Monday, December 8, 2008


An angelic face and smile so sweet ,

Mature brain and sight to keep ,

Friend of friends in night so deep,

She along only happiness you reap.


Tall as a model would be ,

Features even Miss India envy ,

Leading someone in someway ,

Logical reasoning one would say.


Known her for a few months now,

And seems she was in all summers so hot ,

And also a shield when the winters did snow,

She is all of above without a doubt.


The dove was pure in purest form ,

Beauty apart , she has brains to add so strong,

With her things are corrected which went wrong,

For she picks up only problem as would a tong.


A friend shoulder in times so bad ,

True friend even in mood so sad ,

Wished since my life a friend I had,

Wish granted was all the God ever said.


You can change with times as times would ,

But change not the 82 to life as it should,

Best is with what  you have today  ,

And (touchwood) remain it be like that till end of times support could .


( PS: This is not a generalized poem but for someone who is not just someone J

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