Friday, August 24, 2007

Chak De !! The Movie

So much Hype about the movie ... and worth it . SRK doesnt look to lose charisma. He comes to screen , loses a win and still goes ahead with it. There were so many ifs and buts in the movie ...
but one thing that took me was -- "ek galti ka bojh kitna zyada hota hai , aur tum dono usse utha nahi paogi".
there are so many times this has happened , a small mistake and friendship teared apart like a revolting house under fierce of Katrina ( hurricane). One still hurts me is my friendship with Vaishnavi. She was one of the friends i thought i will be friends forever. she was very intelligent, very good looking and above all , she would tirelessly listen to me for so long and give a solution. But then a blunder and all changed. We are to a position where strangers are better treated. Well how it hurts to lose a friend is more painful than to lose a love. I was able to associate Chak De with so many instances , but one thing that was missing in the movie was frienship. The way players were a team is good , but shud have small incidences of being friends and team forever.

Second incidence when SRK is rubbing his silver medal .. " ghiss ghiss ke is chandi ke tambe ko sona ka banane ki koshish ker raha hoon , ki kal kahin agar bechna pad jaaye to daam to ache mile" ( am rubbing this silver medal to try to convert to gold , in case i am in such rags that i need to sell it , i should get a good price for it ) . So many times it happens to us that we are just there , just there and miss it. Then we repent it for ages. and a consolation price is just a constant spear to injuries , to remind not that u were second , but u lost , and u were second to someone . Someone was better than what u r and what u were , and to live with it ....
very difficult ....

but the movie was very very good.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Beauty of Infosys

In case one wonders if infosys has most magnificient and sculptous , state of art designed well placed buildings , and nothing more than Eco Friendly , Zero Tolerance plastic free zone. Here is a video of the fountain area , just outside my building. The video was shot by my Nokia N73 , at a lucky evening when lights were out and fountain flaying to the tunes of the climate.

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prashanth Bday -1

Below is a video of birthday party of Prashanth in ECC. The person tried to escape from all he cud , and he did not even opened up the doors of the room for a long time , and then we decided to call it to end , and tell house-keeping staff , that our friend is stressed out and has sucidal tendencies and we wanna chk if he is alright. Professional way to commit crime. And there are many more videos , all coming up shortly. This clip does not include the birthday bash which will come up shortly.

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Day 2 - Kodaikanal lake

Now when we had visited Devil's Kitchen , The Pillar Rock , The Pine forests , and 14 other places to complete the kodaikanal trip , the end of day was yet another surprise. Boating ... and in this cool cool place . The Sun had shone through out the day as if welcoming us with open arms ...Come to Paradise .. to heavens ... to Kodaikanal ... seems i am falling in love with this place over and over again ... The sun and clouds played through out the day, not to be victorious over one other , but like two kids playing selflessly, when winning is not the most important factor , but playing is.

And This was last lost way , when i was standing in middle .. is it over .. no it is not ... The Rose Garden and temple are still to be visited. But they will come later after this pleasurable boat ride.

I am trying to come to the end of day but so many things and so many scenic and natural beauties that my mind keeps on deviating. One more thing i wanna show is this path. Such a magestic royal feeeling i got while i was wondering how good would it be to be lost. to be friends with so many trees , so many of them , like guarding an empire , and dare not enter any enemy , but for friends ,so full of fun and joy.

So finally we are in Boat house , and here is our hunk back to business. smiling and giggling and getting photographed ( apart from being paddling the boat). The ambience was very good , and we were there for 30 min. though i would still rate it lower than Pookote lake in wayand "". In case u wanna see the beauty of that lake. The real beauty because it had weeds , lillies and natural. This one was too clean.

And This is lake is no doubt the man made lake , and a very well maintained, though one might not prefer to move in normal boats but in Swan Boats , which costs extra 10 bucks, and seem to be pretty attracive. The boat made a lot of sound , seemed like moving spades in dry land. Except for the hell of noise the boat made , and the wear tear sound , and the extra effort we had to put in after titing day , those 30 min were very fine , though i cud have done without that also. But the breeze was too good.
Whaatever it was , added to the kodaikanal hospitality and we all loved it and cherish it :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Yo China !!!!

This Sunday just sitting after a few hiccups , one of my friends Fateh called over for dinner. The venue decided was Yo India [ I mean Yo china , and this is because Sameer said it to be Yo India and Fateh Called back asking where Yo India was , though it was Yo China (thanks to Natasha for pointing this out )], and it was to be my 3rd Chinese Resturant i will be to. Located in Kormangala 8th block , bangalore. The easy way to go there is take the road from Reliance Fresh, and this road leads to Yo china , on right hand side.
Now the party people , Fateh , Tarveen , Natasha , Sameer ... The time 930 PM. We were at the place on time ,but had to wait 5 min to get a seat. This place has a two storey serving space. Fateh decided to go up and have the food , but when we reached there , we were told that the service will be slow and we should take the ground floor only. So we sat there. The food was ordered , Dimsums , colas , combos and masti. The service was toooo slow , but the food was fantastic , tasty yummy and delicious. Dont know whether it was so good , but one thing is for sure , the friends are what make the food so tasty. In last Choc brownie ... yummy ...
frankly i have been to Shanghai ( Mysore) Rest. , and that seems to me still half a point better.
As for me , i will rate it to be 4/5 in my personal opinion.