Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Angel ....

Every now and then you see a familiar face . A very common one. And what a occassion to pen it down , Children's Day. Its not less co-incidence the girl i am talking about has a nile wide smile and kid style accent. She has a very sweet sweeter and sweetest voice ( if one is able to hear ). She is a real kid who would desire it all , with a gleam in her eye to attain the best.
As always , lets start with where i first met her. In a group of some 9 girls , she was seated to the window to the seat facing me. Didnt notice her much. Even didnt got her name correctly for the first time. Vaani is what i mis-spelled her. Well , it was in the Sukhwinder Singh Concert when someone commented as who among us is married. And this is one question i answered with ease, and the reasons the kid smile knows.  Well , she was shy to dance , a bit nervous or like a small child trying to understand what is going around. But once in party mood , she danced like gracefully. Though unnoticed as it may seem , but all praised her. 
To say all about it , and miss her dressing sense would be devil. Her dressing sense was epitome of the occassion. Perfect !!! The way the dress was carried with the shy nature and the smile made each occassion a special one.
She does not speak much , but if you wanna hear the pitch of silence defeating the noise, she is the person. Her silent presence is much more decorated than that of shouting Deepak. She would seldom place a request for a song, but would enjoy each moment. The best part was , even if she is not understanding something,  she will ignore it completely. Eventually over the period of time , she realised it was more fun trying to understand the talk, and then sew the missed part with spicy gossip which would fill the color in her silent journey. Never would one imagine , the learner behind that deaf silence has much more pronounced exponential learning curve than one could achieve. The broken sentences were now complete, and the silence began to voice itself. Not only was silence looked forward for each trip , but appreciated also. 
I sincerly dont know which segment in her brain she draws her energies from , for fear and courage come in at same time. The trust is one thing which is so rare in the world, and to prove yourself trustworthy was the most daunting task. It was in Bukka chakke when I had to shout her to cross over with others. I shouted my energies out , and tried my best. Well once she was through , the same Friend was now shouting more than i ever did. She enjoyed the most, much more than any of her nearest rival. She over-ran her fears so well, and enjoyed it too. 
Eventually over a period i came to know she is not as immature as she might look to be, she understands most of the things, analyses them and has her goals well defined. She is not the one who one would count as shouting in fast lanes , but she will be reason for someone doing so. One can count her in , whenever there is need.  
Before i close this , i would like to mention the sweet kid she has. And though she has travelled back to the kingdom of queen , she has engraved her name in my memory lane , which are bound to be deeper with time. The world might be lost but she is not. She never will be. 
I really will not miss her , and neither will anyone here, for we miss those who are far apart. 
As i dont really name anyone , for people who know you , and for you who know yourself , there is one thing ... 
The world is big , and dreams are bigger. Enjoy each moment , live life KingSize ... and yes , 
alwayz keep smiling. You look best smiling . 
Still want to write a few more lines , but as my handicapped English runs me out of words, but trust me the emotions wont. The mysore trip , the crocodile , and the excitement of climbing the struss , the depth of water fall , the dance of the Sukhi show , the tatoo of MS and the sweet candy to the Serengetti the closing speech .... we are always together and ... not missing ya .... reason is already stated for the same. 

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