Monday, September 22, 2008

Nandi hills -- Experience to Cherish

September 21 - Sunday
Occassion : Shruti to Bangalore Visit
Potential Candidates for Trip : Himanshu , Deepak , Ajit , Soumya and Shruti.
Primary Target: Nandi Hills
Secondary Target : Sunrise on Nandi

Now the time is to explore the hills , the Nandi's. The distance 70Kms , 8 Kms up-terrain. So we started sometime around 4 am , and as always I did a small blunder. I started without a jacket or pullover. By the time we reached foothills of Nandi's , I was trembling with cold. But is that not the way so many live even today. I knew i would survive , but the blood was cold . Infact , i had a feeling if i would pierce through my skin , nothing would come out , for blood in it must have frozen.

The bike on which i covered those 68 Kms , this is just 2 Kms to Nandi Hills. The light in the area was low to drive at higher speeds. Hands were nearly a part of handle when we decided to stop for the first time.

How far is pretty far. A Mile long pic , taken from a mile

The Rising Sun , this rising sun was visible for a while before it set down and let us all in arms of majestic Nandi Hills ....

The pic in the blue . Below is the pic taken without any special effect , and is not editted. While just setting the camera , the surroundings changed to blueish , and i just clicked it. Possibly what nature had it in for us .... a divine blue

For the close-up pic to all those who think i never use a razor :) Noe dont complain of comb please

Since you have had patience enough to reach till this section the below pic should be of insignicant interst to you.

Heights : you are still wondering Why ??? Himanshu is missing guys ...

Why ... in next post sometimes :)