Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ear Phones Stolen

Ear Phones Stolen

There was a time I was in Pune,
And saw those Bose earphones to tune,
Listened and fell in love to quality so pure,
Wanted to own those expensive set for sure.

The cost too high to afford ,
And house advance broke my music mode ,
Took a cheaper set to music road ,
With vow to get the high end ones music node.

And came Diwali pleasant to speak ,
Wrapped in came a gift from brother of mine ,
A san Disk high end earphone set so fine ,
And born in me was music freak .

Went here and there , and everywhere ,
To whomsoever it may concern my dream is here ,
Clarity so fine, pleasant and surprise to share ,
I finally did a dare .

Wanna do some e-learning and brought to place,
My cubicle the earphone signed loved brother so grace,
As pure as white as sound quality was a shiny glaze ,
Missing it goes in morning today

Called the security and reports the theft,
The personnel tries to tell none dared to touch even left ,
Insistence let the complaint filed and me in sorrow sight,
My dream is stolen and so is the gift.

The next hour was pain though ,
And new one would cost a fortune through ,
Saw ones resembling mine in a desk so new ,
It will take courage to ask about my ear phones she knew.

With love for the gift ,
And the courage renewed ,
I went and found its mine so fine ,
And goes down in drain the respect till date.

I got the ear-phones back and was sad still ,
May be I should have not found them ,
For The respect in fellow colleagues would there be still,
And would have reverted to cheaper still.

There are many a earphones to be laid hands on ,
And taken to home and sold for ten bucks possibly on ,
But each carries a tag more than a few hundreds ,
Few sentiments , few emotions and few memories to bid on

Monday, December 8, 2008


An angelic face and smile so sweet ,

Mature brain and sight to keep ,

Friend of friends in night so deep,

She along only happiness you reap.


Tall as a model would be ,

Features even Miss India envy ,

Leading someone in someway ,

Logical reasoning one would say.


Known her for a few months now,

And seems she was in all summers so hot ,

And also a shield when the winters did snow,

She is all of above without a doubt.


The dove was pure in purest form ,

Beauty apart , she has brains to add so strong,

With her things are corrected which went wrong,

For she picks up only problem as would a tong.


A friend shoulder in times so bad ,

True friend even in mood so sad ,

Wished since my life a friend I had,

Wish granted was all the God ever said.


You can change with times as times would ,

But change not the 82 to life as it should,

Best is with what  you have today  ,

And (touchwood) remain it be like that till end of times support could .


( PS: This is not a generalized poem but for someone who is not just someone J