Thursday, March 26, 2009

My pillar My luck (touchwood)

when i think of her , few hair flew across her face. She put a hand towards her face and try to wave off them, but then left carelessly to fly around. I wondered it is a style statement or just to tell the world , the carefree attitude she carries, as if unpeturbed by the world around. I dont know pal , what she thinks for the world , but in this world i do think of her. Whenever i am out in big malls, and in sections of her style, i remember her. Her smiles , seeing the price tag and saying, "Areee nahi chaiye, bada mehnga hai" , or running across the mall , and getting a perfect Tee for me. Her enthusiasm and charm in each and every thing she said or do was just so undefeated. Her accent in typical punjabi style where she grew and wanted to go when finished her training. I dont know what made her get to Bangalore , but i had known it a year ago when she was to come to Bangalore that she will be a very good friend. I had shared so many things with her, like with no one else. She knows all the episode of the girl i liked, and consoled me when i was down. She was a face of life which told me to get up, cheer and start anew. She was always there (and still is) for me whenever i needed her. Most of my big plans had her in them , so originated for her , or by her. She was a dream come true friend (touchwood) anyone will cherish to have. Not only being beautiful, she is one with brains. If you happen to know flawless beauty i am talking about, then you must also know she is blessed with great personality, decency , innocence of a child and hear of gold. She will forgive ,if not forget. She tells me to go and fight in this world. She stands by my decision. She is one in a million friends. 
I wont say i am lucky to have a friend like you , but its God's grace for me to have known her. She has supported me well when one of my very close friend went out with her new found love, and when i was alone and sad. 
This girl has diagnosed many problems of mine, and i moved to BTM. I asked her if I should move in , she said yes. And without thinking a second , i went ahead. She has turned all in gold for me , my US visa was stuck , and when she was back from delhi, she said it will be done. It was. Trust me friend , i dare not say your name , many would believe you to be abstract. An angel of sorts with such qualities dont exist, and i will not disturb the illusion of those. But for those who know me , know you as a reality . I am sure you wont change , i believe in you. And as you always have done , keep my belief intact . 

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