Sunday, August 16, 2009

Psycho Prepare

Enough of a gemini life, and the most important of it is being water. Live life like water, when you blend in vessel as it is , mix with all in each proportion and when fire rises high , drowse it down. Being gemini says being water, multi faced. This takes no less than a psycho to be smiling in worst of times, wading off each debris thrown at character with the broadest weapon , smile. How satisfying is it when someone tries over and again to get you down, and you smile back. There is no harm in being a psycho, if thinking of it makes you smile. How well can you tame down a worst situation tells about your character. Let me guess my age, all a kid of 26. My qualification , BTECH. Left home a long time back in search of job , leading a nomadic life. As lived in clans in Mysore, stone shelter in Bangalore , all famous Pune and cities to name wont end. I lived alone, with weekly changing roomates, to permanent friends. I have faced most frightening heart break, and broken bones lonely, cooked myself, stayed to me, and found ways to tell Gods that its not you who care, I care for myself.
Again the times have come , again i am in same mode. Again i went to temple to tell him that lets prepare for another battle , battle of titans. If its you who have called me in here, and if its you who are in alien land as me, we will go in for duel. I will not let go to India, because there i know you hold advantage. Lets play here in US of A for sometime. I know you very well. You have a thousand responsibilites, and much more busy than i am. and that is why I have more time than you, but deep in my heart i know you care. If it was all for me to worship you, i possibly will not, not because you gave so much, not because you didnt take that much, but because i dont consider you God. It s written in plain white blog , you are no longer a God , but a friend. You exist all over, i am you and if that is true, tell me if I am right.
I am mature enough to decide whats right and whats not, tell me if I pursue my dreams myself or submit to the worldly desires. The world is not that Java , PHP , or .NET , neither a set of websites. It is just a collection of years that add to the age as we grow more stupid, more egiostic and worst, bigger.
The age then tells us we are more mature than people younger than what we are, and end up being much bigger fools than our age. We talk to like minded, and communicate as what we think is correct, not sure. Its always well said, Free Advise is harmless, until you act on it. I know so many people who would advise the entire world what to do and what not to, but they themselves will never follow it up. Many of the problems they see in each other person's life is exactly the problem they suffer from. Raising a finger leaves 4 on your side, so that will make me more psycho to say so.
A psycho now is preparing for another battle with the alien world, with the God , with the job, and above all with himself. To tell himself that he is not better than what he thinks himself of , and he should bear a little more. A little more of time is what is needed, but is this not the thing that never is. A little more time , is so much like Tomorrow , never comes. We have the moment now, the money , advise, suggestions and useless hatred will pour in as always and come with time, which never will come in itself.
DONT WAIT to chase your dreams, walk towards them, take a bigger step, a bit more faster, run and run hard to get it deep down in you till you make your dream a part of you, and dream again. Listen to all but do of heart, dont think what the world will say, who damn cares. No one says to you when not good, so let them be shut when you go in for a chance. Maximum is what will be not a successful attempt , again , bear. Stand up, and run again. Be alike, when anvil bear, when hammer strike. Prepare as a psycho, behave as a dumb , stay low and win as a winner.

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