Friday, January 9, 2009

The Lonely Tea

Have you ever thought that preparing a cup of Tea could be painful. Worse. First time in my life , i was looking at the boiling vessel , and thinking it was me single who had to gulp it down the throat. I still miss the time when even at 1 AM i used to prepare a cup of hot boiling tea and still have friends to share. There is no Ajit to stop me drinking 10 cups of tea / day , and still go on competition for another cup  of tea. There is no more Himanshu to say No to tea, and then ask for a share in two cups though made.
lemme come back , tea is nearly going to boil. 
The sugar i have again forgotton to add. And then i will again be lazy to get one. I still remember most of the times when tea was prepared, it was Ajit to serve, and me will spill it. The kitchen here is more sophesticated , and i have to fight to make a cup of tea. But i dont like this, i like my kitchen in 1085 more. i like to drink the cup of T , but not like this. 
Tea is one thing which i associate to all of my bangalore friends, and come down with it all the memories of time. Lets remember a few of them , from the night tea , to those early morning sips. And those tea on tea on that Coorg morning. When the Tea flowed liked river Ganges .Tea is also associated to evening sips with Namita , which i remember daily @ 5 PM , and sorry girl if u sneeze at that time. 
This is most uncharacterstic post , i dont have an idea what i have penned down , the tea is over and so is my urge to write on. The Tea was wonderful as always , esp with all the memories that single cup carries with it