Thursday, December 6, 2007

Magical Infosys Tree

I still don’t remember exactly I got here, but it must have been an age now. May be quarter of millennium now , but am sure as in those times we hardly had any watches or calendar, but I remember one old lady sitting under my shed to generously feed a traveler with some beans, and soon I came to know I am in a city named “bele-benda-kalu-ooru” (in Kannada means, the place of boiled beans). Years passed in thin air as I grew up in midst of my friends and family. Then there was a big battle and all happy moods seemed to go. There were canons all around and deaths, of humans, animals and even my friends, the trees. Yet I survived, but what followed was a pleasant experience. All my surroundings were cleared and beautiful gardens came up in vicinity, under Haider Ali. Then there were still some of my friends whom I used to talk to, and then there were new kids who would hear all my stories so patiently. The trend continued in tenure of Tipu, the most heroic as they call him. And soon I found myself in another battle and from Tipu, went to moughals, back to Wodeyars. The change in age saw me least interested in this world, as most of my friends were gone, and soon should be my turn. Then came the British, and this city was Bangalore. A new name in old place. Tired of standing in isolation for centuries at same place and I tried to expand, want to move a few feet. Then came a dry patch, and I could not see a single person. All my friends and fellows were gone, and I was standing alone. Waiting for death. Then maybe some decades ago, while counting my last came this person. My eyes saw him as another traveler, not to know the savior. He returned next day, and after and soon daily. I thought my days are counted and will soon be chopped off, as the only tree in this barren land. My age old fight to nature will die off to this mankind. I have been respected for ages, from peers and foes alike. Buildings started to come up all over the place, and the people used to come in shade of me. Their children played with me, but I was a dieing soldier. I wanted to give them shade but my days like leaves left in me were counted. Then this spectacled person came to me, inspected me and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry together we will see it through. You promise to live, I promise to take all care for you”.
For first time in my life I felt someone respected me, but deep in my heart I know my days are counted. Still I believed in him, and soon there were some people working on me. Suddenly I started feeling blood running in veins, and my heart beat coming back. I was delighted and what followed was a beautiful garden around me. And so many trees around me, so many new friends. I still tell them all the tales of the ages I have seen. But what makes me most happy are so many people passing by me each day. They also seem to be warriors like me inspired by that same man who once whispered life my ears, and years in my age.
So each time you pass by me, do thank that man and smile at me because I smile back to you each time you smile to me. Thanks for giving my life back.
PS: Don’t forget to take a picture of you with me, don’t u think I am photogenic.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blore Memory

Another day has passed , and these memories of all friends dont rust off. Each relation each single day gets off to a start .. and a stop. And here i am recounting one of the most wonderful evening of my life which never happened , but still is my best time.
The day i dont remember, neither do the date , but i feel in love with this girl over phone. Her sensible talks , never ending crib about people in bangalore and long working hours never failed to end. She possibly stayed near to my place but i never had courage to meet her. Let me paint her for you , two pony tails , not so good looking and possibly wheatish complexion and oily face. Yet, the way she talked was mature , and sometimes so childish. I was to pretend myself to believe no matter how this girl is lookwise , i wanna meet her once. And I dont know how she will react , but I gonna tell her that despite of her looks I am Really Inspired by her talks , her concerns , her childish queries... and that thing .. "Deepak tu mere baare mein kya sochta hoga". Took after 4 months of talk , one day busy cribbing about bangalore this lady calls up to meet me. Wheew , today i am going to meet a friend whose roots have grown deeper in me , more than the mysterious girl and as of that matter any girl. Carefree i just went.
It took 20 min for her to come down , and then i saw her. All that i wanted to say was no where. She was as beautiful as her talks, and first thing that i saw just knocked me down, and in few seconds i realised , i again have been cheated. Cheated by the same God twice and over. All i could remember was a chessboard , and here Black and White are never friends, and there is no third color. For once i believed there could be nothing more than friendship , but as a human heart , i saw a dream. Dream , and in my dream she refused to go. She was my crush,one whom i had a genuine crush. For first time , her facial value outshone her voice. But obver next few months, her talks again took over. And i understood that she is like a chubby child , one running after colorful butterflies , and asking his friends to help. One fine day , 31st august .. and something went worng .
And somewhat I start forgetting you , little little ,and your face fading away . Few phone calls always made me remember you , just few things like shouting Hooo and just escaped myself from being eaten up , and each talk of you making me remember that I am lucky to be talking to such a lady with beauty and brains.
And then its like one can be hungry , but one cant eat beyond a limit , and this is what defines human nature. The fading off voice of an angel from my life to a better world , for i always knew she had to go .. and if she is really going how can i stop.
One thing today when she has decided to chose a path , and is just going to start with a new life . remember one thing ...
I have learnt to listen to new songs for you , to listen to what people say and above all. I still think i can be a hero , but its still you all the way. There are a thousand things i remember of you and may fill this entire blog with them buti wont , since you are still a bug in mind , and i need to fix my brain before its too late for me to realise i have hallucinating for over months now
Dont know how to finish it , maybe like your song , your friendship is
" Its sweet like a sugar coated candyman" ....

Mysterious Girl

I first saw her on 9th Feb 2007 , and had a little thinking that she will in subsequent eight months of our interaction will become one of a few people on Earth, whom i appreciate from Earth. For she has been one of the most thinking absent minded girl , one whose smile is bestest in the world , if not less. She has been like a mentor , a guide and above all telling me on correct lines what to do and what not. She can go hours and hours scolding you , stare you like u gonna die of a heart attack , and then smile herself.
The girl has strengthened me in the most happy times, and most happy times cauz of her. With so many trips , i appreciate her planning , and logical reasoning.
She is amateur cook , but believe me she is true for the saying - Professions build Titanic , Amateurs build the Oak , and all knew what sank. The food prepared on so many occassions was too good to be appreciated. Esp the kadi with chaaj .... it was awsome , and that day chappati were too good, i ate them raw. But believe me , i am also astonished by her speed to cook chappatis.
Then there was this day when we were in home , and it had rained for 4 days , and whole streets flooded with water , and no water in home , as the motor had been jammed.
One of the most well kept and maintained in terms of cleanliness. There can't be a disease scare when she is around , for not a germ can ponder when she is there. I just appreciate the way she want everything perfect , just like her .
And then there were friends in for the party , where we won each and every game on Eddie lines .. Cheat , Steal , Win ... and we did that. Then followed by game of cards , and as once a cheater always a cheater ... but she was the only one to know and sealed the lips .
Last , she cook a dish so awsome as a beauty she is. so simple yet so effective, an angel on earth came down to my life only give a new dimension to my life , and believe me , you are one of my friends who will always be my very very good friend. You gave a meaning to my life , and the way to live a new life. Those 8 months will be with me for rest of my life . just hope to be in contact soon ...
Well who is she , she is no real , only mysterious girl ... and all these instances fictious .. so please dont get sentimental ...

Monday, December 3, 2007

love's hard , love's well

love's hard , love's well ,
love's where we all dwell .
And this Earth is a place where priorities do change. a simple prank for someone may be risking a life of another. For many money is priority , and for some friends. Am one of those unfortunate people who have in each stage of life found good friends , cherished them , let the friendship nurture and be as strong as a raw baniyan... still lose a few every now and then. A tree may prosper with every growing season but it has to shed some of its strength in autumn to come back more strongly next year. This lean patch sometimes takes away most cherished flowers the tree ever had , and this is where The Will of a person stands it test. To just blindly belive one has the best of world is not true , same as believing one to believe he does not have the best.
The way the life will turn around can't be defined in a random order , but yes this errentric life has its trajectory defined. It will not always be fine , neither will always rain.
The way of love is the most cherished one , and the most sad things happen with love. If u start loving a friend more than a friend , and the other person starts to belive that you have fallen in love with that person just because you compliment the other sex so much , so your talktime on fone increases, this is where the so healthy friendship starts taking a U-Turn. and most of the times , just like my case ,u realise that your one of the better friends in world , with whom you shared things you sometimes dont share with yourself is gone.
And you are once more standing in the middle of this dead world , surrounded by deaf dead people , shouting their throats out and running to kill you , and u look to a non -existent friend, who has for so much time help you fight off this real mean world , just not there...
and then you stand there , fighting dead , but then how you kill the dead ... how ...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

tipsy topsy life

Life like candy comes in various shapes , size , packages and decorations. These are not always pleasant neither healthy. sometimes we end up in situations where we tend to believe that the God does exist , and that he is sole responsible for all the good things. and then suddenly he , who sits there in heaven, plays a trick none of us can understand. He plays like a professional , and he The One , never loses in last few minutes. The way he knits the life and all the threads together are too strong and beyond the power of man's destiny to defy the same.
If I am standing here today , trying to make most of my fortune myself , trying to change my luck , my fate , my life is all going to plan. I have many friends who with time have changed, most of them. But there have been minority carriers also , unlike the first ones who have changed. These minority carriers seems to appreciate the frienship only till the time the help is needed. and those most of friends who have changed have taken my friendship to a new dimension. Each new day , and each old friend gets his /her roots deeper in my heart , and it will be so unfair even to consider myself all alone here. My friends in blore , Delhi , Mys and chandigarh are so indespensable for my life , is like breathing friendship.
Its on them , the way they change the colors in my life that i am able to survive , and fight through one of the most difficult phases of my life , when people have either turned busy or pretend to be.
One of the most important lessons Pune has given me , if u really love someone , dont let it fly away for too long. Let her go once , and it will return , but dont experiment on it too long , mayb second time the bird forgets the route or it is too late.
With one special mention of a very close friend who just left in between. Yaar , i always wanted u to be my bestest of best friends, but think u went more in some other way. Had u hated me in this way , and i irritated u like this, you should have told me earlier , i would have never exposed my open wounds. But since its all open now , i dont have courage to be stripped again , of my honour , of my pride and most important of my life .
Do remember , life is not always bad , and so not always good. dont expect anything from life and from friends who u think are but in reality are not.
I still am not able to believe it that i lost such a close friend of me .... there can be only two ways we meet now , meet and never part till death , or never meet till i die .... but then u still wont come to my funeral ...