Monday, March 17, 2008

Love to Stay Single

There was never a time when i sat alone for lunch or dinner. rather would have stayed hungry , skip a meal than to sit alone and have meal. Then I came back to Bangalore , so happy to have re-united with Sameer and Fateh. Lunch time became as pleasing as it ever was. When Sameer left Blore for good, and Fateh following his trace soon. I was left all alone in Bangalore. Single house , single occupant , and thinking what a tuff life this is gonna be. so many of friends came, stayed and went off. And i sat the first day when i came back from mysore to bangalore to see Fateh missing. The walls of the house seem to say so much. i had to look out sometimes to see if he is talking on phone outside. Every evening we used to make coffee and sit on the terrace talking , listening to songs and just having cool time pass. But this was also short lived , a fortnight. Following the same , he also went , and what remained was phoenix. Fighting lonliness in home , to work pressure in office to relocation in mysore. nothing seem to go the way expected. and still i was determined to make a mark. I still have a close friend in bangalore , for whom i can defy death , eat pain and drive millions of miles effortlessly.
And wednesday the mitra calls me , and scolds me badly. already fighting the lonliness , this flickering light was hit hard. His self esteem molested , and self devastated. The friend was under work pressure and in trouble, which i cudnt see. And i was in deepest of all possible troubles, with short breath and nothing working around me , friend failed to notice.
I was so devastated that i decided not to take up any calls. Also the project required such intense understanding that a small distraction would have been fatal ,a nd there was a number on my mobile , for which my mobile was on. and if the person said to me , i shudnt talk , i will give anything friend wants. And i gave it to her.
I like my friend so much that the plain sheet of paper would find me short of words. Each time i genuinely praise the beauty , the friend thinks am trying to pull leg , though i personally believe my friend is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL person i ever met. And now when i am living alone , working full day to prepare meals , do household work to washing clothes , i have discovered a new Deepak. A new person who is more confident to face the life , take up the challenged and tell the world that it is correct wen it says to me that i am the best.
Just one fine day i will wake up from one side of bed cauz the other side of midnight would be the song of my life. Just wait for that day , to say to life ...
Bring On the Next challenge ....
to the person who is my only friend in blore ... and i dont need to mention the name mitra .. do i ??

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