Saturday, November 24, 2007

Infosys Guest House

Just save this majestic image and see the beauty. Seems as if we are not in india but this is Infosys Mysore. Many more pics :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Life Line

Have I always met a new friend with the same warmth as i met her. Failed to recognise a face so familiar in this unfamiliar world, and nearing losing to one of my rarest gem of a friend. Never would have a girl come to me so close to telling that i am still the best. The day when all shades of life seem to fade away , she stirrs colors in my life with the fluency like a perfectionist. That exactly what she is , a topper, a friend , an advisor , a big B and still a little child at heart. Unlike most of people she will be ready to take a positive constructive feedback but above all she is the one of the basic reasons i am able to control myself from this so illusioned world.
The day when i saw her , i just saw her ,... and her. She is a real beauty , fairest cheeks and smile to die for. That was a time when I was in a real emotional turmoil , somethings which i told to 3 other people in my life ,and she was the most sensitive of them all. The other person whom i told the same story would not even try to understand, though may be thinking of me as a fool.
whatever you may call her , my imagination , my story, my sketch ... she is one of the realities in my life , and i will go to stretch , any possible extend just to make sure she is there ... for now and forever , for if she is there ... i really dont need anyone else
But why should i call her life , or life line , because even in most busy of my schedules , i will find out time to talk to her , and vice versa ... just like in most busy times u still breathe .
What more can i ask from God , she knows it .... i wont say it .. u will never understand ....