Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Charisma neva dies ...

Rise with rising star , and you will not see the daylight. There was never a time when I was in such a wonderful company , rather always was. Way back in school , me , Pruthi and Mitin had lots of fun. We graduated to Anand , Rhythm and me. Then there was a phase when I had good times with Sumit Juneja and Amit, roaming at 1 AM on streets of Calcutta. Mysore saw me ,Anand and Sid. Then Ashish, Dipankar and me. Come Bangalore , me , Abhishek and Prashanth. Move in Vipul , Sameer and me. Then came Fateh , Sameer Mohan and me. Each of these trilogies have special mention and experiences to share , cherish and remember for life. But as entire group left Bangalore , I was stranded all alone in 1 BHK. But who dare stop the talent destined to meet. There are a thousand stars , but its lodestar that shines the brightest. In this galaxy of friends , and constellations of so many pairs , I am currently in a solar system named “ Chamatkari Ladke” , self-proclaimed name for the most wonderful group to rock my life. Now was it me who re-defined the way they lived or other way round can be debated forever. Here I am starting to pen down the most beautiful phase of my life with these two guys, which will go beyond emotions. The reflections of a psycho writer should not be mistaken for any fiction writing, though I may not be able to gurantee it with any proof.

So the first time we start, I entered the house with a with no more hope than to change the situation, when I was told by Anuj about Ajit’s interests and I thought it would be good. The first expression of Himanshu on meeting me was same as one he has everyday morning for next 7 months.  I have come to a house where possibly i will find the people suiting me. and i had known , even if they are not , possibly I would melt and cast in the castings. Anuj's talk about the nature of guy Ajit is, told me well as how to get his friendship. Himanshu was a harder nut but as destiny cant keep poles apart , and 1 + 1 = 2 = 11 of June , we had to be in the best of the worlds. There was a common friend , which migrated to a few more. Initally it started with one , and then we didnt have common friends , we were the world. We dont give the world a damn , and are there for each other in possible and sometimes impossible limits a friendship can ask you to stand. The friendship i share with these guys is just too awsome. Each time i have new friends , i learn things, i pretend to be the weakest. For many in the past who would know what an attitude i carried to this day when i try to be humble , not because it suits me , because i have learnt that friendship is not a big thing, its not a 20 storey building having lavish compartments built in a span of 6 months , but its collection of those small contributions that make a single storey hut a home. Friendship does come with a big price tag , as was motto of first school i attended ... Service before self , change it to friendship before self. My motto in life is different , and this is about me. 

This article is something i write for myself , for my friends and anyone who is bored , should not continue. This is now where i am pouring it out . Last week we went out to Palace Grounds and was a pleasant experience. But and himanshu did all that was needed to secure all other friends. But at end of day , i mean night , when we sat and started to talk , it was just another night with mockeries. Tired as we are , we want to talk more. There are many things we have in common , there are many experiences we share. There is one thing which i am gonna take out of this circle of friends,  there is something i learn silently. I see fights , i dont want to , but i know how to avoid them. There can be multiple claims of lost faith and friendship. I have been held responsible once for breaking the faith ( not my fault , and taken only for friendship).  Well leaving those things behind , and many things to follow, i would just say. I will try to keep all my friendship safe and secure. I really dont know about the future plans , as to how long i will be here. Till Nov , Dec or next birthday. But one thing i know , it might be a just bit more hard to leave these guys. So was with Sameer and Fateh , Andy and Rhythm. But life moves on , and till the time you just move on , and leave the memories to stray in lanes of amnesia , its fine. Else it might jsut be difficult. And getting all my experience , all of a quater of century , i can gurantee one thing , we three gonna rock a long long way. Possibly living the golden period of our life together. I am still hopeful that we might be together for a long time , before any one of us says audieu. And i know it must be for me to say that , because i have been tried and tested by times to hurt myself, to suffer the pain that helps me becoming a better indiviual. If tomorrow i come up with a parting post , trust me , it will be hard. And i might take a time of eternity to pen down the time i spent with these guys, the mysore CCD , the friendship day , sukhi show , to late night maggies and gap-shap. 

And i can only say ... The Charisma Continues ....

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