Sunday, April 6, 2008

Even God has limited resources

How many times have I seen people doing inhuman acts. People can go to limits fighting for that green note with Father of Nation on it, I think if Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has a part of his spirit in that currency carrying his watermark, would be hurt to hilt. I am at so many occasions left to wonder why has God made such a diversified society that is marred by so many bad people , and equal number of goodies. I am left with one thinking that when God , as greatest engineer one would consider could not do well without having a proper plan. What could be his option , say he has 100 grms honesty , trust ,friendliness and so on .He cant put all in one , so what he does is divide the properties among different sections of people. He definitely does not own a watch or calendar as we humans do , and must be looking at stars to define what all to put when. Just like if I want to make a sweet dish on Monday , and meal on Tuesday I will select the ingrediants like those. So we have decoeded how can people in Gemini have astonishing similarility , and how does one match better life partner. Is this not a game of heart, even those are limited. For we have been marred by personal opinion , and I still don’t feel like dark being the back of color. Sometimes God tries to put in more color to a person , stroke an extra brush and end up spoiling the painting, but he definitely makes up. He goes round and may bless the person with better brain or nice heart or nothing. But there is nothing called as History. What all a person has when he leaves the God’s workshop is a Future , and I really don’t know if God has pre-defined that even. But to expect a God defining future is still not digestable idea for there are crores of people. He must have secretaries to do the job , and sometimes they must be in really bad mood ( moyb some family issue , because what I feel is Earth is model for prototype God has in his home , and he himself must not be devoid of emotions as we are ) . And when in bad mood , he creates a life line which is also not good to taste. And may not be liked by many. A person with beautiful characterstic may meet this moody god one day and spoil not only his but those surrounding him. This must be real bad. Or there is a different criteria for this . His total balance of facial beauty and heart adds up to 100 , I seriously feel this should not be the case. For heart I don’t know ,but I don’t score well with the former parameter. But I have seen a few with century in facial lookups and ending up as pathetic humans, selfish and self centered.

Whatever be the case, God is trying to do his best to keep us humans occupied trying to solve the mystry and I must congratulate him one day that what all he has done been an excellent job. Only thing is he endure much more pain than one can stand , next time when he makes me , I request him to put a little less colour on me , make me a bit more selfish and give me strength to forgive those who have hurt me.

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