Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dont Mind Its 13

its been a long , longer time when i was introduced to this deadly combo of 13th the friday, its like its a belief that will not affect you until you believe in it. But for some reason , this 13 has stuck to me as my shadow. Well shadow leaves me at dark hour but this does not. I does not really believe in it, but each thing happens on this date, at this time, at this hour.
I dont have a ticket , i forgot to show pass, i over ran an ant, slept an hour late, didnt wake up, forgot to polish shoes, code does not work , friends didnt call , leg broke, back pain came back , suffered a stroke after 8 months, not got a call , missed the one important, lost another , didnt find courage to hold losing one, didnt have strength to explain i was not wrong in a right junction, but let go its 13th. I used to be hyster about the number, so pathetic and miserable that it rendered me helpless, and more helpless than i ever can be. The power vested in few numbers can just be majestic, may be plunderous, but disasterous. Those who believe, respect it, those who do not, regret it.
Me , forget it. Its more of a companion now. I love his company, but dont mess with it. you got 30 other days to play around, dont atleast mess with me on 13th , not because i can stand it, but because i will be able to forgive you for what you did on 13th, cause i know its not you but 13th who plays with me. Play around till 13th is your friend, i have still not made complete friends with the monster but i am pretty sure i will do it sooner than expected. And trust me , winner i will be ... as now .. always forever

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