Friday, May 29, 2009

MSN Bing

Ever Wondered what could be next age Search. google redefined the art of search, starting with a very simple concept, and to become the market leader. One thing that made it overtake the Gates lecacy or will it. Nothing is forever, and so this should also not be. google has come up with many innovative ideas, the blackle , energy reserving search, and many other similar things. There were many other search engines like alta vista who were able to get to the market, but google had sprinted out of the reach of the normal seach engines. Even Live Search was unable to stop google, and there were many reasons it was not successful. 

Live search was at par, if not better , than google search, but the speed of search, the rank algorithm and other factors kept the competition at bay. Msn would load with itself a whole lot of other things which many would not prefer in this fast paced world. I want to seach for deepakg83 or his blogs , i would certaintly fail. 

Try searching for http://deepakg83.blogspot on yahoo search, and it fails to find the site. What more depths you need to remember a website.Well, the things will change. The better and more efficient takes over. The leader is not forever. But there can be someone ruling for a long time that redefines the way the world goes. 

Looking up in the initial preview of the Bing , it certainly offers me more than i think would make it popular. Search for flight tickets between two dates, it would search inside the websites to find you the results, search for a movie and it will give you not only the tickets, but also the movie halls and multiplexes where this movie can be screened. It takes you directly to the booking seat of the movie you want, or to the consultant in case you just have not used 911. With the local regional support, MicroSoft Network  Bing ( MSN Bing as i say it) , seems to take many things in account and then go directly in giving google a tough stand. 

Points where Bing need to worry more : 

1. The search engine algo, to set the things correct. With a huge number of websites, of expired domains, of the blogspots , indexing will not be easy, and there needs to be a very strong way to beat google.

2. The way it searched for images, video clips and other formats need to be tested.

3. The performance testing when millions of users use it, and many of them concurrently access it many tabs in the same browser, and many browsers in the same window.

Along the Bing would come another security threat, the threat of my DATA being exposed. It will take me directly to the consultant, and thus breaking one level of security. SQL injections need to be taken care of more precisely.

When i see Orkut today, i see many friend requests coming up daily, and i see many accounts getting hacked. The share of market which MSN has today is immense, with Outlook still being a premier choice to many hundreds. MSN Bing can either take everything in MS stride or let it fall apart, making the way a bit more difficult to the MS in near future. Anyhow I see , as of now , Bing is coming , and is here to stay.

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