Tuesday, December 29, 2009

APPLE people Fooling Customers

I was talking to a Apple regarding the $728 discount price , no where in the website it mentions Maryland or any other stuff.

Either Apple or the people employed by it are trying to give Apple a bad name , but its the end customers who face the problems.

Hope either Apple specifies what it is selling , or stop the chat option , or keep the people on chat at sync with what they have over the website.

* You are chatting with Chris C, an Apple Expert


Hi, my name is Chris C. Welcome to Apple!

Chris C: How may I help you today?

Chris C: Are you a college student?

Chris C: Okay. That price applies to our educational discount.

Chris C: The standard price of the MacBook is $999.

Chris C: It applies to current college students.

Chris C: This is an educational site.

Chris C: The prices listed on the web site are already adjusted to reflect any education discount.

Chris C: If you are not a college student at the University ofmaryland this price will not apply to you.

Chris C: I am. You'll notice in the upper left corner in the blue box..

Chris C: It says you are on an educational site.

Chris C: If you hit the "Store" tab on the top of the page, you'll see that there.

Chris C: As mentioned this pricing applies to the University of Maryland.

Chris C: Not at all. Let me ask. Where did you get the link to this site?

Chris C: Where did you get the link to this site?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FaceBook Net Working .... not Working

Its been a while i opened the Facebook account, just because I wanted to check out which is latest buzz in market going to give competition to google's orkut , which was one of the first social networking site. The People using Facebook overgrew those using Orkut, mostly due to the apps it supported. Over a period of time , FB started showing Ad posts, and even asking people to join it ( at a price). Then the greed grew.
Few apps started pouring in , Mafia Wars , Who Loves You, Most Romantic , Your Favourite Cookie, and it went bersek with lot of 18+ apps also coming in , without security check. It asks for a simple permission to use your and your contact details to access the application , and we innocently say "Yes"
YES , we can say for our accounts, why the hell should it get the account details for people of my family or my friends. But then , there are millions of accounts , and most of our details are out to the advertisers who keep on monitoring our movements , even though we have no clue we are sitting on the other side of Two Way Mirror. Well , thats not enough , this is not the end of evolution as you might say
Privacy is at stake. If one person is tagged to a photo in some other world, all his friends can access the entire album in which he was tagged, whether or not the person who tagged the friend want them to see them or not.
Wait , its the last one , and possibly the most frustrating one , the live feed. This live feed gets details of all the friends , and all the activities of all the friends over all the medium. An ideal person with 50 odd friends ( u expect this number to reach in social networking) , will be seeing updates of his 49 friends multiplied by number of friends each of his friend has. His status , comments and all other things disappearing in the process. Also getting on the screen the people or the matter he does not desire to watch. There is a reason this person has 50 friends , and not 51, may be he does not want the 51st friend , but he can see his /her updates and other way round.
Facebook , this is socially notworking ...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Patte Patte Mein Radha , fool fool mein shaam

patte patte mein radha , fool fool mein shyaam,
wahi hai braj ki bhoomi , wohi hai gokul dhaam ...

suraj bani hai radha, to roshini hai shaam ,
chanda bani hai radha, to chandni hai shaam

patte patte mein radha , fool fool mein shyaam,
wahi hai braj ki bhoomi , wohi hai gokul dhaam ...

murli bani hai radha , to madhur taal hai shyaam,
deh bani hai radha, to praan bane hai shaam ,
patte patte mein radha , fool fool mein shyaam,
wahi hai braj ki bhoomi , wohi hai gokul dhaam ...

krishna prem hai radha , to radha prem hai shyaam,
her sukh paaye maanav jo inko kare pranaam ...
patte patte mein radha , fool fool mein shyaam,
wahi hai braj ki bhoomi , wohi hai gokul dhaam ...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An hour in Darkness

This is 1st day of Sept and its all dark and black. An eclipse over everything , google mail is down. and what can you do about it , if you dont have a back up. all mails are pouring in gmail , some life saving, some time pass. And top it , we have so many things up there , that i am scared to death thinking if the account is being hacked. I have trust in google. But why should it be always. Google Mail has been best, but then so was Google search engine. So was Google chat, but MSN BING (ref: http://msnbing.net) and yahoo search combined to eat up search share, facebook ate up chatter boxes and the timely failure of gmail lead all to twitter. The world is so interconnected. Hotmail took up all , then yahoo with private chat rooms, then gmail with embedded chat and now , its facebook with social networking chat and twitter to inform all the friends. Do you Tweet. In this fast paced world , when the world never sleeps, then a trip was not expected , and without a warning , never. I just hope my mails are fine in there, and so is my data. The next thing is to get all my stuff on my personal web mail address , and just in case you need a personal web email of your name, which is more safe than gmail, feel free to ask me. I will help you.
But this hour has not only left me hitting Refresh more than frequently, it also has scared me with one think .. what is Google is no more ...

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Urge ...

Its an urge , to be the BEST. The better than anyone else ever, not for you, neither for me, but for all. An urge not to be just another, a desire to be perfect , a knit to be strong, and a zeal to excel. A zenith looked upon, a shinning titan, the most luminous Deepak, and the majestic stride towards being the best in the place where experts galore, and humane exist. To live the life as supposed to be, a healthy, ever smiling, and acronym of what most would refer to be THE Life to live. Not the one to show anyone , but the one which radiates. The light is possibly the lightest thing in the world, an invisible refraction which makes everything else visible. I urge to be the light, and as my name would bring me an inch closer towards becoming the One, the hurdles are strong. A silent sea does not make a sound sailor, a smooth path does not make a perfect climber, and a career ridden without failures wont bring along learnings. Career like life, like relationships is a mysterious combination of ifs and buts , and the timing of each of them. If she loves me now, if i lose the job now, if she goes away , if the company fires me ... the life is as easy as you can think , and as complex as you can make it to be. Have you ever tried to play with strings, more you play , more you want to play ,and a small mistake integrates over the length. Let say you use earphones and have to hurridly keep it back in a bag or wallet or purse, and next time the jigsaw it is. Same is with life, and i urge to keep it simple.
The urge exists deep in me, in each breath i take, and in each form i play to excel, to be recognised, and above all to be looked upon. Dont let this urge to start and end with me, I hope you get my urge to be the best , and then look back in you and find the answer to what you urge for.

The Swooshing Sound

wheeeeeeew ... the life as it passes slowly, each second , just as i type and you read. The slow second , slower the minute but faster the time. I can count 10 seconds and by the time i think i did it successfully, another one escapes through. Just like an atom to the molecular existence, the second is second to none, and the minute is no minute a creature. Time heals, it also injures. Not only is this time responsible for smiling faces, it is also the one to be blamed for broken smiles, shattered hearts, lost hopes and faint faith. Time is always cursed for being bad, each one of us, including those reading this, dont have much of it, yet its same. For a good job interview or for a coffee with a friend , we have "lots of time", but when we are with our friends, the time is less. We sit for hours together, as if thing of yesterday, and when leaving with only 1 thing , times up , or time to sleep, or time to go.
Am i wrong to compare time to fate, only we dont have a clock for fate, but fate is not with us when time is not right. Or wait for correct time to hit, and at that time fate will be with you. Is it the same component disguised in two different forms, or are they two different monsters altogether. Time is right but faith not with you, or faith... err. fate (last one also read as fate) . It is a complex situation and more we think the worst it gets. It is possibly not in right spirit to consider either time or fate as curplrits. It is in best health to go and shake hands with self proclaimed enemies, sit down and decide on when will it be on your side. Listen to vibes, get a sixth sense, experiment, and try your best friend Luck.
If i consider myself, i really became so insane and crazy that it really did not matter to me what is time, or fate or luck tries to do. I go and try to do the best i can, keeping myself as a priority, my amusement as motivation, and self satisfaction as aim. These three things in place, rest of it comes down as if type casted. The times are bad , not for one , but for many , but not all sit back and curse it. People work, and try to do things, vocational, inspirational and motivational. Sometimes, the break helps a person to re-discover himself, few things he forgot working for last 5 years day in out , what he is capable of. What he can do , and more importantly what he must. A fresher in industry at age of 21 if remains so at age of 28, then a break is needed. That helps a person to know he has graduated to next step, and even without realising how important or useful he has become, he should not mentor his loved ones. Spend more time with family, enjoy life to full, and above all , defeat time in a race against time. Always thanks time for being on your side, and tell time you got ample of it. Shake hands with clock, wrestle with fate, keep faith intact and believe in good. What all happens , happens for good.
Time is a T junction followed by an ego I and Me .... A joint that is disasterous , but when rearranged can become a miTe (might) a force to rekon. The tick tock sound of second is not as heart breaking as swooshing sound of time, but more or less is still the same. Indentify and then , strike when ready. Make friends with all , and be happy for a long long time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dont Mind Its 13

its been a long , longer time when i was introduced to this deadly combo of 13th the friday, its like its a belief that will not affect you until you believe in it. But for some reason , this 13 has stuck to me as my shadow. Well shadow leaves me at dark hour but this does not. I does not really believe in it, but each thing happens on this date, at this time, at this hour.
I dont have a ticket , i forgot to show pass, i over ran an ant, slept an hour late, didnt wake up, forgot to polish shoes, code does not work , friends didnt call , leg broke, back pain came back , suffered a stroke after 8 months, not got a call , missed the one important, lost another , didnt find courage to hold losing one, didnt have strength to explain i was not wrong in a right junction, but let go its 13th. I used to be hyster about the number, so pathetic and miserable that it rendered me helpless, and more helpless than i ever can be. The power vested in few numbers can just be majestic, may be plunderous, but disasterous. Those who believe, respect it, those who do not, regret it.
Me , forget it. Its more of a companion now. I love his company, but dont mess with it. you got 30 other days to play around, dont atleast mess with me on 13th , not because i can stand it, but because i will be able to forgive you for what you did on 13th, cause i know its not you but 13th who plays with me. Play around till 13th is your friend, i have still not made complete friends with the monster but i am pretty sure i will do it sooner than expected. And trust me , winner i will be ... as now .. always forever

Psycho Prepare

Enough of a gemini life, and the most important of it is being water. Live life like water, when you blend in vessel as it is , mix with all in each proportion and when fire rises high , drowse it down. Being gemini says being water, multi faced. This takes no less than a psycho to be smiling in worst of times, wading off each debris thrown at character with the broadest weapon , smile. How satisfying is it when someone tries over and again to get you down, and you smile back. There is no harm in being a psycho, if thinking of it makes you smile. How well can you tame down a worst situation tells about your character. Let me guess my age, all a kid of 26. My qualification , BTECH. Left home a long time back in search of job , leading a nomadic life. As lived in clans in Mysore, stone shelter in Bangalore , all famous Pune and cities to name wont end. I lived alone, with weekly changing roomates, to permanent friends. I have faced most frightening heart break, and broken bones lonely, cooked myself, stayed to me, and found ways to tell Gods that its not you who care, I care for myself.
Again the times have come , again i am in same mode. Again i went to temple to tell him that lets prepare for another battle , battle of titans. If its you who have called me in here, and if its you who are in alien land as me, we will go in for duel. I will not let go to India, because there i know you hold advantage. Lets play here in US of A for sometime. I know you very well. You have a thousand responsibilites, and much more busy than i am. and that is why I have more time than you, but deep in my heart i know you care. If it was all for me to worship you, i possibly will not, not because you gave so much, not because you didnt take that much, but because i dont consider you God. It s written in plain white blog , you are no longer a God , but a friend. You exist all over, i am you and if that is true, tell me if I am right.
I am mature enough to decide whats right and whats not, tell me if I pursue my dreams myself or submit to the worldly desires. The world is not that Java , PHP , or .NET , neither a set of websites. It is just a collection of years that add to the age as we grow more stupid, more egiostic and worst, bigger.
The age then tells us we are more mature than people younger than what we are, and end up being much bigger fools than our age. We talk to like minded, and communicate as what we think is correct, not sure. Its always well said, Free Advise is harmless, until you act on it. I know so many people who would advise the entire world what to do and what not to, but they themselves will never follow it up. Many of the problems they see in each other person's life is exactly the problem they suffer from. Raising a finger leaves 4 on your side, so that will make me more psycho to say so.
A psycho now is preparing for another battle with the alien world, with the God , with the job, and above all with himself. To tell himself that he is not better than what he thinks himself of , and he should bear a little more. A little more of time is what is needed, but is this not the thing that never is. A little more time , is so much like Tomorrow , never comes. We have the moment now, the money , advise, suggestions and useless hatred will pour in as always and come with time, which never will come in itself.
DONT WAIT to chase your dreams, walk towards them, take a bigger step, a bit more faster, run and run hard to get it deep down in you till you make your dream a part of you, and dream again. Listen to all but do of heart, dont think what the world will say, who damn cares. No one says to you when not good, so let them be shut when you go in for a chance. Maximum is what will be not a successful attempt , again , bear. Stand up, and run again. Be alike, when anvil bear, when hammer strike. Prepare as a psycho, behave as a dumb , stay low and win as a winner.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Psycho Path

the path to being a certified one is no less easy, it comes with itself with a responsibility of not only being irresponsible, but being careless , forgiving , forgetting , is not so easy when you understand everything and still pretend not to be knowing everything , giving much more than 100%, and still ready to be cursed for not doing anything, for intelligence is still a matter and under ownership of few. The tougher life gets, the harder it gets to smile , still laughing is much more easy prospects. Trust me , smiling is a tougher proposition than laughing, the scars visible through smiles defeat age and reason. Still i believe , its not easy to get illogically logical, and to prove it if its really not easy to live, its harder to die. To care for someone you hardly met, and to complain for lifelong who is always by your side is no wisdom. The earlier it is recognized, better the life becomes for the one who cares. and those who care not , no need to be so careless. the path is same, be it me, he ,she , it or you, my behaviour towards all is more or less same. I really dont have an inner heart to sympathesize, drool , be happy or any feeling otherwise. I just live each part of my life as it comes. For those who came across the path, had fun and left, blessings. For those who still prefer to be in the path , God Save You , and to those who in future will come across me... better not. You will be bonded emotionally, and think of me as a very good person, caution : i am not.
beware: i am not a good caring person. I am a person who cares not, if that is your definiton of caring person, i might just fit in good then. It is exactly why so many people like me, because the only care they need is no care, and i neva do. I have had my share of responsibilities, and i have very hopelessly , shamelessly and in a very satirical way laughed them off, and the worst part. I am still running away , on this pyscho path , which is a long circular road without an end , an aim or target ... join me in this carefree careless pyscho path, live life like you scripted it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Certified Psycho

This is me .. Deepak , and no less than any strange case of psycho. As Dipankar once said, There was nor ever will , a greater crack in the wall than you have in your head. and to which i responded , its not hole in the wall, but wall in the hole. and 3 years later, i try everything to certify as one. Losing the loved one , loving the lost one, trying to do a DDLJ , almost aping a kid , mowing down people on roads , meeting new and stylish accidents , mis-understanding myself , promising not to promise again, and breaking the promise once more , for once more i wanna live and tell all that its me who is me. I am not the one whom the God made to be just another, I am myself. I make my own rules , i insulate , i radiate and more importantly , i speak. You may not hear it if your eyes are closed , u may not understand if your mind is closed , and possibly if its open , nothing is left in it to understand. The same is with me , take life as it comes , plan , trip , tripover , drip , slip , fall , stand up, wear down , rise again , call friends , make friends , maintain old ones, casually tune up to serious life , no one still has managed to get out of it alive, but till the time you are reading this , you have managed to wade off the DEATH for now.
I was no wiser a person to leave India, I am no intellect even today , I want to work hard, I try to , but the memories are weak , and i dont remember. I tried things , put somethings on blog, set reminders , even resorted to drinking milk , yes mom , i did . But the brain gets older, not sharper. The effect of increasing technology can be easily found to have a lasting impact on me , i see each human as a robot now, and me as robo cop. I think i can do anything without doing nothing , no no , i mean i cant do nothing , if thats the way it is.
I have so many things to do, less than anyone else, but according to me , more than i can manage. If there was an upgrade for humans available, i would have spent all my earnings ( even though they are less than my month's salary ,considering i am working for last 150 years ) to get an upgrade. Atleast brain can react to something better than age of empires and websites. I remember certain song in which writer demands two hearts , i demand brains instead. If I was intelligent, and if i would have understood the things important to me then and there , if i was able to prioritize what not to do , if i was able to maintain one relation , if i was able to get back one school life, if i would have managed to come 1st in the class once, if ..... my God ... if you existed ... i would not be so clueless, i would not be such a danger , and more importantly , i would be me ... as i am ....

( incomplete entry from a certified psycho )

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

waqt aur kismet

haan , woh bhi kuch suhane din the humare zamane mein jab kalam se likhte the dil ke armaan, jahan per machalte dil ke masoom khayal , sharato se bhare shabdo mein manzil ki talaash kerte the. Kuch manzil tak pahaunch te the, kuch recycle bin mein aur kuch mummy papa ke haath. Kahin ek do aashiq , bhai ya bahen ke haath mein prem patra padne se bhi shikaar huwe, to kahin per baat ban gayi. shabdo ki kala se to nawaaza nahi gaya is bande ko, jo fir bhi kabhi ek na-kaam si koshish ker leta hai is zindagi ko samajhne ki. kuch to baat hai is dharti per, jo shayad upper baitha farishta bhi bata nahi sakta. Itne bada hai faila huwa yeh jaal, aur kahan ek sire se doosra judta chala jaata hai, aur fir kaise kahan kam kaun sa sira khula reh jaaye koi nahi jaanta. Kismet, log kehte hai bada saath deti hai, mere se poocho to bhagwan kismet hai, aur kismet hi bhagwan hai. Jo aap subah se prarthana kerte ho, jiske liye mehnet karte ho aur jo aapko milta hai, aapke peeche se sab usse kismet hi to kehte hai. per kabhi kabhi yeh kismet dokha de deti hai, is waqt ke saamne. waqt, jo kismet ko maat de bhi deta hai aur nahi bhi. sahi waqt per kismet ka milan ho to hum unchaaiyan choo jaate hain, per waqt ek cheez mein sabko maat de deta hai. uski nirantar pragati ki aur badti chaal, usko na kismet , na bhagwan na koi aur rok sakta hai. Hum kuch log uske saath ched khaani kerte hai, daylight saving jaise bhi kuch kaam kerte hai, per yeh waqt nahi rukta.
mein bhi aise hi padaav per hoon zindagi ke , jab waqt ko chahta hoon ki kuch der ruk jaaye, isliye nahi ki mein duniya ki sabse khoobsoorat ladki dekh raha hoon, ya fir mera sabse jigri dost mere saath hai, ya mein apne parents ke saath vacation per hoon, per mein chahta hoon ki waqt ruke aur mein thoda aagey aur chalun. jeet ki tamanna to hai, per nazarein bhatak rahi hai, ya manzil dagmaga rahi hai. waqt hamesha ki tarah badal raha hai, aur badalta rahega. mein yeh nahi bata sakta ki mein kahan jaunga, kya karunga , kaise karunga .... kuch nahi hai ... bus ek cheez hai kahin kisi kone mein ki jab bhi mein jaun ... haste huwe jaaun, aur aise jaun ki us waqt mein to jaun , per waqt ruk jaaye .... waqt ruk jaaye

Friday, June 12, 2009

Personalised Email - Cheap and Secure

Well , how many reading this article here have a personalised email account. I have , it is called deepakg83@gmail.com.
Is it personal. Do you think it is. Is is google mail account for you, the day google fails (God forbid it does not, but in case it does) , your mail id will probably be void, and all your mails would stand deleted.
This is not the only reason to have a private email account , there is one most severe reason for you to pay up a small amount to maintain your mail account, and that is PRIVACY.
Have a look at the screenshot from a typical gmail account, there are 3 ovals. Look at these ovals, if you are able to read those , these links actually tell me how insecured my data is. It reads what is there in the email, finds the advertisement related to the content and post it. So much so that i have stopped using gmail for any sensitive mail.
This fact is known by one and many in the industry, if u look in yahoo mail , you will also see image ads

Personalised Email will not only give an identity which you want to be yours forever. Like deepak@deepakg83.com , it also looks more professional and assures the sender the data is safe.
If you are in a business or in IT field , you really don't want someone to come and ask you about the security threat your mail ID has, if you have your personalised email .
Now the cost factor:
If you opt for a personal mail id from any other site other than www.spinyourwords.com , then it comes ideally for 8.99$/year, but if you buy an entire website from me , it comes for free. Now what would an entire website cost, it costs just 1.99$ /year for info domains and 7.49$/yr for .com domains. What else, you get your own domain name , a personalised email ( 1 GB Space, spam free , ad free ) and 1 personal blog. Along with this , you get 1 GB shared space for hosting your website , for free.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Web Identity

Lets see what is web identity. If you are reading this article i assume you are well aware of what a search engine is , in case you are not, Search engine is web portal designed to search through millions of available web pages to provide you with the information required.
Have you ever typed your name in google and tried to look out for yourself, or have you known a friend having a personal website and his personal email. Have you ever wondered why is it necessary, or why should one go for it. After all gmail , yahoo mail and other mail services also provide you with an email facility (though it comes with risk of your data and sensitive information spilling all over the net), i will tell you how and why I say like that, later.
So getting a gmail id , a yahoo id , an orkut id , facebook or twitter account takes your identity directly on the web, it helps to console that you are on web, but that is you are connected to another identity. Its not your identity, afterall. And how much it costs you to have a web identity, anywhere from 2$ to 10$, depending on the domain you wanna choose.
If you consider on a flat note , a dinner for two would be more expensive than your personal website. Your home address on the internet, come on . Tell the world you exist , as I do.
I always wanted to be something like deepakgupta.com or deepak-gupta.com , but i was late in getting a name. I had to take a name as www.deepakg83.com , but then there was something in the world which www.spinyourwords.com had to offer me, it was my name domain. http://www.deepakgupta.name It just gives me immense pleasure to have a website of my name. Surely you can also have one for you , and very cheaply, as low as 2$ , and its really very simple to set it up and maintain it, as it will be just a few html pages.
I have my own company (www.spinyourwords.com) for selling domain names to people who wanna have a web identity, for no profit , and that these people can not only have a web identity , but can earn also from what they own.
And earning from the websites is not an expensive thing to do, even though slow,but steady. And well directed efforts can get you hundreds or probably thousands of dollars a month , once you start and in full flow. Tips to it follows next.
Before I wind up, there is an easy way to get yourself up and going on the internet, now and forever , for as low as 1.99$ , with a personalised email (which ideally comes for 8.99$ /yr), a personal blog , and a shared server space for hosting 1 GB ( which generally range from 4$ to 70$ a month) ... all up and free for registering a domain name at www.spinyourwords.com

Why Should I sell a business idea for no profit ?
Well , its simple , I do it as my social responsibility. But once you take part in my plan to get all indiviuals a personal domain name, I expect few things from you, other than the money you pay to purchase the website (at no profit no loss basis to me )
  1. Tell your friends about the usefulness of having a web identity
  2. If you are able to earn , which ideally you should be , then help others also learn. If i will guide you how to get started to make money , I surely would like you to tell others also, so that they can also earn.
  3. Try to get a few friends to get started, like those who dont know basics of HTML , help them. A small effort will bring a big smile on many faces , and a bigger satisfaction on your end.
Next in series -- importance of personalised Email

Friday, May 29, 2009

Decision Maker - MSN Bing

MSN brings to you a search engine , oops , i should say a decision maker. One decision maker that will enable you to have a wonderful navigation experience across the world wide internet. The distances across geographies dwindling, and when we need to search for valid results for the query, Bing claims to provide authenticate results. Cheaper flight tickets, easy to schedule the trips and above all, group the results , not by popularity but by utility. It will then serve as Yellow Pages of internet, wherein it helps you get the correct result. 
The decision Maker Engine as it is being marketed , aims to help you decide. It will group the search results in the order it feels will be logical. A camera search will help you locate chear camera with most cashback options , a resturant ticket helps you with the map and directions, helps you with questions which might have multiple answers. 
Few Questions that come out : 
1. what happens in case of query result having similar results. 
2. Will it give more preference to an advertised result 
3. Will the search engine algo not decoded by the ever growing sharp site master and organisations such as godaddy.
4. Is it Bullet Proof , and servers stable.
5. Will it also use something like PageRank to rank the websites , and then decide the utility based on any such computation

If the results are based on matrix, and then it might just give an edge to other websites to utilize the weakpoints. If today i want to search Google for specific files as .doc or .ppt or even .pdf , I can customise the search results. You may find one of such customised google search here at http://complete.spinyourwords.com/ . But will I be able to do the same thing with Bing. 

The other disadvantage i see with Bing is themes it might come up with , slowing it down. The screen looks fully filled with no space to navigate. Though navigation friendly, but full. 

We can just wait and watch if this Bing pings in our life or dies out silently. 

MSN Bing

Ever Wondered what could be next age Search. google redefined the art of search, starting with a very simple concept, and to become the market leader. One thing that made it overtake the Gates lecacy or will it. Nothing is forever, and so this should also not be. google has come up with many innovative ideas, the blackle , energy reserving search, and many other similar things. There were many other search engines like alta vista who were able to get to the market, but google had sprinted out of the reach of the normal seach engines. Even Live Search was unable to stop google, and there were many reasons it was not successful. 

Live search was at par, if not better , than google search, but the speed of search, the rank algorithm and other factors kept the competition at bay. Msn would load with itself a whole lot of other things which many would not prefer in this fast paced world. I want to seach for deepakg83 or his blogs , i would certaintly fail. 

Try searching for http://deepakg83.blogspot on yahoo search, and it fails to find the site. What more depths you need to remember a website.Well, the things will change. The better and more efficient takes over. The leader is not forever. But there can be someone ruling for a long time that redefines the way the world goes. 

Looking up in the initial preview of the Bing , it certainly offers me more than i think would make it popular. Search for flight tickets between two dates, it would search inside the websites to find you the results, search for a movie and it will give you not only the tickets, but also the movie halls and multiplexes where this movie can be screened. It takes you directly to the booking seat of the movie you want, or to the consultant in case you just have not used 911. With the local regional support, MicroSoft Network  Bing ( MSN Bing as i say it) , seems to take many things in account and then go directly in giving google a tough stand. 

Points where Bing need to worry more : 

1. The search engine algo, to set the things correct. With a huge number of websites, of expired domains, of the blogspots , indexing will not be easy, and there needs to be a very strong way to beat google.

2. The way it searched for images, video clips and other formats need to be tested.

3. The performance testing when millions of users use it, and many of them concurrently access it many tabs in the same browser, and many browsers in the same window.

Along the Bing would come another security threat, the threat of my DATA being exposed. It will take me directly to the consultant, and thus breaking one level of security. SQL injections need to be taken care of more precisely.

When i see Orkut today, i see many friend requests coming up daily, and i see many accounts getting hacked. The share of market which MSN has today is immense, with Outlook still being a premier choice to many hundreds. MSN Bing can either take everything in MS stride or let it fall apart, making the way a bit more difficult to the MS in near future. Anyhow I see , as of now , Bing is coming , and is here to stay.

(This article is written by Deepak Gupta, for www.msnbing.net You need to include author's site url and his refernce while posting the same on any website or forwarding. It is protected by IP rights. )

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jan Gan Man Video Causing Trouble

I dont know if this song depicts true india, but this song seems to me a real India. We need to rebuild ourselves , rise like phoenix, so that this song look more of a fiction than reality .... 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hanging Bamboo

In the middle of jungle , lemme introduce the trio . 
Ajit : in the foregound. 
Himanshu: in the background
Deepak : This is not covered by Discovery , so am holding the cam.

So join me in exploring the restless minds: 
Ajit is looking up through the bamboo , as if trying to ask God if he can talk to him from the tunnel or is he trying to figure out how deep is bamboo. He just like me and you have read bamboo grow  from the ground. How come this one is hanging from top. Look around all bamboo on ground. 
This one had a peg of whiskey or what , that take it to the top of the world. No , no. Oh My God , this one is hanging himself . 
Himanshu is still not sure why is he wondering , but we possibly know. the pressure ... of thinking hard forces body fluids out. He is looking for space. And Ajit is looking for a bamboo. 
So is that it ... i doubt . Let us have a look a moment later : 

Ajit is trying all his forces to save the bamboo from committing sucide, but nothing it seems can save the bamboo. Himanshu is still wondering in the woods. There are a few other bamboo there , and i think he is trying to figure out a bamboo for himself. Ajit has just claimed a bamboo. If you happen to go there , you will find Ajit embedded on it ...
I want to write a bit more .. but i will stop here. This is one of my most senseless post , but i will make it more senseless by adding another paragraph :So finally i was caught conspiring , and both decided it was time for me to go down the earth. The bamboo was gifted to me , and just after the pic i slipped down in a painful position , while holding the bamboo as the flag before surrender .
There are more random pics and more useless senseless posts coming up soon :) 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whats In India

That roadside highway dhaba i cherish ,
and delhi bhatinda punjab mail ,
people storming in for one stop ...
and never getting off the seat ...
that tea one not having a change ..
shouting chai chai Chaaiiyaam ..
The khuller milk with cream and jalebi ,
you will never know the smiles on friends ...
and the newspaper one will go across the place ,
to return one buck , and tell them its fine ...
place where you leave a buck and people feel obliged ...
not like yours where tip is right ...
for from the station to the place dont need a cab ...
the auto does fine ... had all not on station ...
for return to Delhi is no less fun ...
and then to Bangalore for my second home ,
ok third home ... no more compromise ....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Imperfections ...

What are we today. A little less money , a little less happiness , a little less friend , a little less love, a little less sport. Is it . If you reading this and find even a single one true. Think . Once more , is it same .Yes , little less money ... dont compare yourself with anyone else. Compare it with yourself. And when you do that lets move a year back. 
Statuary warning : If your answer is no for all , Great. The article is THE END here. But if you are a little less yourself now, read on .
So little less money . How much more you wanted. Have you thought what is that figure which will make you smile. a million dollars, that is 5 crore indian rupees. What will you do then , think about it . A Big Car (get a loan dear) , a lavish house ( or home you still have) , the hunger goes on. 
Rewind Time : Go back to school days. What you had then. Nothing. Your parents or near-dear ones earned for you and you studied hard. You were happy then. What happened when you got a extra green bill for the Diwali sweets , or candy on hot summer night walking by the home. Then you did not care for these. I dont say you should not think about those things, but there is no reason to be sad if you dont have those. Plan pursposefully. Set goals , achieve them. make a backup plan. You dont become Bill Gates overnight. People tend to start late. Being happy is the the key , not being rich. Be sufficient. Still not contented.  Lets plan. 
Do you have a bank balance. If yes , then skip to happiness section. Invest the money , money makes more. The money in safe is degrading , put in fixed deposit if you have surplous. Now if you dont have, get a paper and pen out. make a future report. How much you earn , and how much you save. You will get a realistic approach of when you will have a bank balance . So plan. Dont be sad. 
A little less happiness .... What happened boss. Think of golden time when you scored a sole goal in a classroom match, of an untiring hundred in book cricket , an undefeated stretch of 15 games in Zero Katta , a win in Ludo , reaching the top in Snake n Ladder from that lucky number 21, and then getting back to 10 from number 99, think of small things. Think of friends . Think of me . We like others are always there. I might fade in light , look upto your brothers and parents. Blood is blood , and happiness is just there. We dont search for it , but just as the dark cloud would shield the sun from us , and make the day rainy, or there can be a bigger eclipse. The day appears night, dont let it stay. It will go off in a second, try not to look directly. Believe in yourself. Its a good thing to believe , to believe that you can, because when you start believing , you start planning , and start to learn and find ways. Happiness comes back in small packets in big way. When you start finding those packets , you radiate more energy than you think of . 
You know what is the best mantra of smiling. Think of friends who always were , but you left them enroute because of any reason. When you will call them , they will smile. Old friends never forget, and with them you re-live the smiles you smiled with them. Find school friends , college friends , or just friends. Think how they helped you  , and you helped them when it needed the most. think of those bunking lectures , those failed exams, those night before exams , those holis and those diwali ... now smile plz. 
Wanna read more ... gimme some time and some comments to carry on ... and when you do that , just smile 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My pillar My luck (touchwood)

when i think of her , few hair flew across her face. She put a hand towards her face and try to wave off them, but then left carelessly to fly around. I wondered it is a style statement or just to tell the world , the carefree attitude she carries, as if unpeturbed by the world around. I dont know pal , what she thinks for the world , but in this world i do think of her. Whenever i am out in big malls, and in sections of her style, i remember her. Her smiles , seeing the price tag and saying, "Areee nahi chaiye, bada mehnga hai" , or running across the mall , and getting a perfect Tee for me. Her enthusiasm and charm in each and every thing she said or do was just so undefeated. Her accent in typical punjabi style where she grew and wanted to go when finished her training. I dont know what made her get to Bangalore , but i had known it a year ago when she was to come to Bangalore that she will be a very good friend. I had shared so many things with her, like with no one else. She knows all the episode of the girl i liked, and consoled me when i was down. She was a face of life which told me to get up, cheer and start anew. She was always there (and still is) for me whenever i needed her. Most of my big plans had her in them , so originated for her , or by her. She was a dream come true friend (touchwood) anyone will cherish to have. Not only being beautiful, she is one with brains. If you happen to know flawless beauty i am talking about, then you must also know she is blessed with great personality, decency , innocence of a child and hear of gold. She will forgive ,if not forget. She tells me to go and fight in this world. She stands by my decision. She is one in a million friends. 
I wont say i am lucky to have a friend like you , but its God's grace for me to have known her. She has supported me well when one of my very close friend went out with her new found love, and when i was alone and sad. 
This girl has diagnosed many problems of mine, and i moved to BTM. I asked her if I should move in , she said yes. And without thinking a second , i went ahead. She has turned all in gold for me , my US visa was stuck , and when she was back from delhi, she said it will be done. It was. Trust me friend , i dare not say your name , many would believe you to be abstract. An angel of sorts with such qualities dont exist, and i will not disturb the illusion of those. But for those who know me , know you as a reality . I am sure you wont change , i believe in you. And as you always have done , keep my belief intact . 

The building blocks

It has been a long time in this world , 25 years done. Long time , but i am sure i learnt most in first five years then in next twenty. Still i dont remember anything from that. Today i write words and sentences in English , but when did i learnt them. My mom tells me , i did my ABCD at age of 2 , and numbers at 3. I started making sentences at 4 and by 5 i was giving oral exams. 
I now know love , and my friends think i know what is friendship, but i dont think i will be anywhere near to what my parents did. Selfless love to make me what i am today. 
I run on streets , drive bikes and have ability to stop. I sense danger , and i interpret love in its pure form , these came when i started tricycling. As Newton did an intgration over a period, so did we. I grew from 5 to 25 , and i saw many things. Broken bones , laughing friends , love , heart-break, friends , not so friends , politics , conspiracy , envy and many shades of life which tell us to learn. We opt most of the times to go with the emotions and not learn from it. we should start doing it . 
Lets start with basic thing :
 Never Expect . all know , but a few do. The greatest pleasure comes when u dont expect , and you get something. Its depression when you expect and dont get it in desired form ,and devastating when you dont get after expecting. 
Dont Lie ::::: Never Lie in frienship ,in relations , for people you care , and otherwise. Most of the close friendships die because of this. If u need to lie , then something is wrong in the friendship. Dont be afraid to tell the truth, things can always work out. Remember: People who matter dont mind , and people who mind dont matter . 
Love : Love all your friends , and if you develop feeling towards a particular friend , be bold and tell it. Most probably the person will refuse, but that is the best way to save a friendship. DONOT , i repeat DONOT forget your other friends if the person agrees to your love. And if the feelings are not reciprocated, love as a friend. 
Sacrifice : the last bite of a meal is shared , give away the last chip from a Lays packet, save last drop of water from the last bottle in a trip, make a cup of tea in middle of night. Trust me , the last chip wont fill your tummy as much as the love would once the other person understands. the thirst will go unquenched if you drink the last drop. 
Radiate : Make the positive vibes, be ready for friends forever . They teased a girl , principal coming.. stand by them. Make your friends believe in you , and never break it .
Above all , be a sport always. Trust me , a lost friend is "The Lost World". I have lost many , and as you read the heading of my blog , its for those Lost Worlds , i lost while gaining all these experineces. 
If you think its a worth , drop a comment down ... 

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Gardener

I really dont remember if i was born in someone five star hotel or with a silver spoon in my mouth. But i do remember that at each and every stage in my life , i have been bestowed upon with love , care and sacrifice showered upon me with really no return. What i say here might not be in context, and as my nature is i will be losing the track mid way for sure. But i now know the track , and i know the theme of this feeling . 
I really dont know how was i born , but i remember i grew up talking, and my parents listening to my teachers for not teaching me how to be quiet. What the hell teachers were supposed to do. Well , i kept on speaking more ,and more , and to a point when i started making friends. Each new friend would bring a new fairytale , and each going off embossing a big EXPERIENCE in my life. You know why when a girlfriend leaves a person m he calls her EX, it means Experience. We grow by it. I too have . I understand love , and i understand friendship. I understand the very basics of a complex life are too very simple. A balanced diet is not green vegetables and following a strict plan , it is when in a diet , you mix the play , the laughter , the smiles and above all happiness. A cup of tea has always been my trademark for making a mark , and so are smiles. I stick to a very basic principle in life , give and forgive. you have to understand the very healty things in life are just for free , but for those who can afford. Not everything that is free can be afforded , or appreciated. 
Free !!!! this term strikes gold. Appreciate something that someone does for you. Always !!! because this world is round , and so is life. I dont believe in God , the gardener. but i do believe what we do in life comes back. If i am bad today , and selfish , and try to do something immoral, it will go recorded in my history. Then 10 years later when i have changed , and i become good, something bad happens. I fail to understand why this is happening , and start cursing the God. Why did i not curse him for punishing me then and there when i made a mistake, when i forget to tell the person Thank You , when i took all the help from a single person , and still not appreciate it. 
Trust me , there can be no bigger sin than not to appreciate the selfless help. And as me , i try my best for others to have a share in it. I have had friends who have been reluctant , very selfish , and ignoring me. What does it makes out. I  come out stronger. i give them more than they can ignore. i creep in the lives and stay there . i rarely make friends ( contrary to basic understanding ,but true), but once i have them , its my responsibility. I try to stretch limits , i fail sometimes. i try to make them smile , i annoy sometimes. i am not the best , i may be the worst , but my friends are best for me. Having said that , i have tried my real best to understand the nature of ppl who take help and not appreciate. Its not deep in history. Its deepak gupta of 05 , deepak gupta05 to be precise. 
Lalit used to do a lot of consessions for me , so was Harish ...thanks chap to help me out then
Then there was VAS VB , Hrishi , Aarthy did it for me ... u guys rocked 
VAS VB again .. hemant , gaurav , anurag and above all my SPM Basava.. . i was only non working full timepass member then 
IP - Kruti rocked . Maya was good . Anshu stayed back so many times ... 
Airbus - Preetham ,Nihar  -- solved my queries 
MEW --- Mani all the way. A man of stature. This is most selfless man , simple as it is and best in terms of team leader. appreciate u through out Mani .
The Gardener sees all of us , and as such knows when to strike, and he will strike hard. He gives you a few chances , a few more hours , maybe months or years . decades ... dont be blinded ... you have not fooled him , he will strike. 
Fear the God ... Fear him as much as u can and before anything else happens ... level the scores... 
dont say me tomorrow i did not warn you ... 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Deserted Water

Have you ever wandered to deep forest with only two of your friends , and the forest wild than than forest that exists in the world. Have you ever got kicked in the butt , and then scolded for letting that happen. Have you met with an accident, and your friends filled the hospital room with laughter, strong enough for you to be discharged un-treated. Have you planned everything on your friend's behalf , and then done childish acts to make them follow the plan. Have you went for a coffee with your friend's friend , and then forcing them to leave their date with the girl they were aiming to date , and make them come and sit you with. Have you ever went out delibrately without telling your friends , and taking air out of the wheels so that your friend leaves office and comes home to spend time with you. Have you ever decided for a 10PM movie at 9 PM with no chance of making it to threater by 10 , and forcing your friend to miss the most ancpitated movie. Have you driven a century Kms just to have a coffee because your friend said the name by mistake. Have you ever danced in the drenching rain with your friends. Have you spent a day with a special one making everything for her. Have you burst crackers in your hand. Have u taken a full cracker under your feet because your friend accidently lit it to protect her. Have you given your jacket in chill winter to already insulated friend with a worry she might get unwell. Have you been the last one to entry the reception party of close friend , and ended up washing dishes and contenting with sweet dish. Have you planned and never followed. Have you fought over for a 50 Paise coin with the shopkeeper for 2 hours. Have you spent your birthday in your friends birthday. Have you had a group hug everyday. Have you loved the way the princly treatment you got from your friends. Have you been humble in a relationship and yet so demanding. Have you made friends feel jealous of a type of friend you are. If answer to each of this question is yes , then you must surely be one of me . 
If not , carry on. 
Have you went on overnight trips with friends , and ended on wrong side of city. Have you planned an hour and spent three each time you had a tea break. Have you smoked the life out of you , and tension out of mind. Have you drank the problems with your life directly draining them with friends. Have you been alone in crowd , yet the centre of attraction. Have you had more than single to say you as his / her best friend ( i have a count of 8 who said so ) .... Have you helped and forgot. Have you helped and fogave . Have you helped and still remember. Have you loved someone and not told her . Has someone not loved you and told you. Have you shared a chocolate fantasy n number of times. Have you dared to look up in sky and point to Hunter constellation.
There are many things we need other than above to maintain a friendship. Opening a few points for all my friends who have asked me ... Ajit , this one goes specially for you ( you always will be as special to me , for you made me believe that i am correct in approach towards my friends )
  •  Have you told all your friends they look best today , better than they looked yesterday 
  • Give and Forgive 
  • Lend a helping hand , not only to those who need , but to all your friends.
  • Assure your friends you are always there , and back it up when time comes. 
  • Never expect them to remember the help you did, its human nature for them to forget, but then a true friend would come back , and realise it later or sooner. 
  • A small conversation once a week helps to nourish and deep the roots of friendship
  • Accept the compliments as well as complaints alike from friends. With mistakes and critism we learn
  • Dont think a friend is more special than other , and never ask any in your friends circle to compare your friends. I have been through this worst phase, (though lasted 10 sec ) but i still shrug on the question. 
  • Say truth , and only truth to all your friends , or people you want to be friends with. 
  • Lies has no life , broken mirrors hurt more than missing ones. 
  • Create a alarm , and weekly calender to update them with what u do daily. 
  • Try to loop them , chat to them ,drop mails , call them conference them , ask friends to update , stay in touch 
  • TRUST ME .... make people trust you , and never break that. A broken trust is as bad as broken heart only with the difference heart can still be won back. 
And this post is titled deserted water , because i wanted to water the deserts of friends , to make us all a better person in future ... 
Comments appreciated . 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

कहीं तो होगी ...

झिलमिलाते हुवे गगन टिमटिमाते हुए तारे , तेज़ चलते हुए इस सुनसान सी सड़क पर , शहर की टिमटिमाती चकाचौंध से दूर , उस आकाश के पास जाते हुए , कड़कती बिजली में मुझे एक तारा दिखा । पता है क्या था वोह , वोह थी एक याद , उस रात की जब हम सोये नही थे । चले जा रहे थे एक साथ आखिरी बार शायद , पर रुके रुके से कदम अपनी रफ्तार से चल रहे थे , और कहीं पर थामे तो मानो वक्त पर अपना व्यकितव्य छोड़ते चले गए । ऐसा गहरा था उस रात का एक एहसास , चाय पीने से उस सितारों भरी रात में जब हम सब रुके। मौत से एक कदम दूर खड़े उस जहाँ को चीख चीख कर, चिल्ला चिल्ला केर बोल रहे थे , की केर ले जो कुछ करना है ,पर हम नही रुकेंगे । हम चलेंगे , और हम चले । ख़ुद भगवान् की आँख जैसे हमारे जज्बे को देख केर नम हो गई होगी। एक तरफ़ थी मेरे प्रिंसी और दूरी तरफ़ । दूसरी तो कोई तरफ़ ही नही थी , हाँ नमिता थी । और नमिता और प्रिंसी के बीच में खड़ा था में , मुझे तो पहचान ही लिया होगा , दीपक और हिमांशु । कोई अन्तर है क्या हम दोनों में। मेरी टांग में था ग़ज़ब का दर्द , और उस सर्द रात में होश उदा देनी वाली हवाएं मदहोश केर रही थी। पर था सहारा मेरा अपना ख़ुद का ( हिमांशु और मेरे में कोई अन्तर नही है :) ) । इन राहो पर खड़े हम यह ही सोच रहे थे की कितना हसीं यह लम्हा है , एक बार उमर में मिले है सब । शायद थी भी वोह मेरे जाने से एक महीने पहेले की घटना जिसमें हम सब पिस गए , उस गेहूं की तरह जो पिछली दो सदी में पकी थी , सिर्फ़ इस दिन के लिए जब हम सब एक रंग हो जाएँ। बीमार प्रिंसी और बिंदास आशु , कहीं पर मस्ती से भरपूर सोमू थी तो कहीं विनम्र नमी । और यहाँ खड़ा था में , पूरी दुनिया पर राज करने के लिए । एक दीपक । कहाँ से लाऊं में वोह सब दोस्त वापस , कहाँ से लाऊं में वोह जुस्तजू , कहाँ से लाऊं में वोह दिन दिसम्बर का , कहाँ से लॉन वोह रात तारो भरी , और कहाँ मिलेंगी इतनी टूट ते तारे , कहीं तो मिलेंगे ही , तलाशा । बहुत तलाशा , इस सुनसान सड़क पर कड़कती बिजली में , और फ़िर मुस्कुरा दिया ... क्यूँ । क्यूँ नही । साथ ही तो चल रहे है मेरे यह सब। यादो में बसते है और आँखों में उतारते है । तुम्हारे लिए सपना , हमारे लिए हकीकत ।

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dil ka khoon

sahara liya tha meine jiska , jo tha saath mere ,
jiske liye mein thi , aur jo tha mere liye .
aaj jab peeth huyo uski taraf, uske mulayam haath panje ban gaye ,
samjha tha zulf suljhayega jo meri kabhi ,
tod di usne zanzeerein wafa ki .
pyaar tha mujhe usse , uski her baat se ,
her ada thi aankho ki tarah uski dilkash ,
teer chala diye dil per mere jitne bhi the ,
jaise bhi the uske tarkash mein.
dil ka khoon laal hota hai ,
wafa ka rang dekha nahi kabhi meine,
per be-wafayi ka bhi laal hota hai ,
beh jaati thi nadiya kabhi uski yaad mein ,
ab yaad nahi usko meri pal bhar bhi.
Waqt kerta shayad wafa , aur sunta meri sada ,
mujhse naraaz tha mera khuda ,
ya ba-khuda meine dil hi laga kkiya kaafir se ,
per agar tu hai hi aye mere khuda is duniya mein ,
to bata de kaafir kaise jeet gaya teri is ibadat per .
mein nahi jaanti ki tu kya kerta hai mere hum nafaz,
per her aayat per meine teri hi padhi hai namaaz,
aur kiye hai sajde tere hi naam ke umar bhar ,
na ja be-hairat ban ker is toote huwe dil से

सहारा लिया था मैंने जिसका , जो था साथ मेरे ,
जिसके लिए में थी , और जो था मेरे लिए ,
आज जब पीठ हवी उसकी तरफ़ , उसके मुलायम हाथ पंजे बन गए ,
समझा था जुल्फ सुल्जायेगा जो मेरी कभी ,
तोड़ दी उसने जंजीरें वफ़ा की ।
प्यार था मुझे उससे , उसकी हर बात से ,
हर अदा थी आँखों की तरह उसकी दिलकश ,
तीर चला दिए दिल पर मेरे जितने भी थे ,
जैसे भी थे उसके तरकश में ।
दिल का खून लाल होता है ,
वफ़ा का रंग देखा नही कभी मैंने ,
पर बे-वफाई का भी लाल ही होता है ,
बह जाती थी नदिया कभी उसकी याद में ,
अब याद नही उसको मेरी पल भर भी ।
वक्त करता शायद वफ़ा , और सुनता मेरी सदा ,
मुझसे नाराज़ था मेरा खुदा ,
या बा-खुदा मैंने दिल ही लगा लिया काफिर से ,
पर अगर तू है ही ए खुदा इस दुनिया में ,
तो बता दे काफिर कैसे जीत गया तेरी इस इबादत पर ।
में नही जानती की तू क्या करता है मेरे हम-नाफाज़ ,
पर हेर आयत पर मैंने तेरी ही पढ़ी है नमाज़ ,
और किए है सजदे तेरे ही नाम की उमर भर ,
ना जा बे-गैरत बन केर इस टूटे हुए दिल से ।

कहीं तो होगी ....

झिलमिलाते हुवे गगन टिमटिमाते हुए तारे , तेज़ चलते हुए इस सुनसान सी सड़क पर , शहर की टिमटिमाती चकाचौंध से दूर , उस आकाश के पास जाते हुए , कड़कती बिजली में मुझे एक तारा दिखा । पता है क्या था वोह , वोह थी एक याद , उस रात की जब हम सोये नही थे । चले जा रहे थे एक साथ आखिरी बार शायद , पर रुके रुके से कदम अपनी रफ्तार से चल रहे थे , और कहीं पर थामे तो मानो वक्त पर अपना व्यकितव्य छोड़ते चले गए । ऐसा गहरा था उस रात का एक एहसास , चाय पीने से उस सितारों भरी रात में जब हम सब रुके। मौत से एक कदम दूर खड़े उस जहाँ को चीख चीख कर, चिल्ला चिल्ला केर बोल रहे थे , की केर ले जो कुछ करना है ,पर हम नही रुकेंगे । हम चलेंगे , और हम चले । ख़ुद भगवान् की आँख जैसे हमारे जज्बे को देख केर नम हो गई होगी। एक तरफ़ थी मेरे प्रिंसी और दूरी तरफ़ । दूसरी तो कोई तरफ़ ही नही थी , हाँ नमिता थी । और नमिता और प्रिंसी के बीच में खड़ा था में , मुझे तो पहचान ही लिया होगा , दीपक और हिमांशु । कोई अन्तर है क्या हम दोनों में। मेरी टांग में था ग़ज़ब का दर्द , और उस सर्द रात में होश उदा देनी वाली हवाएं मदहोश केर रही थी। पर था सहारा मेरा अपना ख़ुद का ( हिमांशु और मेरे में कोई अन्तर नही है :) ) । इन राहो पर खड़े हम यह ही सोच रहे थे की कितना हसीं यह लम्हा है , एक बार उमर में मिले है सब । शायद थी भी वोह मेरे जाने से एक महीने पहेले की घटना जिसमें हम सब पिस गए , उस गेहूं की तरह जो पिछली दो सदी में पकी थी , सिर्फ़ इस दिन के लिए जब हम सब एक रंग हो जाएँ। बीमार प्रिंसी और बिंदास आशु , कहीं पर मस्ती से भरपूर सोमू थी तो कहीं विनम्र नमी । और यहाँ खड़ा था में , पूरी दुनिया पर राज करने के लिए । एक दीपक । कहाँ से लाऊं में वोह सब दोस्त वापस , कहाँ से लाऊं में वोह जुस्तजू , कहाँ से लाऊं में वोह दिन दिसम्बर का , कहाँ से लॉन वोह रात तारो भरी , और कहाँ मिलेंगी इतनी टूट ते तारे , कहीं तो मिलेंगे ही , तलाशा । बहुत तलाशा , इस सुनसान सड़क पर कड़कती बिजली में , और फ़िर मुस्कुरा दिया ... क्यूँ । क्यूँ नही । साथ ही तो चल रहे है मेरे यह सब। यादो में बसते है और आँखों में उतारते है । तुम्हारे लिए सपना , हमारे लिए हकीकत ।

Friday, February 20, 2009

फिसलती ज़िन्दगी

फिसलती ज़िन्दगी और गुज़रते वक्त के साथ याद आया ,
तेरा साया जिस में गुजार देते थे पूरा दिन ,
दुपट्टा बन जाता था तेरा साया सर का मेरे ,
और जुल्फ देती थी छाया मेरी छाया को ,
हाथ बन जाते थे प्यार के बंधन ,
आज जब तेज़ धुप में अकेले निकला ,
तो बहुत याद आया ।

याद आया

रात को सोते हुवे एक आहात सी सुनाई दी ,
कम्बल को ज़ोर से लपेट कर सोने की कोशिश की ,
पर मुह से एक नाम निकला और नींद खुली,
किसी ने मेंरे मुह पर पानी छिड़क दिया था ,
पर था नही कोई यह शैतानी की मेरी आँख ने ,
भाई आज रात को आँख खुली तो तू बहुत याद आया ।

कहीं पर दोस्त तेरा साथ था ,
सुबह उठ केर तेरा चेहरा दीखता था ,
रात को सोते समय भी साथ तुम ही थे ,
ज़िन्दगी का हेर पल तेरी दोस्ती के लिए था ,
आज जब ख़ुद को तनहा राह पर देखा ,
तो वोह भाई का हाथ बहुत याद आया ।

करता आया हूँ गलतिया उमर भर से ,
एक दोस्ती तेरे से की थी मैंने कभी ,
सबसे बड़ा काम भी वोह ही था और गलती भी ,
आज जब गिरता हुवा भी गलती नही कर सकता ,
तो भाई तेरा सहारा बड़ा याद आया ।

साथ खाना खाया एक उमर भर ,
और भूखा भी रहा तेरे लिए मेरी जान ,
व्रत तक रखे की जिए तू मेरी भी एक ज़िन्दगी ,
रात उठ उठ के खाना भी बनाया ,
आज जब खाना छोड़ देते है एक वक्त का
भाई तेरा व्रत बड़ा याद आया ।

खेल खेलता था तू तड़प कर साथ मेरे ,
और हरा के रख देता था सबको ऐसे ही ,
और में साथ खड़ा मुस्कुरा देता तेरी जीत पर ,
आज उस खेल में जब में बन गया एक मोहरा ,
दोस्त तेरा खेल बहुत याद आया ।

दौडाते थे सड़क पर बाइक पूरी तेज़ी से ,
किसी से कभी नही हारे उस शहर में कभी कहीं ,
और आपस में हार जीत सोची नही कभी ,
आज जब इस तनहा शहर की दौड़ में अकेले दौड़ा ,
भाई तेरी MP -13 bahut yaad aayi .

ज़मीन से आसमा तक और अपने घर से सामने वाले तक ,
एक पूरी दुनिया एक नज़र में नाप लेते थे ,
एक शहर से दूसरे पलक झपकते होते थे ,
कहीं दिल जीते तो कहीं हड्डिया तोडी ,
फ़िर कहीं पर पलकों पर ख्वाब सजा के आए ,
आज वीराने शहर में तेरी नजरो से दिल जीतना चाहा ,
तो भाई तू बहुत याद आया ।

पूरी पूरी रात निकल जाती थी एक प्याले में ,
कभी रात गुज़री है हमने ठंडी सड़को पर भी,
और कहीं एक किस्से पर दिन गुज़रता था ,
कहीं रोये भी है साथ और बताये है दिल के टुकड़े तुझे ,
आज जब दिल टुकड़े टुकड़े हो गया ,
तो भाई तू बहुत याद आया ।
यह पंक्तिया सिर्फ़ उन दो लोगो के लिए है , जो इनमे छुपी एक उमर तलाश सकते है ।
क्यूंकि आज जब तन्हाई में अपनी कमाई देखता हूँ ,
तू सिर्फ़ दोस्त ही नज़र आते है ।

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

खौफ्फ़ लगता है ...

खुदा से डरते हो तो थोड़ा और डरो ,
और नही डरते तो दोस्ती की इबादत करो ,
एक उमर बाद मिले कुछ दोस्त जो थे दोस्त से बढ़कर ,
जो रहते थे घर में कम और दिल में ज़्यादा ,
जिनके साथ पी मैंने सुबह की चाय और रात की हस्सी ,
जो न थे मेरे रिश्तेदार , ना मेरे हमदम ,
पर बन गए जो मेरे दिल की धड़कन ...
आज एक उमर गुज़र सी गई है ,
और याद नही जाती उनकी जो थे करीब दिल के ,
किसी के चेहरे की रौनक याद है , किसी की प्यारी हस्सी ,
और कोई थी ही इतनी हसीं की हसीना लगती थी ,
कोई इतनी समझ्धार की सबको लेकर चले साथ ,
तो किसी में बचपना भरा हुवा ,
कहीं तेज़ हवा का झोंका था , तो कोई मस्त मौला था ,
कोई चीनी की तरह घुल गया दोस्ती में ,
और कहीं कोई पिट भी गया प्यार में ,
कुछ तो शादी केर के निकल लिए ,
तो किसी ने तलाश लिया जीवन साथी ,
कहीं पर कोई गाना किसी की याद दिला देता है ,
तो कहीं सिनेमा का साथ है ...
पर जो बात इनमे में है वोह है नही कहीं ,
वोह रात को २ बजे चाय बनाना ,
भाई में बनाता हूँ तुम बैठो ,
और छोड़ आएगा दीपक सुबह ७ बजे ,
वोह अँगरेज़ देख के सलीम फेंकू को याद करना ,
तो कहीं अपने सैफ का स्टाइल ,
वोह न फ स के लंबे सफर ,
नही भूलती है मुझे सुबह ४ बजे की गपशप ,
न भूलती है सुबह ६ बजे खाना हल्का फुल्का खाना ,
और न ही भूलती है वोह डरावनी रात का बाना ,
तो याद है दीपक जी के घर का हवन ,
कहीं कुछ नही भूला है यह लड़का ,
जाने तू या जाने ना देखकर आया था साथ तेरे ,
और आज तक तू साथ है मेरे ,
चाहे जाने तू या जाने ना ,
कहीं ऐसा न हो की में भूल जाऊँ ,
वोह लम्बी लम्बी ई-मेल के सिलसिले ,
वोह पेट्रोल पम्प के किस्से ,
वोह सी सी दी की काफ़ी ,
और टर्मिनल की चाय ,
कहीं भूल न जाऊँ में ,
वोह लम्बी बातें , वोह लंबे सफर ,
वोह उमर से ज़्यादा घेहरी यादें ,
वोह मुझ से ज़्यादा में ....
खौफ्फ़ लगता है की कहीं भूल न जाऊँ में ,
कहीं भूल न जाए तू ...
कहीं हम भूल न जाए एक दूसरे को ...
डर लगता है दोस्त मेरे ....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ढलता दिन और तेरी याद ....

ढलते दिन में शाम होने के साथ किसी की याद आती है ,
डरते हैं नाम लेने से उसका की कहीं नज़र लगे उससे ,
चाय का सहारा था वोह मेरी जब भी पीने बुलाती थी ,
काम छोड़ के उसके पास पहुंच जाता था जिसकी याद आती है ...

दिन ढलता है आज भी , और भी शाम होती है ,
चाय भी बनती है दोस्त भी मिलते है ,
पर वोह हसी , वोह काम में फसी ,
वोह मीठी सी मुस्कराहट लिए सामने बैठी एक परी ,

अब नही मिलती
चाय के साथ शाम के बाद ...

दिन ढल रहा है , और हो रहा है वक्त पीने का ,
मचल रहा है दिल फ़िर उससे मिलने को ,
फ़िर से उमर रही है दिल में तरंगे उसके ख्याल से ,
जी उठा हूँ फ़िर में तेरे एहसास aसे ,
पूछते है मुस्कुरा के मेरे दोस्त यह अक्सर ,
क्यूँ मुस्कुरा जाता है प्याली को देखकर ,

एक प्याले चाय में जो है तेरी तस्वीर छुपी ,
शायद नही समझेंगे तेरे अक्स को जिसमे मेरी जान है बसी ....

शाम ढल रही है और हो रहा hai वक्त ,
अब जाने तुझे में याद भी हूँ की नही ,
अभी भी वोह :२२ से :५३५ से बीच का घंटा याद है ,
और बजे टर्मिनल पर चाय का कौपौन लेकर रखना ,
वोह तेरी दही पूरी भी याद है और चाय के दो तीन दौरे भी ...
और याद है मुझे वोह तेरा चाँद लम्हों पहेले जाना ,
फ़िर जल्दी में चाय पी केर बस के लिए जाना ....

लंबा वक्त हो गया शायद , पर किसी ने कुछ बताया नही ,
उमर गुज़र गई पर लगता है रूह वहीँ जम गई ,
उस्सी शाम की चाय ने केर दिया बेबस आज हमने इतना ,
की चाय का प्याला होठो तक आता तो है ,
पुराने लम्हे याद दिलाता तो है , पर नही होता नशा चाय में ,
नही होता नशा अब चाय में चाय का ,
यादो ने बेचारी चाय का वोह हक भी चीन लिया ...

याद तो हेर प्याले में हम आयेंगे ही ,
रूह छोड़ के आए है हम उन्ही वीरानो में अपनी ,
भटकी है जहाँ चाय की तलाश में दोस्त मेरी ,
मिलती है आज भी शानदार चाय उसको वहीँ पर ,
और एहसास रहता होगा कहीं पर ,
पलट के देखना दोस्त कभी ,
हम भी उस्सी प्याले में मुस्कुराते मिलेंगे .....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Accept me as I am

Accept me as I am-
I have no guarantee.
A claim to perfection I have not.
Perfect I cannot be.
I, like you.....am human.
Prone to make mistakes.
Failure is not a character flaw,
Just a part of the human makeup.
I live, I laugh and I also learn.
My knowledge is incomplete.
I am searching all the time,
in waking hours as well as sleep.
I have a long road to travel,
as well as you do.
We learn our lessons on the way.
Wisdom we shall acrue.
Accept me as I am
Because I am ....me.
And You are you.
No one like me in the world.
That is my only guarantee.

God Bless ....

PS: For those who still have not accepted me ... accept me as i am , else i will change for u ...  ... do comment if u like this crap above

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mornin i opened my eyes ...

this morning when i openned my eyes
..i could feel ur love around..
this morning when i looked up to the sky
.. i could see u in the clouds..
this morning when the breeze touched my cheeks
..i could feel ur kiss..
this morning when the wind embraced me
.. i could feel ur bliss..
this morning when my eyes were wet
.. i could feel the pain u had..
this morning when i smiled
..i could feel u being so happy n mad..
this morning when i missed you
.. i could feel that you care..
this morning when i wanted to luv u
...i wish you could be here..

(this is written by Ashu )

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Lonely Tea

Have you ever thought that preparing a cup of Tea could be painful. Worse. First time in my life , i was looking at the boiling vessel , and thinking it was me single who had to gulp it down the throat. I still miss the time when even at 1 AM i used to prepare a cup of hot boiling tea and still have friends to share. There is no Ajit to stop me drinking 10 cups of tea / day , and still go on competition for another cup  of tea. There is no more Himanshu to say No to tea, and then ask for a share in two cups though made.
lemme come back , tea is nearly going to boil. 
The sugar i have again forgotton to add. And then i will again be lazy to get one. I still remember most of the times when tea was prepared, it was Ajit to serve, and me will spill it. The kitchen here is more sophesticated , and i have to fight to make a cup of tea. But i dont like this, i like my kitchen in 1085 more. i like to drink the cup of T , but not like this. 
Tea is one thing which i associate to all of my bangalore friends, and come down with it all the memories of time. Lets remember a few of them , from the night tea , to those early morning sips. And those tea on tea on that Coorg morning. When the Tea flowed liked river Ganges .Tea is also associated to evening sips with Namita , which i remember daily @ 5 PM , and sorry girl if u sneeze at that time. 
This is most uncharacterstic post , i dont have an idea what i have penned down , the tea is over and so is my urge to write on. The Tea was wonderful as always , esp with all the memories that single cup carries with it 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A friend Wishes ....

So, guys and gals
these are the little things i wish for you
to see you through the short rainy days
that promises of bright sunny days ahead....

So, guys and gals
these are the little things i wish for you
to show you the missed stunning silverlining
that basks us in its warming glow tomorrow....

So, guys and gals
these are the little things i wish for you
to see your bright and cheerful faces
that stays so till the dawn of the new year....