Monday, June 30, 2008

The Changing Priorites ...

When was the last time you had done genuine friendship with a new girl , who was single then. Came too close to you , and then suddenly got into relationship. She would claim you are still the same good friend , same one .. and believe me , you are. Its they who are changing, and adjusting for the new life ahead. But the better way is to tell the friends on face , that see , your importance is no longer a priority. You are a friend , a good one and will remain so. and for people who think this is correct are fools . There can not be a person so important to eclipse the importance of all others, because if there is one like that , then do ask yourself a simple question, has something changed.
Now that happened sometime back when i was moving through a good phase in my life , when i found this girl who had found a whole new world in her new boyfriend, and there would be no reason for her to showcase it. For years of friendship goes meaningless , and her boyfriend is all so better. He is possibly on site and she is suddenly just too busy now. for a 10 min talk she would tell it whole day , genuinely not intersted. I understand that friends lose importance over time , when new friends come in such a fashion that old one lose importance , remember the new ones will also be old , and so will you be also be one ...
Life brings a new perspective when one finds a new found love , i remember my first computer , my first mobile , my first PDA , and hours i spent on each of them , like they never will be over. And forget the TV , Radio and even neglect the people around us ,same thing happens .
there has been almost so many incidents ... so almost , few got onsite , some got onsite calls (referred to as bf calling ) , others suddenly started to think office work is more imp that simple Hi in the morning .
The morning greetings are replaced by blank messages , the sms stopped and calls non existent. And the reason is simple , you were a need , possibly a make shift friend till one got permanent one , and the thing that stings most is the second to someone who came in late. And suddenly they would identify to have met in class 6th , gimme a break. 10 days ago u met the guy on net , joined 5 days ago in CCD , and tell today u had a crush on guy when u were in class VIII . You can fool me , and for a fool i am , i will always be , but no use fooling yourself.
Now i like one girl , and i go to limits to help her, but she will be rude to me, as if i cant exist without her. Possibly i wont be able to , but there are 2 possible reasons , either she does not know the fact (she will be the most dumbest person on the earth , who wont understand the pain one incurrs to prepare food for you with a broken left arm ) or she takes me for granted. She thinks i am the worst fool on the earth , and she can use me till the time she wants. Now if the latter thing happen to be true ( God forbid ) , what should one do. Make life hell for her , ping her , call her or sms her. No , that will be bad . Stop talking to her , no way , tomorrow she will need help , then where she will go , when she needs to get something downloaded , or pay up a bill or just like that . she will ask all the help for you, but when u selflessly try to care would stand up as the most independent girl on this earth. one thing over this period is you make me sick. I Sometimes repent to have done friendship with you , and worse i still like you.
Now there is second class , she i thought was one of true friends , but i am second to her new toy , her new boyfriend. continents apart she will talk to hi, me also , but i am second.
Ditto with another best friend , she promised to call me when she wud get a job , 2 years and am still waiting for the same.
Its sad to be on the spree of losing friends, and with this pace very soon , there wont be anyone in my list.
If you are reading this still , there is a very small request from this person down here, please dont make me feel as if i am stigma to society , dont make me feel as of no importance as i font have a gf , and u do have a bf. When i did firendship i wanted friends .
If you still count me as an option in your list , i can keep on accumulating the pain till the bucket is filled to brim. Dont know what will happen when it will overflow.
I am already done still think can manage losing last 2 girls alive in my friends list . One thing is for sure , i lost a friend today , hope the next post never comes ....


  1. liked it ..but try writing about those frnds who were always frnds never expected anythin out of u...n make ur life colurful..forget those who did wrong things to u..

  2. Hi. really a nice article and a true one.. Happened with me.. jus like tht...

  3. Yes, this is nothing just a reality. And so is fact , if she smiles and come back , you will go once more to her . to be left in same stride once more ....
    so best thing is to learn ...

  4. All I can say is.. it was their loss not yours. Always be the true friend that you are. This is the only way to get true friends. Wish you all the very best in your life. Keep rocking !!!