Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friendship Week

Presumably in India, this smooth road which spans miles brings out the lost biker ... DONT ... just dont try this esp. if you are on a bike which does not have disk break. It is one of the most dangerous thing to do, as one ascending the smooth road to a dead end which ends in cracks and muddy road . Well , had to use all three available brakes on my Discover to stop ... one hand , one rear and third , my both legs.
Lets look at the pic below ... lush mountains , vast fields and road of the city. This is Bangalore , believe me. And we are in heavens , the outskirts , and i still feel the tourism in the city is still underexplored but I would like it to be this way for a long time. This is me and Ajit at the dead end of this marvellous road, which is neither Nice Road , nor Outer Ring Road or Expressway or Superway . This is possibly some hidden place for bike drag race since the road just has tributaries to it , and it itself does not has a source or destination. An awsome place, but am sure i wont be able to find it again without the other two.

As we came to halt and decided to take a break and few pics of this beautiful place , we skidded through a muddy path , right deep into tunnels and most dangerous place to bike on. We reached the bottom of the place now , and still no concrete road. Well this went ...( will continue later )

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