Friday, February 8, 2008

you and me

There was a time when we played together,
When we could pick each others call ,
When there was nothing between us ,
When we laughed, smiled and giggled together ,
When all knew we were just the one ,
When message for me was conveyed through you ,
When all school college we will be together ,
When others stare at us as couple would ….

There was a time when the lunch was together,
And the classes bunked at same times ,
When other would walk out when I was punished,
When the canteen had same account number ,
When our first account had consecutive numbers ,
And offcourse , the same passwords ,
When our gmail yahoo and others were mirror images….

When we would plan for an event together,
And work as a unit to take on eleven ,
For the play was not fair ever we played ,
And played it all for win we had to ,
Then move thousands of kms in each other’s embrace,
To a common destination where will see only you ,
Where the world wont come with grace and religion ,
And die in each others embrace as we lived in heaven ….

Here we are four years down the lane ,
I am still the same and u drive the left lane,
The call be made but the time difference is in days now ,
World knows we are one though we are ages apart ,
And messages are absent in absence of common friends,
The mails ids are same and passwords different ,
Account numbers still consecutive , but I use bank and u net ,
For the distance from each other is a million kms now ,
And we still know we are with each other ,
Still we know we care for each other ,
For talks have been reduced and its now the turn
The turn of heart to speak to other …
And this is just to tell you ,
I am still here , still the same , still talk to u ….

And come back to miss me

(written by me not for any one of my personal friends but the general trend of the friends i went through )