Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hanging Bamboo

In the middle of jungle , lemme introduce the trio . 
Ajit : in the foregound. 
Himanshu: in the background
Deepak : This is not covered by Discovery , so am holding the cam.

So join me in exploring the restless minds: 
Ajit is looking up through the bamboo , as if trying to ask God if he can talk to him from the tunnel or is he trying to figure out how deep is bamboo. He just like me and you have read bamboo grow  from the ground. How come this one is hanging from top. Look around all bamboo on ground. 
This one had a peg of whiskey or what , that take it to the top of the world. No , no. Oh My God , this one is hanging himself . 
Himanshu is still not sure why is he wondering , but we possibly know. the pressure ... of thinking hard forces body fluids out. He is looking for space. And Ajit is looking for a bamboo. 
So is that it ... i doubt . Let us have a look a moment later : 

Ajit is trying all his forces to save the bamboo from committing sucide, but nothing it seems can save the bamboo. Himanshu is still wondering in the woods. There are a few other bamboo there , and i think he is trying to figure out a bamboo for himself. Ajit has just claimed a bamboo. If you happen to go there , you will find Ajit embedded on it ...
I want to write a bit more .. but i will stop here. This is one of my most senseless post , but i will make it more senseless by adding another paragraph :So finally i was caught conspiring , and both decided it was time for me to go down the earth. The bamboo was gifted to me , and just after the pic i slipped down in a painful position , while holding the bamboo as the flag before surrender .
There are more random pics and more useless senseless posts coming up soon :) 

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