 AM and to pick another friend , we had to travel lengthwise across the other end of bengalooru. we waited for her for 20 min , and then the journey started . already delay was over 4 hours. Then we decided to stop for a wonderful breakfast at a place in bangalore. This is the time when we started off to makedatu , but Rizana insisted to visit Chunchi falls first ... so we all decided to reach the place. My God , the route to chunchi falls went through all the villages in the world and the roads to die for ... please take take it too optimistically :) Then we went to Chunchi falls ... finally reached ... Will write at length about wonderful chunchi falls next ..

We all going for the wonderful breakfast ....

My Mysore House

Other than the cherished moments i had in infosys while training , in which the accomodation was provided by the company , i was asked to move out once this training was completed. and then we group of 10 went hunting for a house right in the mysore , from street to street where there can be a dignified place to stay. We finally got a haunted house , which was closed since past 5 years , and as always with a spirit to break the terror in the house , we all decided to move in. But it must really have something in it, for tthe thought of us moving in the same caused ripples and many of our house mates were moved to bangalore and we did not get a shot to challenge the so called spirit in the house. Nevertheless , we moved to a 3 BHK with a splendid interior and cool environment. I am putting up pics of the same . The house was then occupied by 6 of us , me , ashish , dipankar ( my love) , Neeraj ( Laziest of them all ) , Aravind ( i have not written it ) and Sidhi Bhaiya (coolest of them all ). I will post about all of them in my next few posts . here are a few shots of the home i stayed for my brief stay in mysore. The First Pic is drawing Room .

And this is the Kitchen ... had everything here ... and morning tea ... bus that place was jannat (paradise)

above is the place we used to brush brush brush our worn out teeth , and as such was meeting point .....

Above is the drawing room ( other angle) with such a lavish living space , and Neeraj cud be found most of the time sleeping here , or if you are lucky you can find Neeraj getting a scolding from apna Dipankar , and if you are luckiest of them all , you can always find deepak and dipankar here :) watching TV ...

No points to guess this is my room .. both above and below . See , Siddhi is still sleeping , it was 3 PM when this was taken , and he has still not brushed ...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mysore Dushera Trip

In Mysore, Dussehra is the most popular festival. It is celebrated on a grandiose scale here. Elephants are decked up with robes and jewelery and taken in processions through the streets of the city. In fact, many people visit Mysore from all over the country to watch this colorful event. There is also a floating festival in the temple tank at the foot of Chamundi Hill and a procession of chariots around the temple at the top.
If you ever happen to be in Mysore at that time of the year , one will not fail to notice , banana leaves on enterances and vehicles. People dancing and carrying procession here and there.
The Dussehra of Mysore or Mysore Dassara as it is famously called is a 10-day long festival. On the day of Dussehra, a procession of caparisoned elephants carrying the idol of goddess Chamundi is taken through the city. The festival is celebrated in a grand style with scores of cultural performances in the great Durbar Hall of the Maharaja's Palace. On Vijaydashami, the 10th day of the festival, a colorful procession featuring caparisoned elephants winding through the gaily-decorated streets of the city, mark the occasion.

During the festive season the entire city is decorated and lightened in a most impressive way, that attracts thousands of tourists to the city. The Palace and other important buildings are also embellished and illuminated - worth a sight.Majestic processions, a torch light parade, dance and musical events vitalize the placid city. Many cultural programs are organized in the Mysore Palace, performed by famous artists. Sport events, poet's meet, food festival, film festival are also held. The famous Dasara exhibition is organized at Doddakere Maidana, by the Karnataka Exhibition Authority, where many public and private sector, State Government departments and other business class set up their stalls to promote their industries. Craft fairs, traditional wrestling matches are other highlights of the exhibition.

The parade of Mysore is undoubtly the best one , maybe just after the Republic Day Parade,still it is really a worth a watch , and no fees for the same

The dancers above are by far the best performance i ever saw, second year in succession , and these falw-less , error free synchronised moments and dance steps throughout the Devaraja Road is a pleasure to watch. The parade possession also had all reach in all sections of the society with subjects ranging from Water conservation to Girl Education.

The rain played a spoilt kid once again with all things so wet , had to put my Sony Cell back in poly bag , and missed a few shots , but this rain was by no limit of imagination going to stop the enthusiasm either in the people participating in parade or the ones cheering it .
Below can see people flocking the roofs for watching a celebration of lifetime - Mysore Dussera

In the pic above , one can see the number of people who go to watch this mega , heart pleasing and wonderful display of the our culture , and the preparations of people to make this occassion a grand success. I would here also praise the police for managing such a great crowd with such an ease ... even though they resorted to heavy beating of the people not listening ..

2006 Mys Dussera was one of my best mys dushera , and believe me if u r in Bangalore or Mysore , or any part of India, this is one thing that should not be missed. The magestic procession and raw display of faith and power at its best in Mysore

Memories Continue To haunt

hi all ,
I am back to where i was ... another year on my existence on Earth is going to complete and i am again haunted by the memories .. . .. these are times when we were just out of training and our close friends had to part and scatter. Like a packet full of sweets , and delibrately torn apart ... we all fell apart .. some in pune , some in hyderabad ... and some in other companies .. but that strong bond we defined and developed in training gels us even today, and will continue to come in this blog for a long time now ... so friends ... u might be away or far .. here is someone who will always be there to salute and celebrate the SPIRIT of FRIENDSHIP ... for now and forever ...
Aby Sagar and Anand (from left to right)
There is a Ranji trophy going at the back and both Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were supposed to come , and there was a real good enthu between friends but neither of the two showed ....

Anand and Sagar -- at staircase of ampithreatre where we had lots and lots of parties .. DJ nights and mastii ..

Sagar , Me and Aby... had a real good time baked in the sun then ....