Saturday, March 28, 2009

Imperfections ...

What are we today. A little less money , a little less happiness , a little less friend , a little less love, a little less sport. Is it . If you reading this and find even a single one true. Think . Once more , is it same .Yes , little less money ... dont compare yourself with anyone else. Compare it with yourself. And when you do that lets move a year back. 
Statuary warning : If your answer is no for all , Great. The article is THE END here. But if you are a little less yourself now, read on .
So little less money . How much more you wanted. Have you thought what is that figure which will make you smile. a million dollars, that is 5 crore indian rupees. What will you do then , think about it . A Big Car (get a loan dear) , a lavish house ( or home you still have) , the hunger goes on. 
Rewind Time : Go back to school days. What you had then. Nothing. Your parents or near-dear ones earned for you and you studied hard. You were happy then. What happened when you got a extra green bill for the Diwali sweets , or candy on hot summer night walking by the home. Then you did not care for these. I dont say you should not think about those things, but there is no reason to be sad if you dont have those. Plan pursposefully. Set goals , achieve them. make a backup plan. You dont become Bill Gates overnight. People tend to start late. Being happy is the the key , not being rich. Be sufficient. Still not contented.  Lets plan. 
Do you have a bank balance. If yes , then skip to happiness section. Invest the money , money makes more. The money in safe is degrading , put in fixed deposit if you have surplous. Now if you dont have, get a paper and pen out. make a future report. How much you earn , and how much you save. You will get a realistic approach of when you will have a bank balance . So plan. Dont be sad. 
A little less happiness .... What happened boss. Think of golden time when you scored a sole goal in a classroom match, of an untiring hundred in book cricket , an undefeated stretch of 15 games in Zero Katta , a win in Ludo , reaching the top in Snake n Ladder from that lucky number 21, and then getting back to 10 from number 99, think of small things. Think of friends . Think of me . We like others are always there. I might fade in light , look upto your brothers and parents. Blood is blood , and happiness is just there. We dont search for it , but just as the dark cloud would shield the sun from us , and make the day rainy, or there can be a bigger eclipse. The day appears night, dont let it stay. It will go off in a second, try not to look directly. Believe in yourself. Its a good thing to believe , to believe that you can, because when you start believing , you start planning , and start to learn and find ways. Happiness comes back in small packets in big way. When you start finding those packets , you radiate more energy than you think of . 
You know what is the best mantra of smiling. Think of friends who always were , but you left them enroute because of any reason. When you will call them , they will smile. Old friends never forget, and with them you re-live the smiles you smiled with them. Find school friends , college friends , or just friends. Think how they helped you  , and you helped them when it needed the most. think of those bunking lectures , those failed exams, those night before exams , those holis and those diwali ... now smile plz. 
Wanna read more ... gimme some time and some comments to carry on ... and when you do that , just smile