Friday, March 20, 2009

The Gardener

I really dont remember if i was born in someone five star hotel or with a silver spoon in my mouth. But i do remember that at each and every stage in my life , i have been bestowed upon with love , care and sacrifice showered upon me with really no return. What i say here might not be in context, and as my nature is i will be losing the track mid way for sure. But i now know the track , and i know the theme of this feeling . 
I really dont know how was i born , but i remember i grew up talking, and my parents listening to my teachers for not teaching me how to be quiet. What the hell teachers were supposed to do. Well , i kept on speaking more ,and more , and to a point when i started making friends. Each new friend would bring a new fairytale , and each going off embossing a big EXPERIENCE in my life. You know why when a girlfriend leaves a person m he calls her EX, it means Experience. We grow by it. I too have . I understand love , and i understand friendship. I understand the very basics of a complex life are too very simple. A balanced diet is not green vegetables and following a strict plan , it is when in a diet , you mix the play , the laughter , the smiles and above all happiness. A cup of tea has always been my trademark for making a mark , and so are smiles. I stick to a very basic principle in life , give and forgive. you have to understand the very healty things in life are just for free , but for those who can afford. Not everything that is free can be afforded , or appreciated. 
Free !!!! this term strikes gold. Appreciate something that someone does for you. Always !!! because this world is round , and so is life. I dont believe in God , the gardener. but i do believe what we do in life comes back. If i am bad today , and selfish , and try to do something immoral, it will go recorded in my history. Then 10 years later when i have changed , and i become good, something bad happens. I fail to understand why this is happening , and start cursing the God. Why did i not curse him for punishing me then and there when i made a mistake, when i forget to tell the person Thank You , when i took all the help from a single person , and still not appreciate it. 
Trust me , there can be no bigger sin than not to appreciate the selfless help. And as me , i try my best for others to have a share in it. I have had friends who have been reluctant , very selfish , and ignoring me. What does it makes out. I  come out stronger. i give them more than they can ignore. i creep in the lives and stay there . i rarely make friends ( contrary to basic understanding ,but true), but once i have them , its my responsibility. I try to stretch limits , i fail sometimes. i try to make them smile , i annoy sometimes. i am not the best , i may be the worst , but my friends are best for me. Having said that , i have tried my real best to understand the nature of ppl who take help and not appreciate. Its not deep in history. Its deepak gupta of 05 , deepak gupta05 to be precise. 
Lalit used to do a lot of consessions for me , so was Harish ...thanks chap to help me out then
Then there was VAS VB , Hrishi , Aarthy did it for me ... u guys rocked 
VAS VB again .. hemant , gaurav , anurag and above all my SPM Basava.. . i was only non working full timepass member then 
IP - Kruti rocked . Maya was good . Anshu stayed back so many times ... 
Airbus - Preetham ,Nihar  -- solved my queries 
MEW --- Mani all the way. A man of stature. This is most selfless man , simple as it is and best in terms of team leader. appreciate u through out Mani .
The Gardener sees all of us , and as such knows when to strike, and he will strike hard. He gives you a few chances , a few more hours , maybe months or years . decades ... dont be blinded ... you have not fooled him , he will strike. 
Fear the God ... Fear him as much as u can and before anything else happens ... level the scores... 
dont say me tomorrow i did not warn you ...