Thursday, April 3, 2008

Life at High speed ...

There is a famous saying "if there is nothing going your way,nothing qill". Same goes here. was allocated to project in mys , so thinking would be spending a month there i went in that dream land, leaving all my expensive city life behind. but how. the bus ride takes a long time, so try biking. i had done it before. wheeewww .. i flew the distance and completed the corridor in 1 hour 30 min , distance of approx 120 kms. and thrilled was me. with all my clothes and lappy on my back , this was cool. i rested for a day only to be told next day my not so wish was granted and i can move back to bangalore. the constant travelling had already made me tired and sick and fever ran a few degrees above century. so decided to make a move next day. Tuesday morning 920 am i left for blore. First thing in my mind was break my personal best record. but i had skipped my breakfast, and a little sick i was tired. 60km down the track i got a call from amrit, and stopped on dhaba. kept the heavy bag and had a tea. the buckle of bag broke while i kept it. Bad Times.i tied it to my waist and moved on .., this time i forgot the record and at senile pace of 90-100 i drove smoothly. i covered the corridor in 1 hour and 45 minutes , and moved in express highway.
now its been 100 Kms , and the smooth road lured me to go for it. seeeeeeeewwwwwww , i drove at max my bike can offer , and there was a big rock in middle of the road , and at speed of 110kmph , met me .. woow , had someone recorded it... zig zag all the road till i stop by force of friction. my left hand pained like hell. my back was still fine , but lappy i am not sure. i dont even know what happened in that fraction of second. all that remains in my mind is the stumbling rock. i got my bike up and it was punctured. i was down. extreme pain, puntured bike and no one to ask for help. i wished someone called me up, and could come down. I think i needed a friend. There is so much adversity teaches us. i had a diclowin plus in my bag and gulped it down without water or anything, and waited for few minutes. A MH registration number car stopped and saw me. the person offered me water , thank god , i got back in my elements. he saw my bike and informed that Indian Oil petrol pump is some 500 meters away. You dont know what a ray of hope can do wonders. i thanked the gentleman , and offered him my V-card for a treat due to him. DiClowin had done its trick , the pain has subsided. i dragged bike to petrol bunk to know the punture man is on leave. then io road on back of seat for another km or two , i dont remember and got tube replaced. Exhausted i drove @ 30 back to my place.
i dont know when i crashed in , but woke up at 11 in night, extreme pain in left hand...
next day was again pain , and treatment done.. a hairline fracture which wont take more than 15 days to heal.
what a tuesday that was ..... though doc has strictly asked me not to bike , i do take in depths of night that Diclowin plus and bike to office ...

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