Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life maintained @ high speeds

Last time around , i seem to have a blackout of what was happening when it was at high speeds. This time i was in control. I knew the situation , and i knew it will take a long time to recover. As i hit the girl ,who came running in the middle of the road with her friend. I think I knew the moment i saw the girl she is not going to move. I braked hard , but for the speeds i was in , it seemed virtually impossible to stop the bike. The girl was unmoved , as if she was trying to test her wits against a weak discover. Well she won. 
Neither did she got hurt , nor the discover. It was only dingo hitting the roads. Now lets get back to the Singhsandhra crossing , 11-11 ...the timing is mistimed. It was just a matter of few milli-seconds which were  gonna define the next few days or month. I didnt knew the duration , but i knew one thing for sure , i did a blunder. 
So , here i am honking at girl , who is standing still in the middle of the road , expecting and desiring me to hit her, a split second where in she also was not able to decide if she wanna cross the road or wait for the biker to make the mind. And i decided to cut through her left when the second girl from behind , made her mind to cross the road. In these split second decision , i was certainly left with no option but to brake. And trust me , i tried hard , but the girl , didnt move a distance. In fact , it seemed she did not even know or wanted to know. I wanted to yell , to shout to tell her to get away. But as a pigeon would close her eyes for fear of cat ( those who have not heard this may safely ignore this statement) , she just waited for it.
As i hit her , i just tried to move her away physically , reached out to her , losing my balance also in the process. She had already hit and broken something , but the impact was reduced. I saw my bike dwindling. I tried hard to balance it, as i have done it twice, but no ... i was destined to fall , but unlike last time , i was in full conscious. 
Here the bike tilted to the right, and i saw bits of something flying past. I was unable to make what all were going , but yes , there was good grinding sound , sparks and pieces of mirror. I came to standstill some 100 metres from where i hit the girl.
A small crowd gathered around. "Kothe te aa Mahiya " song was on , as i got off the bike, i removed the handsfree, and first thing was song playing loudly. I remembered where the stop button was, so atleast i supposed i did not have any head injuries. I stopped the song , and then there was a slight dizziness i felt. I was sure i will be knocked down soon , so i slide-opened  the mobile , and called himanshu. He was already in half sleep and must have given the expression only a few can understand ... Shoooo .... and he asked me the place, and i guided him. As i disconnected the call , i saw my lift hand was red. Then it stuck me again , i met with an accident , and my right leg is immobile. The left hand is in blood, i have just made a mess. Then i saw a person in Tie , ahaa ... infoscion for sure. He took me to the side, he held a helmet , so must have stopped. So there were half a dozen others who stopped. 
Now the sun was on my head , and someone asked .. . neer .. and i said ... Yes ...fast. I was standing when someone called out , " His Right leg is gone , let him sit in side"  and then there was water. I drank the jug full. I saw the battery of my head re-charging , as i saw the people running after Infosys buses which refused to stop. Then someone brought the helmet , and handed it over. I then asked fellow person , Boss , get me a cab and get me to RK Hospital, EC. Everyone was asking , is someone there to help. I just said , boss , wait , my friends are coming. Suddenly a cab person stopped , and i got into it. There was this person who said he will take care of my vehicle. I requested him to get the vehicle to MLPL , but i saw a traffic police inspector , and i told person , get the bike to MLPL as soon as possible. Possibly the police wanted some money. Who wanna lose on a money making opportunity. Like with great powers come greater responsibility , with small accidents comes greater punishments. So the person took my vehicle to police station. 
Cut 2 ... RK Hospital : 
I got off the cab , and realised it was paining hard. My right leg was not fractured but something bad had happened. Possibly a muscle pull , a muscle tear or something like that. But let the doctor decide. The doctor Vijaya , received me with a smile. Then i was asked to lay down. And then she asked a few questions and then began inspection. She started with ankle to the knee and asked if it pained. She reached knee and i was smiling. she wanted to ask ,"Is it paining somewhere " , but then i told its paining on the knee. In meantime i called Soumya and told her about the same .
The doctor got the opportunity and sprayed the wonderful spirit on my open wound. Sheeeeeeee , it hurts man !!! And i shouted. The next part of treatment is censored for few audience , when Soumya hurt loudest scream from Deepak.
Cut to ... My team has arrived : 
All seems concerned. Before they arrived , there were multiple calls assuring them i am fine , but the team came in. the pain was less , and since i had laid down , the pain in leg seemed less. I thought i am more than fine. I expressed my desire to come to office and work. 
Cut to ... Ajit and Himanshu entering ... 
And it was no longer a sorry sight. the hospital was going to be filled in with laughs , smiles are jokes understood by three. As they came in the doctor enquired , and asked them they can take me home. 
But these guys wont let me off so easily. Kaboom , go in for X-Ray . and i did . Then i was joined by Soumya ( she is one bestest girl always to help). Then Pallavi , Namita and Neha joined in. I was so happy to have had so many gooody friends who always come in when i needed them the most. Thanks a lot friends. 
The Episode is still not over , and we have a lot more coming up .... and soon .... 
Keep Watching ... 

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  1. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.