Thursday, May 15, 2008

Like ray of Hope ....... guess who

For there was an innocent ping to someone I didn’t know. For someone who was soon going to be an important part in my friends circle , someone who would eventually break the realms of being anyone to someone important. For when I pinged the lady , was I all in correct sense, and best of practices. No , nothing seemed to be going in right direction. A broken heart , a rejected visa , prolonged bench and accident prone person had life directionless , garnished with the thought of nothing going right. When best of friends left either the city of Bangalore in silence of night or preferred to move on with better friends. I came across this sweet cute lady who made me cheer. I have yet to meet her , or hear her voice for that matter, but the way she smiled my luck back in my life can never be forgotton by me , ever. Coincidentally like sand would just sit comfortably in a jar already full of rocks, she came in my life , brimming with friends and melted in it like hot wax in candle stand. The way she turned my luck was majestic. The Gods do hear to her , for each prayer she sang for me was heard. She was one of the inspirational thoughts for me , one to cheer me in my sad times and sms in middle of the night. One of the boldest girls , and one who can kick anyone , esp one who tries to take panga with her. She is one of the awesome persons thou ever made and has a soft corner for all the animals around. For a golden heart she is blessed with is no less than the soccer’s stone in today’s world , one which purifies the other. The exilir of life must be a fantasy concept for many, but her presence is no less. She can single handedly listen to all the boring stuff you have, and then she will pat your back and tell you that you are the best. She can take the stress from you , skip the next level tensions and land you in a sky where you are nothing less but thankful to her for just being there. She is one of the basic reasons I think I am a changed person today.

She is like one of the best wines of friendship , no not wine , wine is best when old , and she is still young and tastes better than other wines I have. She I probably milk but that will be conflicting with her complexion. She is like oranges then , sweet and sour at same time , under a hard cyst which is not that difficult to break. Over the times I have met her , one thing is for sure, she is still a small kid. A brain thinking a bit less , and a heart beating a little more. Just contrast to me. She is still fighting for an existence and like a 10 year old can fight over for a small yes. She can hold your sails when the winds are dragons and times sway in uncertainty . She is one of the best reason to talk and talk and talk .

She is over devoted , I really don’t know if she miss me or would ever miss me , even when I am long gone , but one thing is sure , I definitely miss her and gonna miss her more and more.

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