Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Spoilt Girl

8th April 2008 , 1:37 PM .
She knows whom i am refering to , was birth of a new relationship. One which thrived on silent shouts of friendship, flavoured with trust and two kids shook the hands in friendship. It has been more than 72000 seconds since they meet , and is a significant time. There is this girl who i have seen her in pics , and only pics. One who is more of my lifeline , and one who i feel comfy with. but in these past tens of thousands of sacred moments i have known her , i have expressed how beautiful she is . she is one of the most sober , clean and probably most lucky ( touchwood) person in the world. One who does not want to go to US , is happy with the wat the world is going except that no one should praise her. Come on friend , u know u r the best , and like all other girls dont accept , but when i dont praise u also get equally frustrated. this is when i love you the most , the most i ever did. You also know i am not the best person in the world but i will come close to the worst person u know in your life. I just met her by chance , friends by choice and promise to stay forever.
now something about this girl who is always on leave on Mondays , takes life as a more full of tension as it is . She would take on small things as a very big problem, and the way she trusts all the people needed to be changed. If you try to experiment with her , she will be annoyed. Lets do this, try to be bad to be her, and she will not mind , and if you try to be a little more good, she will think you are getting too close to her , and she might just stop talking to you. Its not heartless she is , but she will then find her mom and tell her everything . so she has a treasure to talk back home daily.
I have talked to her a couple of times over phone , and she is much more confident there, she can try anything that is in decent limits and not break the social taboos. She has one thing for sure , if she decides you are her man, then no matter what the hell , who the **** comes , she will stuck to the same person forever. She is invariably one perfect girl any guy would like to have as a life partner and easily has a crush on. she is one of the rarest gems who are with me. Her pics are just so awsome and she has a property known to water, blend in the surroundings. All her pics looks just so different, and she so wonderful.
Now She is changing as times, for the starters , she wont reply to your ping. If you are committed / married , then dont try to even come close to her . this is one thing i think i did to her, poor PM who was trying to flirt. She is one the very basic beauty on whom my friendship thrives in the day. I dont know what cellfone she carries , but am sure my name exists in more than one place.
I may be out of this world , and her world also soon ,when she will tying the final knot with her loved one, still i miss her like the others in my life , who came and left me. But for me , each of them has been treasured asset , and even though they are longer remember me or call , i still do. Ditto with her, she wont be an exception , all used to say the same thing. But am sure still , that this might go in for a lill longer than i expect , but all the other girls i met were good ones . this one seems to be naughty and spoilt girl. A cyst in which she exists is hard to crack, impossible to break by raw hands, just like passcode protected. The only way to treat her is not like pricess , not like an angel neither a precious diamond, but to care. The feelings dont require words , and when two hearts talk , nothing is a taboo.
She is the most spoilt girl i met , cauz she is good looking , beautiful , has sweet voice , confident accent and above all , a very caring friend.
Thanks for being so nice to me ....

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