Friday, February 1, 2008

The bus ride

I still remember the first day i took her to school,
her little fingers held mine so strong ,
she would hide beneath me before befriending the teacher ,
and i walk off the school with her with her new preacher.
waited till the bell rang till the eight time it did ,
and we walked back to home smiling and giggling ...
the far off school was too far and i will drop her daily ,
pick her and it will not be just so easy ,
for few years went like that motion morning night ,
and her fingers still held me tight like first day we went ....
was it a burden i thought often , and one day in the vent ,
she cried , look at the fire that rises so high ,
and i was awake that she is growing too fast ,
one day she will walk to a house nearby soon,
and my heart skipped a beat too ,
each day i took her to the bus ride ,
and thank god , there is still a day to go...

now she has grown and we walk a few distances,
just a school which is blocks away ,
for i am an ear to all stupid complaints and instances,
and teasing of all fellow friends and dance sway ,
for each passing bus reminds me of that first day ,
when i waited for her entire may ,,,,
the life has descended on me now ,
and my age seems to be august now ,
she goes to college a state away ...

she went away a bit too soon ,
like with night goes the moon ,
and one day i just asked her ...
did u remember the time we travelled together ,
and she smile , with a tear left her eye ,
yes dad ,,, i cherish the time ....

for all of us who have been troubled all our parents all our life , its time to tell them , yes , we remember that bus ride , that first soft toy , that first choclate . more important that we remember all that u have done .... and that we owe to u , more than we owe it to ourselves