Friday, June 12, 2009

Personalised Email - Cheap and Secure

Well , how many reading this article here have a personalised email account. I have , it is called
Is it personal. Do you think it is. Is is google mail account for you, the day google fails (God forbid it does not, but in case it does) , your mail id will probably be void, and all your mails would stand deleted.
This is not the only reason to have a private email account , there is one most severe reason for you to pay up a small amount to maintain your mail account, and that is PRIVACY.
Have a look at the screenshot from a typical gmail account, there are 3 ovals. Look at these ovals, if you are able to read those , these links actually tell me how insecured my data is. It reads what is there in the email, finds the advertisement related to the content and post it. So much so that i have stopped using gmail for any sensitive mail.
This fact is known by one and many in the industry, if u look in yahoo mail , you will also see image ads

Personalised Email will not only give an identity which you want to be yours forever. Like , it also looks more professional and assures the sender the data is safe.
If you are in a business or in IT field , you really don't want someone to come and ask you about the security threat your mail ID has, if you have your personalised email .
Now the cost factor:
If you opt for a personal mail id from any other site other than , then it comes ideally for 8.99$/year, but if you buy an entire website from me , it comes for free. Now what would an entire website cost, it costs just 1.99$ /year for info domains and 7.49$/yr for .com domains. What else, you get your own domain name , a personalised email ( 1 GB Space, spam free , ad free ) and 1 personal blog. Along with this , you get 1 GB shared space for hosting your website , for free.

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