Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pune Infosys

Here are first pics of mine in Pune DC , Infosys Technologies Limited , a place i still did not appreciate and hate it to the core of my heart. A place where an employee of infosys will feel as if he is cursed to work here. all used to say Infy is not the correct place but Pune has proved me or made me to believe that Bangalore office of Infosys was better than Mys or Pune , in fact even if i dare compare bangalore infosys to Pune campus, it will be an insult to the bangalore infosys office. not only bangalore was more clean , and tidy but also well maintained.
First few weeks in Bangalore were tough though , now all seems fine , and i am starting to love the company of good friends here. And lunch time is one of the best times , good food and company.
Then home now also is much better than the Infosys Accomodation where nothing seemed to be going right.
Lets see , and hope my this Pune term comes up well and fine and short enough.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vaibhav Pruthi - Still the same .. remain the same

1st of November , and one of the the normal boring days when i completed yet another module on e-learning in Telecom Domain , tired and Fused out went back to home। Thank God , Tata Net connection was working , and i sat down to relax , and i found this guy online ॥ Vaibhav Pruthi। One who was in bed 3 days back ,and start off with normal stuff। Suddenly this fellow asks me to meet for dinner , and he says " aa jaa " ( come on ) , and a few sick sentis। And then i thought that lets meet, there is no stopping when Duty calls or the Friends calls... and in next 20 min i was in University Gate . And then I was there , and so was my old dear pal Pruthi ... woh hi mast si smile , and first thing i can tell about this person , he has maintained himself very well. And i really appreciate the way he carries himself. And then a big hug and we were off to a resturant nearby॥ Great dinner hosted by Vaibhav , and sharing those things which always were there ... and suddenly we were back in year 2k , in Montfort and the old rubbish talks of me cursing MontFort and praising SPS , and Pruthi defending the same started, which ended up in roars of laughter. The dinner was completed discussing our personal lives as open book , and sharing those secrets which i never told to anyone, he has known those in Montfort when i moved from SPS. Then we moved back to my place and i forget the route , and misguided by few locals , but still we reached home. He is one of a very very few friends who i cherish, and hope he remains the same .. atleast for me for rest of my life ...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pune 1st Day

Delhi Pune flight was a short one. By the time we were in Air , it was time to land , and the Pune was so hot and humid . By God , if u were thinking in that Blore was most expensive Indian city to be in , probably first stint in the city would revert your thinking. For a 20Km journey , the pre paid cab asked for Rs 450/- , same in Blore wud be around 360/- and in Delhi @ 270/-. The stay provided by infosys. And the accomodation was also very good , with one caretaker and one cook. Two bed , and AV , 14" TV ( my Lappy was bigger than idiot box) . There was no power , and hot humid Pune , just sweat out and cursed the place. Then i called one of my college friends , and he was staying just near to place i was , went on to meet the person , shared a few college giggles , and he also hosted a wonderful dinner. And then when i went back place , my room was locked and i didnt have the keys. after a few calls to owner arranged the keys , and i was told in this 900 Rs/day accomodation , the doors are not supposed to be locked. Long live Infosys and accomodation it provides

Dinner @ SummerKhand , Bangalore

This was my second last night in Bangalore and we decided to go for a grand dinner , and it was hard venue to decide. And it was getting harder with some of us wanting to party all night , or go on to some dics. But this was just in planning when Fateh decided to go to Samarkhand. Now where is this samarkhand , and we are off to wikimapia.
Directions to Place: From Kumble Circle ( MG Road) , go straight , and from second cut take Right. just after first cut u will see the place. Do refer to Wikimapia .
Then at 730 when we were in our places , we called Fateh to be informed the tables are booked at 8:30 and no where we cud have reached in time , and we rushed to get ready. finally losing the way to Kumble Circle and made a few wrong one ways and finally reached the place , safe and sound. Then we partied there. The starters were superb and nearly filled the stomach , and then we went ahead to have our dinner and desserts ... But it was a night to remember with funs , jokes and most important, My last masti moment in MG Road Bangalore , atleast for that period.
and i am not at all enthusiastic to move back to blore once more , one stint with this death defying city is more than enuf for me .