Thursday, May 29, 2008

i am not searching ....

There was something called as ...., i dont really remember the name or the source ,but most of the people around me to go for it. Its not an easily available stuff outside the institution but here , inside the place most of the people have it. Some move around with IIT degrees and lots of intelligence, other as the best in the project while a few volunteers for social cause. Some go do some charity , but am still looking for the stuff. so i went to foodcourt looking for thing i need , people believe i lack and i illusioned to acquire it. Here the prices were so high that when i nicked my wallet inside out, i could not afford a meal in this expensive city , how would i go about to buy that stuff which most people say is most precious. From there i went to the library building. I asked the person incharge , am looking for something that nearly all people have here , but i dont. Something which most people boasts of themselves , and i dont know. I really dont know what is the name of the thing that is easily available but i dont have it. Confused but not for long , he took me to the spiritual section. seems like you are stressed u need a little peace of mind. read these spiritual books and spend some time in temple to feel relaxed. It is the peace of mind missing in you. It is available everywhere.

Is it so , i went through books , i really dont know if i was looking for peace of mind , but there was something that struck me. something that person said striked gold. I moved on and left those spiritual knowledge books. Still something troubles like the half filled glasses spills more water as fileld till the brim colas. Something going to tear me apart and in shreds i would still not know.

Something is missing , knowing and not knowing it can be just so frustrating. Finally whom should i go to , is it Him. Yes , i think he is the one who would be able to solve it. I went to temple, but en route a bus hit me hard, and i was with HIM.

I asked God , what it is i want to know which i am seeking. i dont remember the name , most people call me headless , and some name they told me is easy to find but i cant recollect it. Are you the GOD , THE GOD , the one who has made all life on earth. Can you please help me with it.

God must be annoyed and angry for all my stupid questions shooting like the stray stars striking each other, but there was something that was charasmitic about that halo. He smile and waved his hands. the shine on his head was so strong now that i was unable to realise what was going on.

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