Thursday, January 24, 2008

College Canteen

that majority of time we spent in college,
that 14" TV for all the cricket matches Sachin played on ,
For all the times we cracked jokes on each other,
and last morning tea that lasted till first lecture ,
miss the same old canteen where whistle over new girl...

the cricket matches saw a new stadium in place,
never to college new to canteen , and sachin on bat ,
score few dozen runs and whistels so hard ,
tense more than sachin himself when nearing century ....
and those samosa chai cofi flowing till pockets empty .

those nicks and snicks , and caught and dropped ,
love the comments and commentary of a few ,
miss the friends who would each time fall to depth so low,
and a slap over the head was to follow ,
and the bhangra on Indians scoring a century...

The holi plans , and diwali crackers plant ,
and cricket also played in the luncheon so often ,
notes exchanged and syllabi discussed ,
now our juniors carrry the flame forward ...
and left me to ponder ,
was there a canteen in my college ,
or a full college in that small canteen ...

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