Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I want to ...

For ashu..
I can see that light again....
I can feel that sight again...
Those dreams that were broken that day...
Those memories that faded away...
I can feel them all again.....
I can sense that love again...
I can dare dream again...
I can be madly in love again...
You've brought back the hopes...
You've brought back that luv..
You've brought the feel of belongingness...
You've brought back the happiness in my life..
I wish to cherish my dreamz with you..
I wish to be yours ..and you to be mine...
I wish to live with you...
and ....I wish to love you loads....
Ashu :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nandi Hills Revisited

It was a second trip to Nandi , but it was not on bike. It was TT ,and with close friends , I have shared some personal space. I just had hoped the trip will be one of the finer ones , but the effect of the first one is still too mystifying. We biked all the way to Nandi with Somu and Shruti , but due to lack of time had to return early.

This time the time constraint still pronounced we decided to move at 2 AM , and true to our words ( possibly the first time) ,we started off at time. It was nearly full moon lit night, and we started off to the Nandi. Ashu was the first to join us in TT , followed by others. Soumya, Dheera, Neha came in. Then last stack was Namita and Princy, more surprised than we reaching on time rather being excited. The TT flew off to the Nandi , but stopped mid-way for some personal reason of driver.

The music DVD did not read this time , and the driver had put on certain south Indian songs , which were stopped on request. Then , we stopped for Tea. It was a bit cold , and there were many boys outside , so we asked the girls to stay inside TT , and they had cosy tea indoors while the guys had hot warm tea in middle of windy road.

Then around a few Kms up the uphill track we decided to stop , just like that.

And we went out. Just a few minutes and we were well up the small boundary on the periphery of the hill , with no protection , and light of moon lighting all the way. We were middle of a silent night , facing a very beautiful hill and as I would say it , you see life in best shades standing on verge of death. The breeze was gentle , and temperature must just be clocking double digits in Celsius . And I decided to  challenge the death of night. With Chu Chu on my left side , we shouted “ Mar Javaaaaa …..” and trust me , death would have run away for life. And with me and Chu chu on one side , come the world and we will show you. The echo was strong enough that it came back to us.

Princy can justify it , and when we all shouted , nothing came back.

There is something called as resonance , compatibility and above all , the sense of WE. A sudden streak in the sky , green –blue shade was noticed. A Shooting star , and we shouted in joy. We all held together , and a sense of being together send across an aroma that was powerful enough to break a thousand stars. The stars kept on felling for the night into the morning light. It was our day , and we would wish and it will come true. We saw a lot of constellations , a time from my past re-visited. I wanted to see the Hunter, the red blue star combination.

The space shared with my diamond , and here Himanshu shares the same space. It was then a month before I left for Infosys , and this is here when a month before Himanshu and me see it. I will tell hunter to deliver my message to the Gods above that this hunter is ready for the next ride , next exploration , and as a symbol to move on , I will be moving on. Then we started singing the song , one from Jo Jeeta who hi sikander, “ Phela Nasha phela khumaar,naya pyaar hai naya interzaar , ker loon mien kya apna haal , aye dil-e-bekarar , mere dil –e- beqarar tu hi bata    . Udta hi firun in hawaon mien kahin , ya mein jhool jaun in ghatao mein kahin, ik ker doon aasmaaa aur zameen , kaho yaaro kya Karun kya nahi …    and I wanted time to halt. It was indeed the first

love experience when vocal chords just added tones to the words coming straight from hearts , finding the way into each other. The sense of friendship , the bond was in cast , deep , deeper and deepest in each passing moment in this night.

 It was not that it  was not special to all , but for me , I can feel the Indian air right through my windpipe , as my soul telling me to look ahead. You will see the God , I tried , didn’t see any. Then as magic one would say , I saw a magical eye formation in the hill top in front of my eyes. Many saw that. Then I turned back, and the thing I wanted to share with Himanshu only was overtaken by my instincts and to all my so so special friends , I told them the secret. You guys know why I made that red and blue star , for each time in my life when I will see the hunter I will remember you , and hope each time you see the Hunter constellation ( Orion) , you will not remember class IX science book , but this wonderful moment when we all shared a part of life together.

When we spent a few moments together which no one can take away , one wish which we all had while the stars shot across the sky like Diwali crackers. What if we didn’t carry the crackers , God has his way to welcome us. A song was followed by second to third. “Kaise Jiya tere bin” started on Ashu’s cell , and we all sung in chorus. We were scripting a new dimension to Friendship in the middle of night to run through our veins for end of life. While I write this sentence , there is a shiver in my spine , and chill ran down my senses , as I was lost in the same dark night. Never seen a day so bright as the well illuminated dark night it was. As I always say , words are failing me to express the expression on our faces. As I held himanshu’s hand after Mar java , it was feeling of two brothers. The hug before we just left was just another white brick in the monumental Taj our friendship has evolved over a period of ages now. It must be half an hour and we all lived one more life , a separate one. One in which silence music , shooting stars and loud cheers acted as hot metal worked on by cold water to cast it to irreparable bond. We all were special as we are, and will always remain same. Himanshu decided to take me down , and Ajit came running it , for favor cant be one sided , and nothing we can do single handed, not because we CANT but because we know the feeling of WE is infinity times stronger than that smallest complete sentence in English language “I”.

We were back in TT , relishing the just passed phased, many of us were smiling to ourselves while a few others started singing. It was an emotion , and I had known we are weaved in a knit of friendship which possibly won’t be broken by any for eternity.

The trip was already growing heavy for many of us, at least for me , if not anyone else. I just wanted it to go forever. The TT was requested to stop for one more time, just a few hundred meters , and we found a another point. The point was again a wonderful spot but stinking smell refrained many from sitting. A dangerous place to say the least but we lay down. Me and Himanshu joined by Ajit and later on by Ashu. But the exotic smell drove us back. And then it was an uphill , and we all ran.

Ran like free birds , birds of same feather going on to have one memorable outing to be remembered , to be captured , to be shot and showed, to be scanned in the brains for a long time. TT was now at Nandi Hills.

The first vision of the Nandi noticed was a lot of people and groups have accumulated. Then there was another sight , the counter is not opened. The sun is on verge of rising , and there is no one to open the door. Utilize the time for a stroll , where Ajit repeated his incidence of him and Saurabh( one of his close friends he misses very much, honestly) taking picture with a bull. Where they went at lengths to take the pic. Dheera was witness to some of the old Deepak attitude, but thankfully he overcame them easily. Then we all headed back to ticket counter which was open and we ran into for a quick first cum first serve basis. In the corner were me , neha , dheera , somu , namita and princy. The air was still cold getting colder with passing seconds , and I was here in my Delhi best, offering my jacket to the shivering girl on the right. She denied it, but gladly accepted after a few seconds. Tickets in hand , and josh in hearts we started to the Nandi. The most awaited destination. As we shouted and moved to the hills , the main door was locked. And we shouted , and so did so many of groups, they had to , we had half a dozen of most beautiful girls in the gang. We then proceeded to the gate which the gate-keeper promptly open. He had opened the lock and we were the first ones to enter the Nandi Hills. We walked through the same lane again. The place last time had looked majestic for the sunshine which came piercing through the trees. My last memories were broken by people running uphill to see the view. There were two paths , one in more haunted woods and other in open. Well , coming for sunrise view, woods might just not be a good option. We moved to periphery for a good view and then was another view. We went to same spot and stood up on the wall. The pain in leg had still not subsided and needed good help from friends to climb it. For a few pix refreshed the previous one. We all stood like kings and then suddenly there was a  voice , sun might just rise. All forgot and ran to the direction where sun rays would come. And we had to follow. Me , Ajit , Namita and Princy at back while Ashu was somewhere in middle. Not sure where , but Somu and Neha were running fast, as if to catch the sun before we can have a shot. Anyhow , they had to wait in woods for us to join. To Namita and Princy who were careful most of the times I was not left behind. They would skip a few steps to enable me to walk with them. But the uphill was right there. Had to climb the hill. AJ also ran , and so did everyone else. Ashu waited there , as we had a few pix and then moved on. Reaching the top where sun was no where in picture but it was our day. It has to come out. Well, he did not , but since we are here , we don’t care. We all shouted at top of voices , laid on icy cliffs, cuddled together and had a great time together at top of world , I mean hills. The cheer was louder than any microphone ever installed , the chemistry showed , and even the shy sun just came out of mist to have a look at the wonderful group which has come to Nandi. He tried hard, but to evade the pearl of friendship, and new face of fun was also unbearable to the Chariot of Light. He tried to do a sneak peek , but we saw him. Someone did snap a picture of the thief , hiding behind fog to participate in the gang. Then it was game, like hide and seek. We would keep our pose and cameras ready , and he would come and go. More often  we won , sometime he did. He grew big in size, for first time I was not able to hold it in my hand, for first time its light was more soothing than morning city sun. I wanted to ask him , if he can stay like this forever. A cute sun, which I can look upto and talk. Which will be my friend. I have over a period of few hundred years taken the pictures of sun in its full glory, and more than often I ended with a black spot, but this time it was orange. It did not look angry but playful like us. This time I liked you. This time I know you like me , in fact , I know Mr. Sun , you liked us. You have like the shooting stars blessed us with luck for future , as your son.

With each passing moment, the clock ticked , and then we decided to move on. I had a sense of satisfaction of capturing Sun first thing in the morning. And more happy was I that I sitting at top of the world knew he can see me much better than he ever saw me. And I am sure ,each time from now on , when he wakes up and visits Nandi Hills, he must spare a look to the most wonderful group to rock the rocky mountain. Don’t worry, we will all come again. Moving on, to the end of one side of cliff , where slippery rocks were abundant, but our feet were firm. We went to the edge. And then came in daring Somu to put a foot to the limits. She had gone to limits , and enjoyed every bit possible. Princy and Namita sat on a rock for sometime. After capturing all the glory in eyes , we decided to explore more. Namita stood up, and Princy was still sitting. “ Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai, tootega nahi” , and then we made an observation, that a small tilt and she would go rolling down. This scare was more than enough for her to get up and get rolling.

“Omelet , Maggi and Tea”, came a sound from somewhere and we all rushed to the call of the tea. A few more metres , and there was a temple. Ajit and me remembered this temple since last time ,when we saw something we didn’t like. Well, then we have decided to by-pass same. But this time Neha insisted she would give it a visit , and so if one goes, all follows. Somu decided to stay out on a logical reasoning, and on her insistence , all went alone. The lanes had a pugent smell , but then as I entered the main compound, we saw a big pole, possibly used as a solar clock. But how does they find time when sunshine is not present for most part of day. The people have watches. And here we were informed temple opens at 10 AM , so we let the God sleep and went ahead. There were Namita, Princy, Dheera , Himanshu in front of some small temple. After people prayed , as we were again to depart from the place, there was a sight of pond. People leaving were called back, esp the ones who are in most hurry to run. The steps lead to a small pond , which on first sight seemed to have pure water , but that was a dream short lived. The water was hot , a mirage when in freezing temperatures walking bare foot for few hundred meters, anything would be warm. Finally the next stop MAGGI …. TEA …. EGGS ….

The stall was not very far, and in flick of eye we were in the open shade of Nandi , covered with a thin green net type material. The order was placed , as the confusion always was. For a group of 9, 7 Maggi , 9 Tea, 6 Omelet. This was just the starting. The time has stopped, or we were running. Another one when we sat together, THIS IS NANDI HILLS. This was first time when the feeling had to sink. And then Deepak presented Namita and Namita with a T-Shirt (each a piece). Well , came in first order, and this fellow , Mr. Deepak who had done most of the shouting for no Maggi for him was having Ajit’s Maggi, as Ajit was too busy cleaning up Himanshu’s plate. Soumya was busy taking ownership of Dheera’s tea , while Princy was shifting the green chillies to Namita ( it was actually beans which she realized after finishing the plate). Ashu seemed to be too busy deciding whether to eat bread or the Omelet. Also her one spoon of Maggi from neighours was the only thing more prolonged than the order list we gave. Then another round of Tea and other stuff. This time Deepak took custody of extra tea ,which he shared with Namita, despite repeated protests from the rival camps trying to eye our precious tea. The bill of 550 grands was a bit surprise for a group as we are, was not the first time neither unexpected. Paying the bill and moving out, the waiter asked us to wait till the amount was cleared. Well , I paid more than the bill amount, but he was worried of the some extra. And he got it.

Next was Nandi Bull Temple , possibly the hill getting the name because of same, or because of hill name, a temple built. I don’t know and I don’t even care. As we moved out , it started to drizzle. In the cold air, when Sun has left us behind on other side of the mountain , we were left facing the hard rain. But did I not tell you , the majestic power of friendship , and its intensity was strong to make a thousand stars break. And same thing happened, another fulfilled wish.Somu started singing a beautiful song , joined by me. But Ajit and Himanshu get missing. All went ahead , but Ashu stopped for them. And then Deepak and Ashu looked for them. They soon came , and we were back on track to the unprotected boundary of slippery rocks and broken walls, possibly broken to let us enjoy the beauty because it seemed distinct possibility the English attack at Tipu’s tenure were strong enough to shoot it down.

( to be continued … ) 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ear Phones Stolen

Ear Phones Stolen

There was a time I was in Pune,
And saw those Bose earphones to tune,
Listened and fell in love to quality so pure,
Wanted to own those expensive set for sure.

The cost too high to afford ,
And house advance broke my music mode ,
Took a cheaper set to music road ,
With vow to get the high end ones music node.

And came Diwali pleasant to speak ,
Wrapped in came a gift from brother of mine ,
A san Disk high end earphone set so fine ,
And born in me was music freak .

Went here and there , and everywhere ,
To whomsoever it may concern my dream is here ,
Clarity so fine, pleasant and surprise to share ,
I finally did a dare .

Wanna do some e-learning and brought to place,
My cubicle the earphone signed loved brother so grace,
As pure as white as sound quality was a shiny glaze ,
Missing it goes in morning today

Called the security and reports the theft,
The personnel tries to tell none dared to touch even left ,
Insistence let the complaint filed and me in sorrow sight,
My dream is stolen and so is the gift.

The next hour was pain though ,
And new one would cost a fortune through ,
Saw ones resembling mine in a desk so new ,
It will take courage to ask about my ear phones she knew.

With love for the gift ,
And the courage renewed ,
I went and found its mine so fine ,
And goes down in drain the respect till date.

I got the ear-phones back and was sad still ,
May be I should have not found them ,
For The respect in fellow colleagues would there be still,
And would have reverted to cheaper still.

There are many a earphones to be laid hands on ,
And taken to home and sold for ten bucks possibly on ,
But each carries a tag more than a few hundreds ,
Few sentiments , few emotions and few memories to bid on

Monday, December 8, 2008


An angelic face and smile so sweet ,

Mature brain and sight to keep ,

Friend of friends in night so deep,

She along only happiness you reap.


Tall as a model would be ,

Features even Miss India envy ,

Leading someone in someway ,

Logical reasoning one would say.


Known her for a few months now,

And seems she was in all summers so hot ,

And also a shield when the winters did snow,

She is all of above without a doubt.


The dove was pure in purest form ,

Beauty apart , she has brains to add so strong,

With her things are corrected which went wrong,

For she picks up only problem as would a tong.


A friend shoulder in times so bad ,

True friend even in mood so sad ,

Wished since my life a friend I had,

Wish granted was all the God ever said.


You can change with times as times would ,

But change not the 82 to life as it should,

Best is with what  you have today  ,

And (touchwood) remain it be like that till end of times support could .


( PS: This is not a generalized poem but for someone who is not just someone J

Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Angel ....

Every now and then you see a familiar face . A very common one. And what a occassion to pen it down , Children's Day. Its not less co-incidence the girl i am talking about has a nile wide smile and kid style accent. She has a very sweet sweeter and sweetest voice ( if one is able to hear ). She is a real kid who would desire it all , with a gleam in her eye to attain the best.
As always , lets start with where i first met her. In a group of some 9 girls , she was seated to the window to the seat facing me. Didnt notice her much. Even didnt got her name correctly for the first time. Vaani is what i mis-spelled her. Well , it was in the Sukhwinder Singh Concert when someone commented as who among us is married. And this is one question i answered with ease, and the reasons the kid smile knows.  Well , she was shy to dance , a bit nervous or like a small child trying to understand what is going around. But once in party mood , she danced like gracefully. Though unnoticed as it may seem , but all praised her. 
To say all about it , and miss her dressing sense would be devil. Her dressing sense was epitome of the occassion. Perfect !!! The way the dress was carried with the shy nature and the smile made each occassion a special one.
She does not speak much , but if you wanna hear the pitch of silence defeating the noise, she is the person. Her silent presence is much more decorated than that of shouting Deepak. She would seldom place a request for a song, but would enjoy each moment. The best part was , even if she is not understanding something,  she will ignore it completely. Eventually over the period of time , she realised it was more fun trying to understand the talk, and then sew the missed part with spicy gossip which would fill the color in her silent journey. Never would one imagine , the learner behind that deaf silence has much more pronounced exponential learning curve than one could achieve. The broken sentences were now complete, and the silence began to voice itself. Not only was silence looked forward for each trip , but appreciated also. 
I sincerly dont know which segment in her brain she draws her energies from , for fear and courage come in at same time. The trust is one thing which is so rare in the world, and to prove yourself trustworthy was the most daunting task. It was in Bukka chakke when I had to shout her to cross over with others. I shouted my energies out , and tried my best. Well once she was through , the same Friend was now shouting more than i ever did. She enjoyed the most, much more than any of her nearest rival. She over-ran her fears so well, and enjoyed it too. 
Eventually over a period i came to know she is not as immature as she might look to be, she understands most of the things, analyses them and has her goals well defined. She is not the one who one would count as shouting in fast lanes , but she will be reason for someone doing so. One can count her in , whenever there is need.  
Before i close this , i would like to mention the sweet kid she has. And though she has travelled back to the kingdom of queen , she has engraved her name in my memory lane , which are bound to be deeper with time. The world might be lost but she is not. She never will be. 
I really will not miss her , and neither will anyone here, for we miss those who are far apart. 
As i dont really name anyone , for people who know you , and for you who know yourself , there is one thing ... 
The world is big , and dreams are bigger. Enjoy each moment , live life KingSize ... and yes , 
alwayz keep smiling. You look best smiling . 
Still want to write a few more lines , but as my handicapped English runs me out of words, but trust me the emotions wont. The mysore trip , the crocodile , and the excitement of climbing the struss , the depth of water fall , the dance of the Sukhi show , the tatoo of MS and the sweet candy to the Serengetti the closing speech .... we are always together and ... not missing ya .... reason is already stated for the same. 

Bestest Person ....

We are destined to meet a few which we are destined to. sometimes it takes a lifetime to reach out to them, and sometimes they know you since a life-time before you connect to them. And then you know one thing for sure ... You can go to end of life and probably cross it but not lose them. This friend i am talking had known me for a year before i knew she knew me. We were destined to meet on May 1 2008 , but as Bangalore traffic wont allow me. She left the place at 6:00 PM and i recorded the attendance at 7 PM. So we did not meet. Jab We Not Met ... 
Since we did not meet  then , and we have still not been introduced to each other, there was no point in her inviting me to her birthday a couple days later. So again we did not met ...But not any distance could separate the poles of magnet apart for eternity. A friend , a mentor , a guide , a leader .... All know her by the time i finished it . 
So here she entered our house , a pleasant Sunday afternoon , and as one of us peeped outside , all ran in rooms ... to get properly dressed ... So here I was introduced to her . She recognised me , it was third time in my life , someone knew me beforehand. Then i  got the connection of her roomie as my project mate, and well i can now imagine the gossip session as to how i was so famous. 
So this lady is bindass types , speaks her heart out, but knows very well the limits. She is as mature as one might expect. There has been so many things i would love to pen down for her but i am sorry boss , i dont have the right. That right is reserved with someone who is perfect match for her. 
I have had the honours of going out on multiple trips with the lady. It started with Nandi hills , wherein she and her sis came along. Her sis is as sweet as she is, and she is definetly the elder sis any girl would like to have. A calculated freedom is what is granted , and unlimited fun is what is end result. She has the ability to lead, to direct the people towards a particular goal , and re-direct them to her wishes. She is one leader who set up the mood of the trip. 
Is she beautiful , no. Means , this question is not valid, she is re-defining the beauty with decency. a dusky beauty , with model looks and as God devoting separate time to knead the floor for this one in a zillion beauty with brains ,enabling her not only to take the breaths away but her talks stealing anything else that remains. She is one of the most beautiful girls i came across my life . Hazel eyes , killer smile , and more killer frown , and yay yay ... distinguish her from the rest. 
Her promptness to go to trips weekend over weekend is astonishingly similar to mine, with the only difference , she want to bike it all. And i want it anyway. She is one of the most open minded girls i met ( as expected , open minds sometimes ,.... ). Kidding , she is one who holds the head in the deepest problems i ever encountered. She is there as a helping hand when you need it. She is one trust i rely on. 
She is one who is all ears with genuine concerns to help you out , be it emotional breakdown or physical.She is there. If you trust her , she will always be there. Its you who might be more sure of yourself , or lost the way. But if u trust her , you will be safe. Trust me , she might act ignorant many times , but she knows it all. She tries to indicate, for an intelligent to understand , and for a fool to repent later. She wont invade your life, but can possibly tell you certain things which should be taken care of. Now not many trust me , but if you really do , trust me a bit more than you do to me . 
And on a personal note , I would love to write more , much more and much much more. I am running out of adjectives ( pardon for Poor English , i should have attended the school more regularly) , but as soon as I keep learning , i will keep on writing more and more..... 
You know you are best , we know you are best .... and that makes you my bestest person .... 
For tomorrow , the seven seas will separate but i will always cherish the fun , the mazza and the mochachillo .... 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life maintained @ high speeds

Last time around , i seem to have a blackout of what was happening when it was at high speeds. This time i was in control. I knew the situation , and i knew it will take a long time to recover. As i hit the girl ,who came running in the middle of the road with her friend. I think I knew the moment i saw the girl she is not going to move. I braked hard , but for the speeds i was in , it seemed virtually impossible to stop the bike. The girl was unmoved , as if she was trying to test her wits against a weak discover. Well she won. 
Neither did she got hurt , nor the discover. It was only dingo hitting the roads. Now lets get back to the Singhsandhra crossing , 11-11 ...the timing is mistimed. It was just a matter of few milli-seconds which were  gonna define the next few days or month. I didnt knew the duration , but i knew one thing for sure , i did a blunder. 
So , here i am honking at girl , who is standing still in the middle of the road , expecting and desiring me to hit her, a split second where in she also was not able to decide if she wanna cross the road or wait for the biker to make the mind. And i decided to cut through her left when the second girl from behind , made her mind to cross the road. In these split second decision , i was certainly left with no option but to brake. And trust me , i tried hard , but the girl , didnt move a distance. In fact , it seemed she did not even know or wanted to know. I wanted to yell , to shout to tell her to get away. But as a pigeon would close her eyes for fear of cat ( those who have not heard this may safely ignore this statement) , she just waited for it.
As i hit her , i just tried to move her away physically , reached out to her , losing my balance also in the process. She had already hit and broken something , but the impact was reduced. I saw my bike dwindling. I tried hard to balance it, as i have done it twice, but no ... i was destined to fall , but unlike last time , i was in full conscious. 
Here the bike tilted to the right, and i saw bits of something flying past. I was unable to make what all were going , but yes , there was good grinding sound , sparks and pieces of mirror. I came to standstill some 100 metres from where i hit the girl.
A small crowd gathered around. "Kothe te aa Mahiya " song was on , as i got off the bike, i removed the handsfree, and first thing was song playing loudly. I remembered where the stop button was, so atleast i supposed i did not have any head injuries. I stopped the song , and then there was a slight dizziness i felt. I was sure i will be knocked down soon , so i slide-opened  the mobile , and called himanshu. He was already in half sleep and must have given the expression only a few can understand ... Shoooo .... and he asked me the place, and i guided him. As i disconnected the call , i saw my lift hand was red. Then it stuck me again , i met with an accident , and my right leg is immobile. The left hand is in blood, i have just made a mess. Then i saw a person in Tie , ahaa ... infoscion for sure. He took me to the side, he held a helmet , so must have stopped. So there were half a dozen others who stopped. 
Now the sun was on my head , and someone asked .. . neer .. and i said ... Yes I was standing when someone called out , " His Right leg is gone , let him sit in side"  and then there was water. I drank the jug full. I saw the battery of my head re-charging , as i saw the people running after Infosys buses which refused to stop. Then someone brought the helmet , and handed it over. I then asked fellow person , Boss , get me a cab and get me to RK Hospital, EC. Everyone was asking , is someone there to help. I just said , boss , wait , my friends are coming. Suddenly a cab person stopped , and i got into it. There was this person who said he will take care of my vehicle. I requested him to get the vehicle to MLPL , but i saw a traffic police inspector , and i told person , get the bike to MLPL as soon as possible. Possibly the police wanted some money. Who wanna lose on a money making opportunity. Like with great powers come greater responsibility , with small accidents comes greater punishments. So the person took my vehicle to police station. 
Cut 2 ... RK Hospital : 
I got off the cab , and realised it was paining hard. My right leg was not fractured but something bad had happened. Possibly a muscle pull , a muscle tear or something like that. But let the doctor decide. The doctor Vijaya , received me with a smile. Then i was asked to lay down. And then she asked a few questions and then began inspection. She started with ankle to the knee and asked if it pained. She reached knee and i was smiling. she wanted to ask ,"Is it paining somewhere " , but then i told its paining on the knee. In meantime i called Soumya and told her about the same .
The doctor got the opportunity and sprayed the wonderful spirit on my open wound. Sheeeeeeee , it hurts man !!! And i shouted. The next part of treatment is censored for few audience , when Soumya hurt loudest scream from Deepak.
Cut to ... My team has arrived : 
All seems concerned. Before they arrived , there were multiple calls assuring them i am fine , but the team came in. the pain was less , and since i had laid down , the pain in leg seemed less. I thought i am more than fine. I expressed my desire to come to office and work. 
Cut to ... Ajit and Himanshu entering ... 
And it was no longer a sorry sight. the hospital was going to be filled in with laughs , smiles are jokes understood by three. As they came in the doctor enquired , and asked them they can take me home. 
But these guys wont let me off so easily. Kaboom , go in for X-Ray . and i did . Then i was joined by Soumya ( she is one bestest girl always to help). Then Pallavi , Namita and Neha joined in. I was so happy to have had so many gooody friends who always come in when i needed them the most. Thanks a lot friends. 
The Episode is still not over , and we have a lot more coming up .... and soon .... 
Keep Watching ... 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Charisma neva dies ...

Rise with rising star , and you will not see the daylight. There was never a time when I was in such a wonderful company , rather always was. Way back in school , me , Pruthi and Mitin had lots of fun. We graduated to Anand , Rhythm and me. Then there was a phase when I had good times with Sumit Juneja and Amit, roaming at 1 AM on streets of Calcutta. Mysore saw me ,Anand and Sid. Then Ashish, Dipankar and me. Come Bangalore , me , Abhishek and Prashanth. Move in Vipul , Sameer and me. Then came Fateh , Sameer Mohan and me. Each of these trilogies have special mention and experiences to share , cherish and remember for life. But as entire group left Bangalore , I was stranded all alone in 1 BHK. But who dare stop the talent destined to meet. There are a thousand stars , but its lodestar that shines the brightest. In this galaxy of friends , and constellations of so many pairs , I am currently in a solar system named “ Chamatkari Ladke” , self-proclaimed name for the most wonderful group to rock my life. Now was it me who re-defined the way they lived or other way round can be debated forever. Here I am starting to pen down the most beautiful phase of my life with these two guys, which will go beyond emotions. The reflections of a psycho writer should not be mistaken for any fiction writing, though I may not be able to gurantee it with any proof.

So the first time we start, I entered the house with a with no more hope than to change the situation, when I was told by Anuj about Ajit’s interests and I thought it would be good. The first expression of Himanshu on meeting me was same as one he has everyday morning for next 7 months.  I have come to a house where possibly i will find the people suiting me. and i had known , even if they are not , possibly I would melt and cast in the castings. Anuj's talk about the nature of guy Ajit is, told me well as how to get his friendship. Himanshu was a harder nut but as destiny cant keep poles apart , and 1 + 1 = 2 = 11 of June , we had to be in the best of the worlds. There was a common friend , which migrated to a few more. Initally it started with one , and then we didnt have common friends , we were the world. We dont give the world a damn , and are there for each other in possible and sometimes impossible limits a friendship can ask you to stand. The friendship i share with these guys is just too awsome. Each time i have new friends , i learn things, i pretend to be the weakest. For many in the past who would know what an attitude i carried to this day when i try to be humble , not because it suits me , because i have learnt that friendship is not a big thing, its not a 20 storey building having lavish compartments built in a span of 6 months , but its collection of those small contributions that make a single storey hut a home. Friendship does come with a big price tag , as was motto of first school i attended ... Service before self , change it to friendship before self. My motto in life is different , and this is about me. 

This article is something i write for myself , for my friends and anyone who is bored , should not continue. This is now where i am pouring it out . Last week we went out to Palace Grounds and was a pleasant experience. But and himanshu did all that was needed to secure all other friends. But at end of day , i mean night , when we sat and started to talk , it was just another night with mockeries. Tired as we are , we want to talk more. There are many things we have in common , there are many experiences we share. There is one thing which i am gonna take out of this circle of friends,  there is something i learn silently. I see fights , i dont want to , but i know how to avoid them. There can be multiple claims of lost faith and friendship. I have been held responsible once for breaking the faith ( not my fault , and taken only for friendship).  Well leaving those things behind , and many things to follow, i would just say. I will try to keep all my friendship safe and secure. I really dont know about the future plans , as to how long i will be here. Till Nov , Dec or next birthday. But one thing i know , it might be a just bit more hard to leave these guys. So was with Sameer and Fateh , Andy and Rhythm. But life moves on , and till the time you just move on , and leave the memories to stray in lanes of amnesia , its fine. Else it might jsut be difficult. And getting all my experience , all of a quater of century , i can gurantee one thing , we three gonna rock a long long way. Possibly living the golden period of our life together. I am still hopeful that we might be together for a long time , before any one of us says audieu. And i know it must be for me to say that , because i have been tried and tested by times to hurt myself, to suffer the pain that helps me becoming a better indiviual. If tomorrow i come up with a parting post , trust me , it will be hard. And i might take a time of eternity to pen down the time i spent with these guys, the mysore CCD , the friendship day , sukhi show , to late night maggies and gap-shap. 

And i can only say ... The Charisma Continues ....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nandi hills -- Experience to Cherish

September 21 - Sunday
Occassion : Shruti to Bangalore Visit
Potential Candidates for Trip : Himanshu , Deepak , Ajit , Soumya and Shruti.
Primary Target: Nandi Hills
Secondary Target : Sunrise on Nandi

Now the time is to explore the hills , the Nandi's. The distance 70Kms , 8 Kms up-terrain. So we started sometime around 4 am , and as always I did a small blunder. I started without a jacket or pullover. By the time we reached foothills of Nandi's , I was trembling with cold. But is that not the way so many live even today. I knew i would survive , but the blood was cold . Infact , i had a feeling if i would pierce through my skin , nothing would come out , for blood in it must have frozen.

The bike on which i covered those 68 Kms , this is just 2 Kms to Nandi Hills. The light in the area was low to drive at higher speeds. Hands were nearly a part of handle when we decided to stop for the first time.

How far is pretty far. A Mile long pic , taken from a mile

The Rising Sun , this rising sun was visible for a while before it set down and let us all in arms of majestic Nandi Hills ....

The pic in the blue . Below is the pic taken without any special effect , and is not editted. While just setting the camera , the surroundings changed to blueish , and i just clicked it. Possibly what nature had it in for us .... a divine blue

For the close-up pic to all those who think i never use a razor :) Noe dont complain of comb please

Since you have had patience enough to reach till this section the below pic should be of insignicant interst to you.

Heights : you are still wondering Why ??? Himanshu is missing guys ...

Why ... in next post sometimes :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friendship Week

Presumably in India, this smooth road which spans miles brings out the lost biker ... DONT ... just dont try this esp. if you are on a bike which does not have disk break. It is one of the most dangerous thing to do, as one ascending the smooth road to a dead end which ends in cracks and muddy road . Well , had to use all three available brakes on my Discover to stop ... one hand , one rear and third , my both legs.
Lets look at the pic below ... lush mountains , vast fields and road of the city. This is Bangalore , believe me. And we are in heavens , the outskirts , and i still feel the tourism in the city is still underexplored but I would like it to be this way for a long time. This is me and Ajit at the dead end of this marvellous road, which is neither Nice Road , nor Outer Ring Road or Expressway or Superway . This is possibly some hidden place for bike drag race since the road just has tributaries to it , and it itself does not has a source or destination. An awsome place, but am sure i wont be able to find it again without the other two.

As we came to halt and decided to take a break and few pics of this beautiful place , we skidded through a muddy path , right deep into tunnels and most dangerous place to bike on. We reached the bottom of the place now , and still no concrete road. Well this went ...( will continue later )

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mysore Cafe Coffee Day - Part 1

Its a month later i am posting this. And i have wanted to do this for so long now. The blog entry describes the first weekend of August celebrated in a special way. The weekend is also known as Friendship Day. Even though I did not got a call from a few I had expected the most, the fun and space I shared with the other two guys will not be any less. So It was 1st Aug2008 , and we decided to go to Mysore.
Time: 1130 PM
Meeting Agenda : What to do on Weekend !!!
Meeting Attended By: Himanshu , Ajit and Deepak
Meeting Place: Gtalk and Mobile
Decided : Travel to Mysore Next morning, will ask few girls to move with us.
So as decided , a few girls were called at 12:30 AM and requested them to come to Mysore, next day at 4:00 AM. This was what was expected to be more of unrealistic situation , and we were suitably awarded with curses , as the call to many went upto 1 AM. I specified , if there are no girls, i dont care and we are gonna have the fun.
Forgot to mention , Ajit and Himanshu were in office and me in home. And i went to sleep at 1AM.
Time : 3:30 AM
Day: Aug 2 , 2008.
The knock on the door , and Himanshu was unable to find the keys. Today only he was to forget the keys. He came in and informed me if the plan to go to Mysore is still ON. I was in half sleep, and yes Yes. And he asked me to get ready to leave. I was under impression that we will leave at 6 AM. This was not going to happen. I humbly , like a kid of four fought that I should be allowed to sleep for some time ,to which he refused.

Time : 3:40 AM
Ajit's call came , he will be home by 4:10 AM. and the wish was granted. I still cherish those 20 min of sleep. And i was waken by another shout from another one. And by 430 AM , without a plan , without girls even , these guys have decided to hit the road.
Time : 430 AM
Meeting Agenda: Himanshu does not have a Helmet
So Himanshu has a bike but no helmet , so what to do now. We decided that he will carry on with Ajit and i will be drive alone. Anyhow I dont like guys sitting on my bike either.
Also was decided we will go to Cafe Codee Day ( CCD) on Bangalore Mysore Highway.

Time : 500 AM
Now we are zig zagging the city roads. The virtually jam packed roads of BTM and Jaynagar were astonishingly empty. One would stop for a moment to wonder that this place can be real heaven , if the traffic is managed. The roads seem to be prefect till the time we crossed Jaynagar Petrol bunk, only to realise that the dream of perfect city was short lived. In the middle of a crossing , an entire place was dug and we took an alternate route. Another alternate followed, and this went on till the time we were actually convinced we are going to explore new territories. We ended up in Banshankari and then realised Ajit's bike is low on gasoline. Search for the bunk started as SOS. Finally we went on same known unknown path to reach to destination. One cut and one direction , to the north. Climbing steep ascents , and descending broken roads in the arms of a beautiful city. Yes , if you think Bangalore is all about traffic jams , IT companies and tall building , upcoming masterpieces and talent in India , other than a city with no nightlife and virtually non existent scenic beauty. You are mistaken my friend. The outskirts of city will shower hills on either side. The morning breeze rinses the soul as no one does. The crystal clear sky , and the whole city to look out for , this was the place. All of us parked the bikes on site (not to be read onsite ) took a few pics and moved on. The target of Mysore CCD was lost in vast free lands, large farms and small small houses. Not soon we passed Mysore - Bangalore Road , and decided to find an alternate path.

------------------------ This section will Increase --------------------

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chowki dhani, Pune

First Sunday of eighth month this year (3-Aug-2008) I was in Rajasthan. Not exactly physically but yes the ambience and each atom of sand there made me believe I was in the largest state of India. For starters, Rajasthan is the biggest state in India, and this ethnical resort adds another acre to the state. From entrance to the starters ,from wall hangings to the way we sat having our food was all Rajasthani. This was an experience of a life time. If one was to be blindfolded and brought to this place, he would not recognize this place as being on outskirts of Pune. So what a wonderful way to share the space with my friends on this such a wonderful occasion.

It took me some half an hour to appreciate the beauty of the place and let it sink it. this is desert king , this is pink city and this is hub of folk dance. To try a hand at clay mudding , to ultimate folk dancing to bumpy camel ride, everything around made my pulse increasing. The first thing I went ahead and did was to go to the walls, which had all the hand made and crafty drawings signifying the art in the desert state. The texture of the color, and the mild fragnance blended well with the theme. And in between , i saw this beautiful painting and possibly lost in the beauty of the lady holding the earthenpot. She was beautiful, and innocence at its best. Possibly the artist drew his heart out on the wall , which had lightings also in traditional manner.

This phase was followed by a very entralling clay modelling session. The wet clay was as soft as the real desert soil , and one might be tempted to continue to keep it pressing whole day. the pot making process was not that difficult but the shapes required regular practice. I myself made a small pot , and all my friends appreciated my effort. The smell of clay was same as that left behind when first drops of rain fell on sand. This was probably the softest clay i laid my hand on, and am very happy what came out was a perfect small pot.

Camel riding was as bumpy as expected. The hump was good , probably no water scarcity in Pune, and the healthy camel took us a trip around the place. Like a Rajput going to fight Mughals was the feeling we were having. Our request to make camel run a few steps was granted well and we think only thing missing was a big sword and a turban on the head. Possibly the feeling sitting on the top of world was so great, no doubt Rajputs used to challange anyone in the battle-field and came out victorious.

What is Rajasthan without the folk, and the music and dance . Wow ... the perfect dancers with multiple earthen pots swaying to the beats of the traditional folk with energies bright enough to charge the dead batteries got the things rolling. With the dresses matched to occassions , and sitting down to enjoy the dance for half an hour. I was again lost in the magestic dance steps, the smile on face of dancer and above all with perfection her each sway was to the beat of the music. It was hard for me to avoid the music and we all started dancing. Seeing the enthusiasm in our group , we were called to dance on the stage. We knew we were no where to professional dancer but the energies were no less. Our group danced step to step and rocked the stage. Even if ours was not Rajasthani folk , we all managed a good show with synchronised dance moments and perfect co-ordination. All of Rajasthan for those brief two moments stood holding the breath for the angels from heaven dancing into the hearts of people. As the music stopped , we bowed. There was a big silence , like of the centuries. Nothing moves , even the air seemes to have paused for a moment to peep in what just happened. There was a fluctuation in the electricity and what followed was loud crisping clapping from all the places, and it seemed to go till eternity. All trees, buildings and even the dancer who had just rocked the stage came over, shook a hand and praised for the dance we had. She claimed it was best performance from anyone till date. The manager came up and gave us all a free entry coupon next time , and half of expenses paid by resort.

The gem of the evening was still to come, the dinner. The seating was just like it happens in movies. Seating on ground with a small table and finger licking food. The food was as spicy as expected. First time i cried with fire in my tongue. But even with reddening of face, and sweat dripping down my face, the taste was unbeatable. This was probably the best spicy food i had in recent times. The sweet dish was real sweet , and most cherished.

I came out of the pink city back in fast lanes of Pune , to come to office next day. Whatever be the case, the Chowki dhani just made my day , and i re-lived my life once more. a memory to cherish life long and experience to share through the close friends.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore Serial Bombs

Finally , I always heard BOMB blasts. Bomb blasts here , there. Mumbai serial bombs, bombs here and there, all are fine. Sitting in my infosys office, i heard news that there are bomb blasts. Three in number , then came seven , as i sit in office ..relaxing. What followed was a series of concerned calls telling about the bomb blasts in Bangalore. wow , all over the place there were a few concerned faces and few smiles. And those who seemed tense , i was there to give them more.
Well , most concerns were like the bus service , whether some more bombs are going to rock the city or is it all . How will the traffic be like. Well , will there be any traffic.
Well , lets come to my seat , getting calls from friends in US of A to those in UK. First time my cellfone was tested to limits. Bangalore network was jammed but Tata Indicom was working. Wow!!! I got calls from nearly all people who cared.
Next , in internet. Madivala had 2 bombs to the credit, and i stay at a place which is barely a KM from the place.
Concerns : This is not a bomb or people injured that i am worried, what i fear are communal riots breaking. The bombs are serialised way to attack the prospering IT industry. but the city which has faced communal riots in last couple of years it has been a concern now.
Now its 530 PM and i am going out now. To my home, let us see how is condition. For me , i will be looking out for site where there was a bomb blast on Hosur road. And as someone has mentioned not much traffic on Hosur road, and ideally should not be there.
Reached Home: what a journey. Raining heavily , drenched jackets and slippery roads. But was there was a blast. Was there something that was threatening. Traffic was less , you must be joking. I have not seen so much traffic in rain. Bikers were on road , fearing to make a stop. The bombs were placed in the sand it seemed. Well , i reached home in rain. Nothing unusual. Not a hint something was not correct. No sign of bomb at any instance across Hosur Road.
For me the bomb blast that rocked the entire nation were not able to rock the Bindass City Of Bangalore ....
namma bangalooru ..... i am loving it :)

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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Changing Priorites ...

When was the last time you had done genuine friendship with a new girl , who was single then. Came too close to you , and then suddenly got into relationship. She would claim you are still the same good friend , same one .. and believe me , you are. Its they who are changing, and adjusting for the new life ahead. But the better way is to tell the friends on face , that see , your importance is no longer a priority. You are a friend , a good one and will remain so. and for people who think this is correct are fools . There can not be a person so important to eclipse the importance of all others, because if there is one like that , then do ask yourself a simple question, has something changed.
Now that happened sometime back when i was moving through a good phase in my life , when i found this girl who had found a whole new world in her new boyfriend, and there would be no reason for her to showcase it. For years of friendship goes meaningless , and her boyfriend is all so better. He is possibly on site and she is suddenly just too busy now. for a 10 min talk she would tell it whole day , genuinely not intersted. I understand that friends lose importance over time , when new friends come in such a fashion that old one lose importance , remember the new ones will also be old , and so will you be also be one ...
Life brings a new perspective when one finds a new found love , i remember my first computer , my first mobile , my first PDA , and hours i spent on each of them , like they never will be over. And forget the TV , Radio and even neglect the people around us ,same thing happens .
there has been almost so many incidents ... so almost , few got onsite , some got onsite calls (referred to as bf calling ) , others suddenly started to think office work is more imp that simple Hi in the morning .
The morning greetings are replaced by blank messages , the sms stopped and calls non existent. And the reason is simple , you were a need , possibly a make shift friend till one got permanent one , and the thing that stings most is the second to someone who came in late. And suddenly they would identify to have met in class 6th , gimme a break. 10 days ago u met the guy on net , joined 5 days ago in CCD , and tell today u had a crush on guy when u were in class VIII . You can fool me , and for a fool i am , i will always be , but no use fooling yourself.
Now i like one girl , and i go to limits to help her, but she will be rude to me, as if i cant exist without her. Possibly i wont be able to , but there are 2 possible reasons , either she does not know the fact (she will be the most dumbest person on the earth , who wont understand the pain one incurrs to prepare food for you with a broken left arm ) or she takes me for granted. She thinks i am the worst fool on the earth , and she can use me till the time she wants. Now if the latter thing happen to be true ( God forbid ) , what should one do. Make life hell for her , ping her , call her or sms her. No , that will be bad . Stop talking to her , no way , tomorrow she will need help , then where she will go , when she needs to get something downloaded , or pay up a bill or just like that . she will ask all the help for you, but when u selflessly try to care would stand up as the most independent girl on this earth. one thing over this period is you make me sick. I Sometimes repent to have done friendship with you , and worse i still like you.
Now there is second class , she i thought was one of true friends , but i am second to her new toy , her new boyfriend. continents apart she will talk to hi, me also , but i am second.
Ditto with another best friend , she promised to call me when she wud get a job , 2 years and am still waiting for the same.
Its sad to be on the spree of losing friends, and with this pace very soon , there wont be anyone in my list.
If you are reading this still , there is a very small request from this person down here, please dont make me feel as if i am stigma to society , dont make me feel as of no importance as i font have a gf , and u do have a bf. When i did firendship i wanted friends .
If you still count me as an option in your list , i can keep on accumulating the pain till the bucket is filled to brim. Dont know what will happen when it will overflow.
I am already done still think can manage losing last 2 girls alive in my friends list . One thing is for sure , i lost a friend today , hope the next post never comes ....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Talk of Values ...

There are few companies in this world who boasts as anchor , the discoverer and above all the best in the business. And then it talks of values , talks of greenery and the traffic management , not only across the company but across the city limits. These types of companies are more like a pot full of poison packed in attractive cover and sweets on the top. The pot is shiny to look from far , but the ground realities are as different as white from back. I travel to office by bike daily , and the company bus would not only clog the road, but also make it impossible for others to pass. Other than the road space that is taken over the bus-mafia every periodic hour Monday through Friday , it is the security segment that is at a loss. There is no way a person can drive carefree on the roads. The construction at a continuous stretch would have roads blocked at many points , but then the bullies on road , like a carefree elephant would move sideways , without indicating or slowing down. The bully would enter the company compound as the most innocent ones in the world , and then go stain free. The bus of a multinational. What is most frustrating is the city could have been a much better place without them, or having them disciplined. Try parsing the same area at same time on weekends , and the torturous hour long stretch to complete a distance of 8 Km on weekdays is covered up in astonishing 20 min. Then also would come out and claim to be one handling the transport well. There are two types of people , one who are in the bus with I-Pods stuffed in ears , eyes closed , or gossiping the day out back to the home , who once in a while would be jolted by bus moving over divider ,curse the driver and continue with chat or music as before. There is this other segment of people on road , the bikers , the car-drivers and other small vehicle drivers. Each time a small jolt is felt inside the bus , is accompanied by severe braking sound , a heavy jolt in passengers of cars and pillion riders crashing on in the bikers . And still when the voices are raised to correct the defect , they would not. The complaints won’t be allowed to discuss in a public forum ,and asked to point the complaint to a same department. A way to complain is to protest , awareness has to be first step for any change. But these rights are virtually nonexistent.

Then I know of a company with strict dress codes , when I saw them the first time moving to the company in the morning, they looked good. Tie up the necks, full sleeve nicely pressed Shirts , and then with them this girl with a sleeveless crumpled T-shirt and jeans. I was all in good for the company having such a crowd , should come first in fancy dress ,but for that girl who was not dressed properly. One month later , I got to know from one of the friends working in the same company, that if the guys don’t follow the uniform they are fined for it. At first it seemed to me that the person is joking , but he was not. He was serious , and one was forced to laugh. Then I remember the girl in jeans was not for tainting the image of company but to laugh and mock at the properly dressed boys , and then the company comes out and says no gender bias. I think of “Husbands suffering in hands of girls “ concept. The company is definitely not giving any advantage to boys for being male but girls are encouraged to dress in tempting dresses. Jeans , skirts and likes of home wear ,may be for attracting a larger consumer base. Then there is a period in first quarter when the employees are not wearing ties , due to summer heat. This is reflected directly in sensex as the company profits drip. The people work with highest efficiency on Mondays and Tuesdays when the tie is up the neck. Obviously the girls are not in production as they don’t wear ties and the efficiency is so less. Such a big company runs on tie. Grow up , don’t go and look in the world , you are genuinely not eligible , but atleast look at surroundings. Times have changed and so must you ,else times wont forgive you. If one is so persistent on having employees wear that particular tie , come out with uniform and let all wear same stuff. One does believe in equality of gender. But I still feel sorry for boys of that company shelling out money in case they wear half sleeve shirt on Monday, and see a Sleeveless girl pass as they write in fine.

What is an infection , it is something undesirable in a healthy environment. How does one define legitimate? Is it one’s perception of a subject or should it invite a wider audience. There is no place for rigid policies , and one need to be very flexible with changing times. Its really absurd to keep on shouting , cribbing and crying about sorry state of the place when one is not ready to improve oneself.

So where does one start , within itself. The general outcry of people asking for a change will go unnoticed for a small time, then oppression will result in agitation , and it may even lead to downfall of the monster. Most of the bullies go down silently. For in 25 years of my existence , I have known there are different summits to climb and one does not sit on zenith for long. Numero Uno position is not government post that one may continue till end of life , and when one does talk of values , one should follow it.

Values are not the currency notes which go down as the rupee becomes stronger , neither are the one that in inherited in hundreds of world class building built, but is defined by people in those. By the top management going in iteration with the lower order people , and communicating clear guidelines . defining process , declaring punishment and above all , implementing it across all the sections. A dress code violation attracts a financial penalty for males while its all scot free for girls. The decency levels , the discipline spread are small issues because we are now talking of Values. And then this intellect which is already possibly quarter century old. Rather than being a open mind and moving with the world , a stubborn tumor and falsified feeling of being the best and most appreciated won’t let it move further. The employee satisfaction level along with the non-existent morals are going down. There are big changes in the way company works, the jobs and bands are being restructured , but there is a bigger need on hand than these. Change the logo of the company if company is no longer in a position to follow it , find the people responsible. It’s a matter of A FEW which give it all a bad name. But a smelly fish spoils all the pond , and is the current state now. How does one recover the lost pond. Its high time something is done just too fast to bring all the things back to normalcy before its too late.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Void after she left

Go Going Gone ... Destiny , Future and above all , the one i thought was the most profilic friends , not one of the few but the only girl i knew whose smile is bestest in the world. The last time we met was not like that Jab We Met types , but infact a contrasting proposition. She has decided to move to Delhi and why should she not ,. I have known her for a year and half now as the best person in my life. I really dont have any adjectives coming to my mind for her, just that she is kid grown up just too fast.
This was another last time we met , i called her next day and next day till she finally picked the call, and told her i want to meet her once more. She obliged , and i was indeed the most happy soul on earth , maybe that would not be longed live , but the aroma of her presence evaporates all of any thoughts. The times i have spent with her have been the best of life. Its generally said that a person should not change for the one he likes, but i am sorry. Each of things she liked , i started loving. I started feeling there is a drastic change needed in my life, and this would not have been possible had she not come into my life. I started to look , find the errors in me , and rectify them for that is not the parameter for someone liking me or not ,but i started to understand that personality is one stuff one needs to build. So where does we start , the mirror . A few extra pounds , delete it. Set a target , 2nd of Sixth month , when i would surprise her. I worked hard , harder than one thinks. A strict regular diet topped with hours of gym and no chocs and ice cream for 3 months. Here i think i grew better, but again was mistaken. She refused to say i am fine. What does that do , a determination to lose another dozen kgs. Its not easy but maybe i will do anything for her .
There was a time i used to talk to a many girls , now i dont. All know her , and i want to tell her that for world she is someone , but for me , she is the world. I can go to limits just to be with her.Cauz she is one person who with whom i think i can be happpy. Her simplicity is so awsome , i have gone limits for her. Workouts . improving English and control diet. Nothing seemed to be impossible when she was in mind, one can think how wud she effect me if she comes in my life.
Last night in bangalore and she was with me , drinking coconut water ( mayb if she remembers it as nariiyal paani) , and that was in liue of coffee we were to have. And again , that awsome evening walk to follow. I still think i can walk with her for lifetime , and why only me , any person . Her genuine smile , her milky complexion (touchwood) and her touching words with her presence act as a tonic to live the life in a better way.
The day she was with me , i was looking at the time , stop. Please the clock , dont tick for some time now. I dont know when i will meet her next , just a small request, God , Lets call it a day and let her spend some more time with her, but time stops for nothing. And it went, and next day she also flew to Delhi.
The void expected on her departure was bigger than the distance from her place to BIAL. When i cross 11th Main , no more i look for the pink house , no more i am looking in the Ladoos if i see her or the morning shop where she has her tea/ Was the first time i passed BTM i did not want to pass through that SBI ATM....
i just want to tell her once , i will change for her , change for the best, would be an umbrella in the rain , a shade till the sun fade , and best of friend till the life ends. I dont know if i could ever be as good as you are, but i can promise that i will do the best of my capabilities to be the best for ya , and yes i still remember the song u like the most -- sweet like the sugar coated candyman ,...

All things planned for you on my birthday will miss you for sure. Even though you are the most beautiful angel the God ever made, even though you got the smile a few have , a voice envied by all , even though God gave you all decorations he had in his kitty, even though he had gifted you the best of the best in each and every catogary, and me on the other side, but dont we know opposites attract. Still i just want to tell you that i cherish your company the most ....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Spoilt Girl

8th April 2008 , 1:37 PM .
She knows whom i am refering to , was birth of a new relationship. One which thrived on silent shouts of friendship, flavoured with trust and two kids shook the hands in friendship. It has been more than 72000 seconds since they meet , and is a significant time. There is this girl who i have seen her in pics , and only pics. One who is more of my lifeline , and one who i feel comfy with. but in these past tens of thousands of sacred moments i have known her , i have expressed how beautiful she is . she is one of the most sober , clean and probably most lucky ( touchwood) person in the world. One who does not want to go to US , is happy with the wat the world is going except that no one should praise her. Come on friend , u know u r the best , and like all other girls dont accept , but when i dont praise u also get equally frustrated. this is when i love you the most , the most i ever did. You also know i am not the best person in the world but i will come close to the worst person u know in your life. I just met her by chance , friends by choice and promise to stay forever.
now something about this girl who is always on leave on Mondays , takes life as a more full of tension as it is . She would take on small things as a very big problem, and the way she trusts all the people needed to be changed. If you try to experiment with her , she will be annoyed. Lets do this, try to be bad to be her, and she will not mind , and if you try to be a little more good, she will think you are getting too close to her , and she might just stop talking to you. Its not heartless she is , but she will then find her mom and tell her everything . so she has a treasure to talk back home daily.
I have talked to her a couple of times over phone , and she is much more confident there, she can try anything that is in decent limits and not break the social taboos. She has one thing for sure , if she decides you are her man, then no matter what the hell , who the **** comes , she will stuck to the same person forever. She is invariably one perfect girl any guy would like to have as a life partner and easily has a crush on. she is one of the rarest gems who are with me. Her pics are just so awsome and she has a property known to water, blend in the surroundings. All her pics looks just so different, and she so wonderful.
Now She is changing as times, for the starters , she wont reply to your ping. If you are committed / married , then dont try to even come close to her . this is one thing i think i did to her, poor PM who was trying to flirt. She is one the very basic beauty on whom my friendship thrives in the day. I dont know what cellfone she carries , but am sure my name exists in more than one place.
I may be out of this world , and her world also soon ,when she will tying the final knot with her loved one, still i miss her like the others in my life , who came and left me. But for me , each of them has been treasured asset , and even though they are longer remember me or call , i still do. Ditto with her, she wont be an exception , all used to say the same thing. But am sure still , that this might go in for a lill longer than i expect , but all the other girls i met were good ones . this one seems to be naughty and spoilt girl. A cyst in which she exists is hard to crack, impossible to break by raw hands, just like passcode protected. The only way to treat her is not like pricess , not like an angel neither a precious diamond, but to care. The feelings dont require words , and when two hearts talk , nothing is a taboo.
She is the most spoilt girl i met , cauz she is good looking , beautiful , has sweet voice , confident accent and above all , a very caring friend.
Thanks for being so nice to me ....

i am not searching ....

There was something called as ...., i dont really remember the name or the source ,but most of the people around me to go for it. Its not an easily available stuff outside the institution but here , inside the place most of the people have it. Some move around with IIT degrees and lots of intelligence, other as the best in the project while a few volunteers for social cause. Some go do some charity , but am still looking for the stuff. so i went to foodcourt looking for thing i need , people believe i lack and i illusioned to acquire it. Here the prices were so high that when i nicked my wallet inside out, i could not afford a meal in this expensive city , how would i go about to buy that stuff which most people say is most precious. From there i went to the library building. I asked the person incharge , am looking for something that nearly all people have here , but i dont. Something which most people boasts of themselves , and i dont know. I really dont know what is the name of the thing that is easily available but i dont have it. Confused but not for long , he took me to the spiritual section. seems like you are stressed u need a little peace of mind. read these spiritual books and spend some time in temple to feel relaxed. It is the peace of mind missing in you. It is available everywhere.

Is it so , i went through books , i really dont know if i was looking for peace of mind , but there was something that struck me. something that person said striked gold. I moved on and left those spiritual knowledge books. Still something troubles like the half filled glasses spills more water as fileld till the brim colas. Something going to tear me apart and in shreds i would still not know.

Something is missing , knowing and not knowing it can be just so frustrating. Finally whom should i go to , is it Him. Yes , i think he is the one who would be able to solve it. I went to temple, but en route a bus hit me hard, and i was with HIM.

I asked God , what it is i want to know which i am seeking. i dont remember the name , most people call me headless , and some name they told me is easy to find but i cant recollect it. Are you the GOD , THE GOD , the one who has made all life on earth. Can you please help me with it.

God must be annoyed and angry for all my stupid questions shooting like the stray stars striking each other, but there was something that was charasmitic about that halo. He smile and waved his hands. the shine on his head was so strong now that i was unable to realise what was going on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

an evening walk with her ...

Sometimes in life one does not know if to smile or frown. Be happy for promising future of friend or void that will remain once that close friend departs. Hard to tell the feelings when a friend moves away to distant location. Was hard first time it happened, amusing the second time and since then a habit. But this one is gonna be tough. She was probably my human emotion tank. Not many have the ability to make me smile and cry at the same time, but astonishingly she has that. She was my friend , my guide and possibly the only one in the world to whom I have lied the least. Yesterday evening was one of those which I would not forget for a long long time.

The climate was apt , the wind breeze just passed bye and the time flew. I wish and I wished hard that the time would stop. Let me cherish a few more moments before she would be going. There were so many things I wanted to tell her, but just didn’t. Her green eyes, lovely smile and nonstop chatter ( less than me off course ). The feeling of just being with her is so strong that it subsides every other emotion. There is one thing I have known when I am with her , to be what I am. No false faces , no extravagant comments , just be myself. But again she knows me so well , that a few would actually come close, but like all those she is going too far. And I really don’t know how to control the feelings. There can be no more than two people you can synchronize with so well , and she is one of those. How often do we talk , less , lesser and least . How much I wanna talk , now , in evening through dead of nights and first thing in morning to last thing I sleep. Her voice is soft and touches one heart like the soft violin tone. She has actually an alternate career in mimicry and pulling legs. I wonder if we would ever go together , that would be her favorite pastime. Another thing I came to know , she has some stamina and could walk 5 miles with ease and not feel tired. Another one she can weigh you with eyes and bring one’s hallucination to end. She did say a lot of things to me , but was I really listening. I doubt, I was wondering for most of the time, that it is not possible. This is definitely not the way to part, still the life is a long proposition and even though time would fly so fast , something are stagnant. They keep the places despite failures , losses and even lot of misunderstandings , fighting and cursing each other won’t leave a permanent mark over the friendship. She is one of those simple down to earth person anyone would love to have for company. All know I am not possessive by nature, but her friendship is sacred ,and all my friends know to name her with respect. I have done many things wrong to her, but she has forgiven me “n” number of times. I have tried to be nice to her, but she has been nicer. She is one of those who is utmost caring in nature ( I know for the instances shared between she and her siblings ), happy go lucky.

Now the real big issues .. is she complaining. Hmmm!!!! A little though. But these are not undesirable. Must be for leg pulling and she is one of those whose complaints will be entertained throughout.

Is she miser !!! No way , she is not . she is one who claims to plan careful for the future , say next Saturday she won’t be in Bangalore , or not present in my birthday party, which I was looking forward to , but hard luck. I might have had a hundred plans for the same, but there is real no craze left for the event anymore. All my friends who were my closest ones are now gone too far distances , and once in month we still talk, but she will also go. I know I am not even eligible for her ( mentally also) , and she will never accept anything more than the friendship and the reason I am not sad. She is one of the people who were the reason and the one I looked for each time I was in an emotional turmoil, difficult to realize and acknowledge she will also go. Someday ,somewhere. Many have come and gone , but her replacement , I don’t think I would be able to afford. She is one of those you can trust , and her angelic smile will make u blush. Her face full of embarrassment is a pleasure to watch. She is such a small kid behind those piercing eyes, strict words and high attitude. She is one of those who set parameters , may be achieves also but forgets.

She is not fair , but has long hair. Huh !!! nicely tucked and well maintained. Wanted to check if it was not falsification , but she is just perfect. About say nicely trimmed nails , to well managed purse ( she never forgets where the hell is mobile phone).nice sandals and golden watch (went missing cauz I was late ) and a matching purse. Simple and plain suit wrapped around one of the most beautiful girls I ever met to match the innocence of a child. Roaming in Bangalore could be such a fantastic event was simply unimaginable, garnished with the presence of a friend so sweet , often found in my phone book with name “Sweetest friend”. One of the friends I can go to world end to protect her, or be protected by her ( the way she would term it). I don’t know how to carry on relationship, am too stupid for that. But if she comes in my life, there is one promise I can do. Whatever happens , there will never be a trickle down her face ever .

She is one of the girls , any person can walk with , not for an hour , neither for an evening but for a lifetime.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Like ray of Hope ....... guess who

For there was an innocent ping to someone I didn’t know. For someone who was soon going to be an important part in my friends circle , someone who would eventually break the realms of being anyone to someone important. For when I pinged the lady , was I all in correct sense, and best of practices. No , nothing seemed to be going in right direction. A broken heart , a rejected visa , prolonged bench and accident prone person had life directionless , garnished with the thought of nothing going right. When best of friends left either the city of Bangalore in silence of night or preferred to move on with better friends. I came across this sweet cute lady who made me cheer. I have yet to meet her , or hear her voice for that matter, but the way she smiled my luck back in my life can never be forgotton by me , ever. Coincidentally like sand would just sit comfortably in a jar already full of rocks, she came in my life , brimming with friends and melted in it like hot wax in candle stand. The way she turned my luck was majestic. The Gods do hear to her , for each prayer she sang for me was heard. She was one of the inspirational thoughts for me , one to cheer me in my sad times and sms in middle of the night. One of the boldest girls , and one who can kick anyone , esp one who tries to take panga with her. She is one of the awesome persons thou ever made and has a soft corner for all the animals around. For a golden heart she is blessed with is no less than the soccer’s stone in today’s world , one which purifies the other. The exilir of life must be a fantasy concept for many, but her presence is no less. She can single handedly listen to all the boring stuff you have, and then she will pat your back and tell you that you are the best. She can take the stress from you , skip the next level tensions and land you in a sky where you are nothing less but thankful to her for just being there. She is one of the basic reasons I think I am a changed person today.

She is like one of the best wines of friendship , no not wine , wine is best when old , and she is still young and tastes better than other wines I have. She I probably milk but that will be conflicting with her complexion. She is like oranges then , sweet and sour at same time , under a hard cyst which is not that difficult to break. Over the times I have met her , one thing is for sure, she is still a small kid. A brain thinking a bit less , and a heart beating a little more. Just contrast to me. She is still fighting for an existence and like a 10 year old can fight over for a small yes. She can hold your sails when the winds are dragons and times sway in uncertainty . She is one of the best reason to talk and talk and talk .

She is over devoted , I really don’t know if she miss me or would ever miss me , even when I am long gone , but one thing is sure , I definitely miss her and gonna miss her more and more.

how it pains...........

There are times when we are surrounded by a thousand friends and still eyes look for that ONE. A frequently met across thought ,but believe me to have a broken relationship is bad , but to lose a friend is worst. One can find a new love , but to find a new friend to replace old one. Even by wildest stretch of imagination is not feasible. We generally meet new people on daily basis, and they all tightly fit and weave nicely in our life as if they were also there. There was concept of resonance , I read sometimes in high school , but I experienced in real life. We meet so many new people whose tuning forks match ours. And chemistry between them yields gold. For to talk to each other words are meaningless. A simple smile writes epic , a little frown rectifies the problem and a morning cheer brings the long lost happiness back in heart. Some people gel deeper in our roots , deeper and deepest , like a banyan tree. And then arial roots not only guide the growth but gives our identity a new dimension.

There is nothing impossible in this world , a complete stranger becomes everything , and similarily other way round. I can keep on writing at length on this topic , but this is feeling , a feeling of losing a friend. And I don’t want to miss a single word of how it pains to lose one. She was , yes she was one of the best friends I had. I had no feelings of love ( like that of girlfriend ) to her, but she was my cherished friend. She was one who looked to me , and I to her when we were in trouble. I will not say this time that I helped her, because I don’t want another mail shot at me saying “its sorry they took help , just cauz I cared “. Now when a girl and a boy are friend and share deepest secrets, those in today’s world will be bold ideas , but one thing was sure. We talked to each other as friends would, shopped together ,moved together and even spend a fun filled day together. Cooked a meal together and had fought , abused and loved each other. But today, when she has found a boyfriend, she thinks she is over me. God Forbid , some people will never learn difference between love and friendship. Even when she knows my crush , the girl I love and the one I wanna marry , and she is not in the list. She was a friend to me , but to have a boy-friend means to stop talking to friends. God Damm it , next time you have a heart-break don’t come back to me , as u did the last time. I was always there for a friend. I do make mistakes and I repent on them for long , but its long time now. And now I have decided to be hurt by one once only. And for all those hi-attitude friends , those who think hi-fi English and carrying a boy-friend is more in vogue than having friends whom you can share anything , I have only one word to say ,”Good-bye”.

In the midst of this busy office hour , with fast ticking clock meeting deadlines , and series of mail those would be escalated for me not completing the work will not be heavier than the feeling of losing a friend as I now carry on my back. Believe me the weight of losing a friend is much more deafening voice of heart break. You , once my friend , have today not found a boy-friend but probably lost a friend of life who would not regret giving his life for love of his friend. For second time in my life, I have to repeat the words , “ Unlucky you” , and its you only who knows who the first one was. Irony of life , one I trusted with life got carried away with new found love that you preferred ignoring the one who probably helped you to a limit when you needed him the most.

And now even without a subject, and closed brain would one easily notice the discontinuity in writing coupled with the frustration in me while writing. A call between this call ended me in stammering , and I have not been able to get my accent back. The big friend circle seems so void , and the overflowing communicator list looks so empty. If you are still stuck up reading this pathetic piece of article, by an aimless creature , a heartless person , a brainless plant and never-a-friend person , a last simple request , don’t take the one who love you for granted, for the new ones cant replace the old gems , and friends lost are not items sold those come back with depreciated value. If they come back, they do with a broken trust, and feeling of being cheated and above all , the SPIRIT of friendship. It will be sometime , say some hours , before I find some old friend , and some time before I forget that friend. Like her, there have been many , but I deny the fact that they miss me. For each time , they face an issue , they look for a shoulder to cry on , for each time they dress well and look for appreciation , for each time they feel down , they still do pick up the phones and dial the number and cut it. They scrap and delete , they ping and go offline. I do feel hurt when they stop informing me , but I am sure they miss me more than I miss them. But for her , the pain will be more, the blood oozing out will be a bit more than normal, the scar will not go unnoticed , but probably the way you used to talk and I provided solutions would change, probably next time I wont die for you. For I just pray that your new found boy-friend will stay with you till eternity ( he is your third bf na ) , because if he goes this time , you probably wont get that glowing friendship of Deepak back.