Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Deserted Water

Have you ever wandered to deep forest with only two of your friends , and the forest wild than than forest that exists in the world. Have you ever got kicked in the butt , and then scolded for letting that happen. Have you met with an accident, and your friends filled the hospital room with laughter, strong enough for you to be discharged un-treated. Have you planned everything on your friend's behalf , and then done childish acts to make them follow the plan. Have you went for a coffee with your friend's friend , and then forcing them to leave their date with the girl they were aiming to date , and make them come and sit you with. Have you ever went out delibrately without telling your friends , and taking air out of the wheels so that your friend leaves office and comes home to spend time with you. Have you ever decided for a 10PM movie at 9 PM with no chance of making it to threater by 10 , and forcing your friend to miss the most ancpitated movie. Have you driven a century Kms just to have a coffee because your friend said the name by mistake. Have you ever danced in the drenching rain with your friends. Have you spent a day with a special one making everything for her. Have you burst crackers in your hand. Have u taken a full cracker under your feet because your friend accidently lit it to protect her. Have you given your jacket in chill winter to already insulated friend with a worry she might get unwell. Have you been the last one to entry the reception party of close friend , and ended up washing dishes and contenting with sweet dish. Have you planned and never followed. Have you fought over for a 50 Paise coin with the shopkeeper for 2 hours. Have you spent your birthday in your friends birthday. Have you had a group hug everyday. Have you loved the way the princly treatment you got from your friends. Have you been humble in a relationship and yet so demanding. Have you made friends feel jealous of a type of friend you are. If answer to each of this question is yes , then you must surely be one of me . 
If not , carry on. 
Have you went on overnight trips with friends , and ended on wrong side of city. Have you planned an hour and spent three each time you had a tea break. Have you smoked the life out of you , and tension out of mind. Have you drank the problems with your life directly draining them with friends. Have you been alone in crowd , yet the centre of attraction. Have you had more than single to say you as his / her best friend ( i have a count of 8 who said so ) .... Have you helped and forgot. Have you helped and fogave . Have you helped and still remember. Have you loved someone and not told her . Has someone not loved you and told you. Have you shared a chocolate fantasy n number of times. Have you dared to look up in sky and point to Hunter constellation.
There are many things we need other than above to maintain a friendship. Opening a few points for all my friends who have asked me ... Ajit , this one goes specially for you ( you always will be as special to me , for you made me believe that i am correct in approach towards my friends )
  •  Have you told all your friends they look best today , better than they looked yesterday 
  • Give and Forgive 
  • Lend a helping hand , not only to those who need , but to all your friends.
  • Assure your friends you are always there , and back it up when time comes. 
  • Never expect them to remember the help you did, its human nature for them to forget, but then a true friend would come back , and realise it later or sooner. 
  • A small conversation once a week helps to nourish and deep the roots of friendship
  • Accept the compliments as well as complaints alike from friends. With mistakes and critism we learn
  • Dont think a friend is more special than other , and never ask any in your friends circle to compare your friends. I have been through this worst phase, (though lasted 10 sec ) but i still shrug on the question. 
  • Say truth , and only truth to all your friends , or people you want to be friends with. 
  • Lies has no life , broken mirrors hurt more than missing ones. 
  • Create a alarm , and weekly calender to update them with what u do daily. 
  • Try to loop them , chat to them ,drop mails , call them conference them , ask friends to update , stay in touch 
  • TRUST ME .... make people trust you , and never break that. A broken trust is as bad as broken heart only with the difference heart can still be won back. 
And this post is titled deserted water , because i wanted to water the deserts of friends , to make us all a better person in future ... 
Comments appreciated . 


  1. I wish... I could follow all these...
    But nobdy cn b a perfect frnd lik deepak...
    Thanku Deepak for being such a friend...

    Nd thanks for pen down all these points... I'll try to follow, if not all but atleast some of them...

  2. Thanks for calling me that perfect friend, but that would be a bit more exaggaration ... anyhow i never leave the credit ... you already have most of those , and u r no less than the perfect friend .

    Next time , write full name Neha ...

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  5. wowwww!!! deepak kitnaah sochtehoN aap??
    u reali carin & lovin....urs blessed friend...ruxeeN :)

  6. hey Ruxeen .... aka cenah .. aka my beautiful eyed wide smiled long distance close heart friend .... u r above all ... miss u

  7. Have u ever been a boy n bitched like a gal ;)
    I guess u forgot dat!!
    Have u been on an auction for unrealistic things :)
    I have been..
    N d frnd who accompanied me was u..
    Way to g dude!!

  8. Yes i missed ... i have been an ear to all of many friends , and heard it all ...

  9. you know Amrita , your blogs provide more fiction than yr life story ... haaha .. yr life is more of a fiction story :) blog it

  10. u dont know what difference it makes to me when u write that.
    Really Ashu :)

  11. Yet another touching write-up !! Learnt a lot from you and going by your friendship manual here, methinks that there is still a long way to go before I can say that I am a good friend too :)

  12. lalle di jaan ... mera aur bata hai hi kya ... tum kuch dost ho , ghar wale hai , aur kya.
    Ajit its not what we are , its what we become in friendship is what it matters. You have always been very right in your approach towards friendship , per jab shift hi night mein ho to tu bhi kya kare :D :D ... tere upper next one ..

  13. Hi Alka .. did u like the post ?