Monday, June 11, 2007

Project Party@Fun'N'mAsTi

One of my greatest moments in infosys , other than getting appreciated for the work done has been project parties , which most of times was a reason to party. though i wont disclose the money infy pays for the party , the expenses usually went overflows , with paying more than what was issued to us. The idea is to bring the team together for in many circumstances dont find a reason to sit together and interact. This also helps us to relax and have confidence in each other. I have been involved in lot of project parties across projects over the years at places varying from mysore to bangalore .. Here am discussing about project party with my current ( as on 2 june2007) team .... The only person i miss in the team is swamycharan , who decided to move on for a better project. The VAS VB had a strength of some 30 members in its peak time. The team is Basavaraju,Deepak ( thats me ) . Deepa( my guide in proj) , Hemant ( techno guy) , Gaurav ( all rounder) , Sandeep ( regular to office at 2PM) and Anurag ( Most technically sound and nice at heart ... coolest among us
all ) ...

Above is team pic in which many ppl names i dont know , see what all people do for a foto .. come in barging wherever there is a photoshoot

Above is one of the most memorable moment , a grand party at tandoor ( hosted by Amrish and his wife). Amrish is one of people who were like we call , bond of the subject. He will do anything just like that ( and the person of his caliber , as senior technical architect , was actually coding in the project.) The party was in Tandoor (on MG Road) . a high end punjabi restura' . Had a fun with Sobin ( ex-infy) came along. It was indeed fun with over a dozen of people partying and having fun..

Then Amoeba became synomynous with project party with 2 parties i was there

as a special mention , i should not forget to mention Abhishek Mitra and Hrishi .. the two people i miss the most. Mitra was my room mate for 8 months , and had shared so un common intersts , and the rivalry and the understanding , blending into each liking other;s taste ... as far as TV was concerned .. the La Terrace , 1130 PM call of Mitra ( maariyo mat) .. Hrishi is apna Chatrapati shivaji , a true friend .. rarest species ( joins rhythm , aby , mitra ) in the sacred bracket ...