Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FaceBook Net Working .... not Working

Its been a while i opened the Facebook account, just because I wanted to check out which is latest buzz in market going to give competition to google's orkut , which was one of the first social networking site. The People using Facebook overgrew those using Orkut, mostly due to the apps it supported. Over a period of time , FB started showing Ad posts, and even asking people to join it ( at a price). Then the greed grew.
Few apps started pouring in , Mafia Wars , Who Loves You, Most Romantic , Your Favourite Cookie, and it went bersek with lot of 18+ apps also coming in , without security check. It asks for a simple permission to use your and your contact details to access the application , and we innocently say "Yes"
YES , we can say for our accounts, why the hell should it get the account details for people of my family or my friends. But then , there are millions of accounts , and most of our details are out to the advertisers who keep on monitoring our movements , even though we have no clue we are sitting on the other side of Two Way Mirror. Well , thats not enough , this is not the end of evolution as you might say
Privacy is at stake. If one person is tagged to a photo in some other world, all his friends can access the entire album in which he was tagged, whether or not the person who tagged the friend want them to see them or not.
Wait , its the last one , and possibly the most frustrating one , the live feed. This live feed gets details of all the friends , and all the activities of all the friends over all the medium. An ideal person with 50 odd friends ( u expect this number to reach in social networking) , will be seeing updates of his 49 friends multiplied by number of friends each of his friend has. His status , comments and all other things disappearing in the process. Also getting on the screen the people or the matter he does not desire to watch. There is a reason this person has 50 friends , and not 51, may be he does not want the 51st friend , but he can see his /her updates and other way round.
Facebook , this is socially notworking ...