Monday, August 17, 2009

The Urge ...

Its an urge , to be the BEST. The better than anyone else ever, not for you, neither for me, but for all. An urge not to be just another, a desire to be perfect , a knit to be strong, and a zeal to excel. A zenith looked upon, a shinning titan, the most luminous Deepak, and the majestic stride towards being the best in the place where experts galore, and humane exist. To live the life as supposed to be, a healthy, ever smiling, and acronym of what most would refer to be THE Life to live. Not the one to show anyone , but the one which radiates. The light is possibly the lightest thing in the world, an invisible refraction which makes everything else visible. I urge to be the light, and as my name would bring me an inch closer towards becoming the One, the hurdles are strong. A silent sea does not make a sound sailor, a smooth path does not make a perfect climber, and a career ridden without failures wont bring along learnings. Career like life, like relationships is a mysterious combination of ifs and buts , and the timing of each of them. If she loves me now, if i lose the job now, if she goes away , if the company fires me ... the life is as easy as you can think , and as complex as you can make it to be. Have you ever tried to play with strings, more you play , more you want to play ,and a small mistake integrates over the length. Let say you use earphones and have to hurridly keep it back in a bag or wallet or purse, and next time the jigsaw it is. Same is with life, and i urge to keep it simple.
The urge exists deep in me, in each breath i take, and in each form i play to excel, to be recognised, and above all to be looked upon. Dont let this urge to start and end with me, I hope you get my urge to be the best , and then look back in you and find the answer to what you urge for.


  1. Wow, that was a really good post...well written & thought through...Thank you for visiting my space!

  2. pooja ... i liked what u write . Never got any connection .