Sunday, January 6, 2008

Easy Last Day at Pune

3rd Jan 2007 was my last day in Pune, for heaven's sake. this was one of the places i dared to stay , to live , to work. But this experience in pune was not to be a small one. The two months in Pune saw me changing. Morning bus at 8 AM will be in my memory for a long time , that actually cured my habit of"Late to bed , late to rise, makes Deepak defaulter in Dart ". This habit which i am proudly referring to as one which improved my way and look of getting up in the morning was a real curse and i will never never do it again.
My stay in Pune was pleasurable only to cause of two people , one Deepak Jain and other Vaibhav Pruthi. DJ was with me since training and we had a gala time in home. getting at 6 in morning together , to make the dinner. laughing over small things, and just enjoying. There are a thousand of incidences which are worth blogging and should come here , but in public interst are not blogged.

Then come this Pruthi,have already blogged my first wonderful Sunday in Pune. There were a lot of others. One thing i will not refrain from mentioning is Pruthi giving me his bike for a period exceeding 14 days, and when i needed it the most , he agreed me to keep it for 2 more days. That help from Pruthi helped me clear my Process exam atleast , though i flunked in J2E 201 once more.

Lets be back to where i was , last day at Pune , and by the most , most happy moment. I thought i would be going back alone , but i was again wronged. Deepak Jain missed his bus for me, (atleast what he tells me ) , then again for last one tea.
As the time went by , so was time for me to leave. And here i left Pune , with a couple of sweet memories, Footli and DJ ...
some friends neva change.

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