Friday, May 29, 2009

Decision Maker - MSN Bing

MSN brings to you a search engine , oops , i should say a decision maker. One decision maker that will enable you to have a wonderful navigation experience across the world wide internet. The distances across geographies dwindling, and when we need to search for valid results for the query, Bing claims to provide authenticate results. Cheaper flight tickets, easy to schedule the trips and above all, group the results , not by popularity but by utility. It will then serve as Yellow Pages of internet, wherein it helps you get the correct result. 
The decision Maker Engine as it is being marketed , aims to help you decide. It will group the search results in the order it feels will be logical. A camera search will help you locate chear camera with most cashback options , a resturant ticket helps you with the map and directions, helps you with questions which might have multiple answers. 
Few Questions that come out : 
1. what happens in case of query result having similar results. 
2. Will it give more preference to an advertised result 
3. Will the search engine algo not decoded by the ever growing sharp site master and organisations such as godaddy.
4. Is it Bullet Proof , and servers stable.
5. Will it also use something like PageRank to rank the websites , and then decide the utility based on any such computation

If the results are based on matrix, and then it might just give an edge to other websites to utilize the weakpoints. If today i want to search Google for specific files as .doc or .ppt or even .pdf , I can customise the search results. You may find one of such customised google search here at . But will I be able to do the same thing with Bing. 

The other disadvantage i see with Bing is themes it might come up with , slowing it down. The screen looks fully filled with no space to navigate. Though navigation friendly, but full. 

We can just wait and watch if this Bing pings in our life or dies out silently. 


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