Thursday, June 11, 2009

Web Identity

Lets see what is web identity. If you are reading this article i assume you are well aware of what a search engine is , in case you are not, Search engine is web portal designed to search through millions of available web pages to provide you with the information required.
Have you ever typed your name in google and tried to look out for yourself, or have you known a friend having a personal website and his personal email. Have you ever wondered why is it necessary, or why should one go for it. After all gmail , yahoo mail and other mail services also provide you with an email facility (though it comes with risk of your data and sensitive information spilling all over the net), i will tell you how and why I say like that, later.
So getting a gmail id , a yahoo id , an orkut id , facebook or twitter account takes your identity directly on the web, it helps to console that you are on web, but that is you are connected to another identity. Its not your identity, afterall. And how much it costs you to have a web identity, anywhere from 2$ to 10$, depending on the domain you wanna choose.
If you consider on a flat note , a dinner for two would be more expensive than your personal website. Your home address on the internet, come on . Tell the world you exist , as I do.
I always wanted to be something like or , but i was late in getting a name. I had to take a name as , but then there was something in the world which had to offer me, it was my name domain. It just gives me immense pleasure to have a website of my name. Surely you can also have one for you , and very cheaply, as low as 2$ , and its really very simple to set it up and maintain it, as it will be just a few html pages.
I have my own company ( for selling domain names to people who wanna have a web identity, for no profit , and that these people can not only have a web identity , but can earn also from what they own.
And earning from the websites is not an expensive thing to do, even though slow,but steady. And well directed efforts can get you hundreds or probably thousands of dollars a month , once you start and in full flow. Tips to it follows next.
Before I wind up, there is an easy way to get yourself up and going on the internet, now and forever , for as low as 1.99$ , with a personalised email (which ideally comes for 8.99$ /yr), a personal blog , and a shared server space for hosting 1 GB ( which generally range from 4$ to 70$ a month) ... all up and free for registering a domain name at

Why Should I sell a business idea for no profit ?
Well , its simple , I do it as my social responsibility. But once you take part in my plan to get all indiviuals a personal domain name, I expect few things from you, other than the money you pay to purchase the website (at no profit no loss basis to me )
  1. Tell your friends about the usefulness of having a web identity
  2. If you are able to earn , which ideally you should be , then help others also learn. If i will guide you how to get started to make money , I surely would like you to tell others also, so that they can also earn.
  3. Try to get a few friends to get started, like those who dont know basics of HTML , help them. A small effort will bring a big smile on many faces , and a bigger satisfaction on your end.
Next in series -- importance of personalised Email

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