Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore Serial Bombs

Finally , I always heard BOMB blasts. Bomb blasts here , there. Mumbai serial bombs, bombs here and there, all are fine. Sitting in my infosys office, i heard news that there are bomb blasts. Three in number , then came seven , as i sit in office ..relaxing. What followed was a series of concerned calls telling about the bomb blasts in Bangalore. wow , all over the place there were a few concerned faces and few smiles. And those who seemed tense , i was there to give them more.
Well , most concerns were like the bus service , whether some more bombs are going to rock the city or is it all . How will the traffic be like. Well , will there be any traffic.
Well , lets come to my seat , getting calls from friends in US of A to those in UK. First time my cellfone was tested to limits. Bangalore network was jammed but Tata Indicom was working. Wow!!! I got calls from nearly all people who cared.
Next , in internet. Madivala had 2 bombs to the credit, and i stay at a place which is barely a KM from the place.
Concerns : This is not a bomb or people injured that i am worried, what i fear are communal riots breaking. The bombs are serialised way to attack the prospering IT industry. but the city which has faced communal riots in last couple of years it has been a concern now.
Now its 530 PM and i am going out now. To my home, let us see how is condition. For me , i will be looking out for site where there was a bomb blast on Hosur road. And as someone has mentioned not much traffic on Hosur road, and ideally should not be there.
Reached Home: what a journey. Raining heavily , drenched jackets and slippery roads. But was there was a blast. Was there something that was threatening. Traffic was less , you must be joking. I have not seen so much traffic in rain. Bikers were on road , fearing to make a stop. The bombs were placed in the sand it seemed. Well , i reached home in rain. Nothing unusual. Not a hint something was not correct. No sign of bomb at any instance across Hosur Road.
For me the bomb blast that rocked the entire nation were not able to rock the Bindass City Of Bangalore ....
namma bangalooru ..... i am loving it :)

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