Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An hour in Darkness

This is 1st day of Sept and its all dark and black. An eclipse over everything , google mail is down. and what can you do about it , if you dont have a back up. all mails are pouring in gmail , some life saving, some time pass. And top it , we have so many things up there , that i am scared to death thinking if the account is being hacked. I have trust in google. But why should it be always. Google Mail has been best, but then so was Google search engine. So was Google chat, but MSN BING (ref: and yahoo search combined to eat up search share, facebook ate up chatter boxes and the timely failure of gmail lead all to twitter. The world is so interconnected. Hotmail took up all , then yahoo with private chat rooms, then gmail with embedded chat and now , its facebook with social networking chat and twitter to inform all the friends. Do you Tweet. In this fast paced world , when the world never sleeps, then a trip was not expected , and without a warning , never. I just hope my mails are fine in there, and so is my data. The next thing is to get all my stuff on my personal web mail address , and just in case you need a personal web email of your name, which is more safe than gmail, feel free to ask me. I will help you.
But this hour has not only left me hitting Refresh more than frequently, it also has scared me with one think .. what is Google is no more ...

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