Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pizza Hut Pune

The occassion was Anand Dwivedi once more . This is one of a few friends who always bring a gleam over my face , lest i see him anually. This was longest time we didnot see each other now over a year. Anand came to my place at 815 PM and he drove a pulsar.. A few Kms and i requested Anand to lemme drive. He refused till we reached Rakshak Chowk , and then he handed me the bike. The bajaj pulsar 150 DTSi digital display , and the way it glided over the concrete devil road was just marvellous. Soon we were at front , speeds of 80+ in traffic and most zig zag fashion as we reached destination much sooner than expected. After that Anand went to meet a friend in Pune Central and was followed by dinner at Pizza Hut , hosted by Anand. It has been exactly a year since we last met , and then we are here this time celebrating his 1 yr of onsite , and his potential growth in industry ( touchwood) . Here was most fun we had , Gaurav Rana ordering all possible menu and then it was followed up with all what all could order. Thank god it was Pune , had it been blore by any chance, anand wud have been bankrupt. Here Rana and me took most things in our hearts out , and poor anand was left alone , fighting these two people. At 130 AM we left for home , but it was too late to go home , and so i decided to stay in Anand's place ( after seeing his heroic drive earlier that day). But it was really brave of him to come to me on the bike just to meet me.
There are a lot of other instances that followed the remaining week , but will discuss sometime later .
as of now , anand is in delhi and i am really not missing him ( am a liar , liar liar :) ) ....

Location : Pizza hut Pune is in JM Road , one can straight from E sqaure to JM road, then on the opposite side of the road , either do a wrong side for 10 mts or a U turn some 500 mts away . Come back and u r In Pizza Hut where we enjoyed