Friday, December 24, 2010

The Boring YouTube

Ever since the concept of online webcast of movies , television serials and other media has hit the market, new companies have cropped up to take the advantage. Latest is the netflix , but then YouTube is probably the most popular. The reason, its free. Is it. There are so many reason of late , I have stopped appreciating the content on Youtube, even though it boasts of new features as themes and HD quality.
There are absolutely no genuine work available, most of the things I want to listen to are under copyright details. My friend in India can watch the same clip which I can not. If you are able to find a video worth watching, it comes starts with a mandatory advertisement. Top it of, there is an advertisement always playing in bottom of the screen.
I would have imagined youtube to make a big name, but its not. A popular song search results with everything but the original song / artist. There are thousands of crap results. People singing in most unbearable voices have it up the result list.
Google needs to come up with a better method to make me stick to it. Else there will be a big following of people , right out of youtube. Just like what happened to Orkut, will happen to Youtube , and you never know , to gmail itself too. High time Google searches its success mantra, or may be it gets binged.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

happy budday Sanjana

Diye jo wishes tujhe
woh tere budday per
hazaro khawhishein
poori karein teri 

sawera jab hoye ,
to phool mile tujhe 
jo raat aayi to
sitaare kadamo mein .... 

Koyi nagma aaj goonja
ki kab duniya mein
yeh tu aayi
kahin chatki kali koyi
main yeh samjha, tu muskai,
koyi candle kahin boojhi,
laga huwi cake cutting ...

Likhe jo khat tujhe...

Fiza rangeen, adaa rangeen
yeh ithlaana, yeh sharmaana
yeh angdhaayi, Yeh tanhaayi
yeh tarsa kar, chale jaana
bana de ga nahi kisko
jawaan jadoo yeh deewana

Diye jo Wishes Tujhe .... 

jahan budday hai, wahan masti hai
mere dil ki yeh wishes hai 
mauj masti ka jo aalaam hai 
main pyaasa hoon mujhe treat do 
teri duniya ke sab nazare jo
kabhi soche ho woh ab sach ho

Fir se ...

It has been years I started to write. The blog itself is years old, and for each time I want to believe that world is a better place to live in , I find waking up to news of bomb blasts. What is the deal. Where is the pleasure. Where is weakening economy. Where is terror. It has become a habit, More than

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friends .... more than friends is you

Friends, are people who are there. Friends are those who help us in bad times , who land us in bad times , who cry with us, sometimes make us cry

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where to Investment

I have always read in all the books all the times, money makes more money. But how. You don't keep money in a locker, and it grows. But you can keep a ton of gold in your locker and it may grow. But to do something , you will need to use your money well. You don't need to invest. You need to invest wisely. But invest, where ?
I have been thinking of it for a few months now. Studying the stocks , the markets , the different metals , and even the website market. I went to extent to find out how will the app store work. The conclusion :
1. Gold : Investment in gold can be done at any given point. But there are speculations the prices of gold will go down with weakening dollar. Google the gold reports for last 10 years, Gold stands strong. The prices may vary over a month span , but look year on year, gold is sure winner. Gold will fetch returns but not sky rocket initially. Say , i buy gold worth $1000.00 , and in next 2 months it reach a level $2500. Now when i sell the Gold, i make a flat profit of 150%, but if i want to reinvest , i will have to purchase it at price in market which will always be either  2500 or greater. Means , then i will be incurring a loss on me. Or then , i will buy $100000 worth gold and sell it again. This cant go on long term at short term basis, you will end up losing more money than making it
2. Stocks : we all have GOOD friends who are doing good in stocks. Don't jump into stock business holding his finger. Start experimenting. Put in a little money and keep yourself updated with the news. If Lehman brothers can crash , dont believe Google or Apple wont. Nothing is forever. Invest in one and make money , invest but diversify. Remember it eats up lots of your energy to keep a track of stocks
3. Websites : Now this is utter nonsense , as many of my friends reading this will say. How many readers we have on laptop. What percentage population of software engineers read news , blogs , facebook or play games. What limits the future kids. You can take an eye off but the future generations won't. The technologies will keep on evolving, we still have a scope for a billion more website names, but will be exhausted by good ones. One of my friends , stocked up a a good quantity of names (from and ended up selling it for good amount over leading online auction site. That is an option to go for when you have less money to risk and anticipating the future. Not an option for all people.

Where to invest now :)

Build up

As it happens , so it did. The life took as expected an unexpected path to redefine my marital status. It was all set , the wedding place booked, the invitations nearly ready, gifts purchased

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jab We Met

Boy meets girl in a coffee shop and a saga begins. "Ek nazar mein bhi pyar hota hai, maine suna hai" - seems to be coming true.

Its almost a year since we met, but its seems like it was yesterday. Every word of our conversation is fresh in our minds. It felt like "Na jaane kyun, hota hai ye zindagi ke saath, Achanak ye mann, kisike jaane ke baad, kare phir uski yaad, chhoti chhoti si baat".

One look into Anshu's majestic eyes told me "She is the one for me". "Is jahan ki nahi hai tumhari aankhein, Asmaan se yeh kisne utari aankhein".

But nothing was set in stone and with Anshu's India trip, things slowed down. Deepak's calls in India, kept some flame ignited. It felt like there was a connection.

Anshu's return to the country, felt like "Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, Tou saari kayanath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai". There our lives took a new turn and we broke the news to our families. Aag dono taraf barabar lagi thi and Apr 10th, 2010 ko aap sabne milke humein hamari chahat se mila diya". Thank you ! "Kitne hi door door hon, hum donon ke raaste, Mil jaate hain jo bane, ek duje ke vaaste. Ek duje ke vaaste" !!

Now its feels like "Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi, Yunhi nahi dil lubhata koi" and "Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye, kismat pe aaye na yakin".

Finally, "Mere haath mein tera haath ho, Saari jannatein mere saath ho,
Tu jo paas ho, phir kya yeh jahaan, Tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa" !!! 

-- In own words by Anshu , and one of the best things to be posted on this blog ...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Deepak Gupta, works as a security consultant with Wells Fargo. His hobbies are writing blogs , making websites, poems and drawing images. He has been innovative making a lot of projects in his engineering career. He jump started his career with Infosys. He works with Wells Fargo , SF.
What his friends think of him can be seen from this poem :

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Saint Who Drank .....

Its a time when not many are looking forward to have a religious life, may be a bit more on the spiritual side. But this does not still negate the need of having a connection to the God, or to the inner self. Can I term it as a connection to the spirit as being spiritual. Lets not do it now. Lets assume we want to get spiritual, and we have different ways to do it. We tend to imagine the power rays in the world universe to concentrate and do it back in the backyard of immense energy that our soul possesses. We have estimated that an average brain uses only 7% of what is is capable of, and still we know so much, or assume we do. Same is the case with spiritualism. Each one has his own interpretation, each one of us is right, because its one's own belief. Its not something that comes out from an idol or sky or dead sea, its the devotion one has. To blindly listen to few speeches on spirituality, after listening to few great saints, and integrating that thought to extent that one knows more than universe is wrong. Its alarming infact. Many would not like htis article teaching others as to how to get the things going, but I have myself seen people trying to do a particular yoga to get best wavelengths out of u.What would have happened if humans had wings , then we must be looking deep in earth and praying. Why we often look up and pray, is trying to connect God in sky. Is he really that far. Is he not with you, if he is to exist.
The God is pure, he can just do nothing wrong. He does not steal in childhood, he does not has any element of jealousy , he does no felony, all his actions are marked pure since he is God and must be doing for a good cause. I happen to stumble on saints in India, few of them had hookah with them, and few drink bhang (the drink of lord). Then there are other ways of getting intoxicated and reaching out to God, the lord above . Have you ever met a person who says he can connect to God , ask him if he is pure. Why do i see people connecting to God, getting them intoxicated in a way , like smoking something or drinking. Is it the God's way. Probably not. Its a way to connect to yourself. You always know whats good and whats not, but you dont have courage to do it. Sometimes you might need it, but you may not. Most saints who dont have any fear are often found in serene white silence, speaking less often, trying to connect to themselves (they themselves might term it connecting to superpower above). The fact is our mind and our human body are a combined energy power house,  too difficult to cope with if let it go free. People who are able to exceed the limits of normal brain usage are not too hard to find. They might not be successful like CEO of company or creator of social networking website. That is just an idea that worked, the whole idea of using brain power to predict and mould the life for better society is the spiritual self.
Once you have reached to a level where you can see not you but the world world at center, you will not be the saint who drank .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tell me

tell me i cant do it , and i will prove u wrong ... tell me u can also do it, i will help u ... tell me we both cant do it, i will make u believe we can do it ... tell me there is no tomorrow, and i can tell you its already next day in India , when i am still a date behind in here .... so dont think where u r , think what you want to do. Dont think how you landed here, think how you can use this place to be launchpad for future. Don't be contented when a goal is reached, use it as inspiration for next level.  Dont think you have struggled to reach this place, think you will glide on from here. Smoking to get rid of tension, it will smoke you out of life, don't think about me next time you smoke. Think of your loved ones. If you do that, remember you can for rest of your life boast about it. Tell me you can do it. Gained a lot of weight, easy eating hard getting rid of it. Eat less , exercise more, dont count calories. Tell yourself you can do it. there is no more motivation than self motivation. Tell me you can do it.
the path is hard , the life is harder. To win over the world is a challenge, to win over loved ones should be a passion, and to win over onself the aim. Tell me you can do it, and if you are not sure, stand with me , and we will do it .
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dictionary you should carry

Throughout my life I have grown up learning new words from so many languages. New and glorious words, but few words were easy to learn, and hard to implement. I now understand, we all have our own dictionaries. I used to laugh when I read the statement, "I dont have impossible in my dictionary", and replied it with, "Brother, someone gave you a sub standard one", or "you need to learn how to read it".
I realize its time now when we need to know how to really read that dictionary. The words we should carry with us most of the times, and words we should just forget as aging process of a human brain should be re-defined. I can't tell for sure what words are needed for one particular person, few things are clear. Words like hatred, jealousy, terrorism and dis-respect should be shunned.Words like friendship, trust , respect , understanding, mutual prosper and victory for all be promoted

Angered ... destruction .... calmness

how many times do you lose your temper. The more you lose it , more it is considered bad by people around us. Is it really that bad, if it is , does it result in materialistic lost, intellectual loss or just emotional loss. Do you want to control it and it then builds up in you. The high pace of life gets us off the foot and we tend to believe that life is meant to be so complicated, or so hectic. We chose it to be so. We made it so. We ourselves did it. We are responsible for overlooking the time we have. We can do wonders if we want . There will be a thousand relevant articles on how to be calm, what to eat , the calming down techniques , count 1 to 10 , read the sky , count stars and some more. I am least intersted in those. Nor am I going to advise on how to get out of it. A thought is pondering to be shared, a word from the heavens above in my brain to be transpired on.
Anger and Temper leads to destruction, a mandatory thing to happen in life. If everything today is as is goes into tomorrow and does that for years, the Earth will be full of junk , and so many things which we might not appreciate. We keep a piece of wood for emotional value, we might not really have any use for it now or ever, but still hold to it. Emotions have a place higher in life than we anticipate, but then there is always a logical end to it. You cant avoid them, but you can always find a way to work with them. We all are bound to be error prone, not only the one we initiate. An emotional outbreak might result in very logical discussions, often marred by issues we face in everyday life but not talked about in general. The best way to deal with them is to think what will happen if you are not angry. What will happen if you keep on smiling, and set everything fine. These pity things dont count in long life, but we can surely have angry words up for each furious word hurled at us, and same situation can become lifelong reason for not talking.
If you feel reading this was waste of time, and you are as angry as you can be, cool down. Think for two minutes, there is lot more junk we read and see. If you have cooled down, you can add yourself as a friend on right side , and still leave a comment . Anything is appreciated.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

17 mile Drive

Monterey bay

It has been a dream too long to have a room by side of ocean, a beach just a few feet away and sleep in the sound of water. Go down the beautiful beach, listen to the music of water , watch the waves crash into each other and crumble to the madness of luxury entire sea has to offer, then go down and try to reach the farthest land it can , and still not touch the point it desires.
Monterey is 70 miles from Fremont, and is famous for its fishery and the coastline. More important , it is just an hour drive from Fremont. So all bags set and packed to go there.
Destination : Best Western Beach Resort , Monterey
Partners in crime: Me, Anshu , Vaishu , Vikram
The Car : Brand New Infiniti G 37 (touchwood)

We started off as usual in the lazy manner, with the target leaving time as 930 AM, we barely made out of bed by that time. We hit the road as late as 11:15 PM , and encountered heavy traffic. The initial drive to Big Sur was cut short by heavy traffic , and we decided to check in the hotel first. We got the room at 2:15 PM and drove directly to big sur, even without unloading. We did have a slice of food while waiting for the room keys. Big Sur.  The name "Big Sur" is derived from the original Spanish-language "el sur grande", meaning "the big south", or from "el país grande del sur", "the big country of the south".
The first point we crossed was bixby Creek Bridge, and we stopped for a couple of shots of the famous bridge. The entire drive was scenic and awesome for anyone who loves Sea. Different shades of water could be found nearly everywhere from lighest shade of blue to the darkest of green. The underwater life along with possible white sand and rocks gave it a majestic look. What looked from a distance was silent sea, protesting violently at the shore. And we moved on the final destination Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We took a short trail to the national park which had one of the smallest but most popular waterfall I have seen, and possibly the only one not to have public access. It seems amazing how the supply of water in that tiny waterfall has persisted over the years.
 We then had a small photo session here and there, and planned to go either for 17 mile drive or Fisherman Wharf in Monterey enroute to Best Western Resort. The sunlight prompted us to go directly to the resort, for that majestic sunset we might just be able to watch. The decision worked perfectly fine as we were able to witness the majestic sunset. I had earlier seen Sunrise in Nandi Hills , and missed the opportunity to see famous Darjeeling sunrise in 2002 (still repenting it ), but this was not to be missed. captured the sun naked hand , and tried to stop it , but it just did not. I came to know one more thing, they lied. All those poets who claimed sun goes in sea lied. I was by the bay , the Pacific Ocean, and it still went behind the hills on the side. The pace it went down with made us wonder, is Earth rotating really that fast, or we were just so majestically enthralled in the experience that the time just flew by.
As it went down, all partners in crime just got few mice running in stomach, we have been traveling whole day with skipped meals, the small place had whole lot of options. You name the cuisine and it had it, from cheap to most expensive. We jumped into the new Infiniti and hoped it give us all the options , which it promptly did. I will skip the discussions what followed to decide what happened, but took another 20 minutes to finalize a venue , which we promptly discarded as soon as we saw the ambiance of the place . The dinner was then done at Round Table Pizza , followed with Ice Cream at Baskin Robins and played a handful of cards before we retired off to sleep for next day plans.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

One More Friend Lost ..

 One More Friend Lost ..
Posted by Deepak Gupta on August 11, 2007 at 12:04pm
Last few weeks have been most entralling in my life , when i am getting new friends and losing old ones, for like a snake i am , seems like loosing the old skin, but believe me its very very painful. A tear trickles down the eye, with each falling wicket. with each wound that has over the times dug deep in the flesh, that the marks will stay till the end. How easy it is to end something you wanted for so long. For losing love i have never loved , but losing good friends is what has started pinching me. For so long have i been tired to smile now, for someone who might not even consider me a friend. for all those who still talk to me cauz i call them sometimes or we chat regularly .. PLEASE STOP ... Some friends are made life long , and as such one expect them to be there.
There can be sometimes when the mood is not right , but you dont tell a friend , i am watching TV. seems somethings more important than me. I believe one odd day humans might be able to survive without food , water or oxygen , but without friends .. impossible, for that will be existing and not living...
Some people grow so fast in the career , and at such a pace , that they start ignoring turtle paced people like me. for them who dont care about bad luck , and still for those friend whose major concern seems to be more than other people watching scraps by them in my srapbook as potentional danger as to what others will say, there is just one thing i wanna say. believe me , i dont want to , but here it goes .. "always be nice to people on your way up , you generally meet them on your way down".
I know i have been too slow in this fast paced world, and friends are tired of moving so slow. and here i stand in this world , making new friends who will also one day lose my hand in this fast paced world. And this is what i have stopped from making new friends, want to hold a few left. some of my best pals , my best stress relievers have now become so big , that they dont have time or advise. only one thing u can expect from them , ask yourself. I have been left in this jungle world as a foe among friends. thank you miss , it has been nice knowing you for so long ...
one thing i realised evening of aug 10, friday that it is so easy to be shut, to feel so little, to be eradicate. time when i realised people dont take me serious any more. for should i stop fooling around. for i will try to seal my lips.
For this friend of mine ,anyone can take a guess.
I know i dont have any manners to talk to anyone, but to be neglected as today , to make me realise what I am ... to tell not the world , who cares about it after all (other than her) ... feels real good. good bye friend , you will go to greater heights , to places never touched by anyone. Ask me it will be very very very hard for me to live without taking her advise, but i promise i will never ever again disturb you while you are watching TV or not ...

Lunch with Ghost

Lunch With Ghost
9th Oct 2008 was an optional holiday in Infosys , but for me a regular working day. It happens She has come to Bangalore for a short term and is staying in ECC. since there was no one in project working , i thought it will be good idea to meet her over lunch. The name that haunts me for so long is finally back into my life. I had known i would meet a girl by that name and she will be one of those who i would have thought i will meet. Well , so lets say i have to decide whether to talk to this person, without actually telling her anything. Well , to start she is from Chandigarh, was in Bangalore for 2 years but now transferred to Chandigarh. One might just feel she is back to bangalore to meet me , or my future plans were stuck because i was destined to meet someone like her , for some past memories and associations to her to be re-lived. Not many know her importance in my life is an age old phenomenon. She is one thousand of common names present in India. So Where did i first meet her , in HSR Layout. Now she is wearing a Black Dress ( as probably the Dress Code) , and she is one of those beauties who anyone would miss out at first. She slowly seeps into you as an addiction and irresistible habit. You tend to know her , and more you know, still more you would love to know.
She is basically one strong kid, a real child by heart who knows how to carry herself. A bindass girl EverReady for a good snap, and to any planned trip. One of a few girl who would pump in blood in the veins. So we have not even started with lunch details with this Bar-1 Girl.
She came dressed so properly , and fragnance of her exotic hair were all it required to bring a smile back. Her real cool smile was the flavour of the day. And thanks she obliged to come to my desk on my insistence. I always thought i will be able to persuade her , not because i have the power but because of a sheer coincidence in her name that still keeps on haunting me. I look to her as a very good friend , a re-incarination of the one gone. I confirmed over the times if she was in delhi sometimes , but she was not. So the office was nearly vacant , and we went out , when she proudly annouced that she will not have lunch as she is fasting. So i understood its time to be hungry again. Still i could not afford to lose her company in deserted company on a holiday. It was holiday for me also, but i decided not to tell her the fact.
So we moved out and sat for a sugarcane juice. She is one sweet girl , with a sweeter voice and still best smile. I wont say she is the most beautiful, but yes , she is one of the most good looking , decent , sober and perfectly dressed ladies to come in my life. So we started the conversation , and i said everything about myself. My honest opinions and true me were out to that piercing smile which refused to fade away despite being at loss of words. by end of conversation, she had known of my educational background, my finances and the most treasured part of my life. Thank God , the tear did not trickled down my eyes. For that would have been defeat of the soul that changed me.
But by end , i knew the angel sitting by me had an interst in light english melodious songs , romantic novels. She listens to soft music , and love to note the quotations. Her favourite Ghazal singer is Jagjit Singh , even though she can not identify between Pankaj Udhas and Jags.
The sugarcane juice was followed by lemon tea at Lotus Eaterz. She was just superb in her dressing sense (as always) and carried herself well. I had to think many times if she would just not want to roam around with me , for she being sky and me on earth ... those meet in horizon which never exists. Then a small stroll to casa , where she told she loves to walk. I was happy she is second girl after my crush , to love doing so. Then we went to multimedia building and then to building 44 where we went to see NRN's cabin , but a board meeting in place kept us at a distance. Well , she just came down and glided back to hostel to complete a perfect festival called Dusshera , and i will just cherish those hours with her forever ... i just want to tell you , i like the way you talk , the way you smile, your ever - energetic approach to life , who is bindass , care-free , one who does not carry any burden or extra baggage and the way your name is same as the ghost i had known ... Miss you always ...
Take Care ............. and always be in touch even if i go away or you do ... and remember you are just awsome ....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vaishu's Birthday

10th April .
Its a date too many for me to forget , but too many things that if i forgot something please pardon. But this time I had to travel to Orange County for other important event in my life, which coincided with Vaishnavi's birthday. But with such an energetic and ever enthusiastic girl it was difficult to hide a secret. So Anshu hatched a plan to celebrate her birthday well in advance. So wednesday April 7 we met and decided to celebrate her budday at Atin/Neha's house. The cake was picked up from her fav store (Coldstone) and decorations from Raileys. Then decided to divert her mind by asking them to go for dinner outside. And yes, dinner was all ready from Masala Grill.
So by the time Vikram Vaishu reached Atin's home , we were done with decorations and a big surprise.
Vaishu took whole of her strength out to blew the magical candles. The song followed and few dances , and Vaishu's eyes said all the expression of her happiness, and that it was a hit.

Well for her birthday , Vikram threw open hell lot of surprise. I was in LA and returned late night on 10th, but caught them both at 11 45 PM in BART just to wish birthday, right on time :)


Venue : BJs
Participant : Me, anshu , pooja, nalini, raman , manu

 It was a tiring day , cold and very cold. It was the first time I met Manu but as the time would say it, it was a pleasant experience. The food there was awesome and I just the ambiance of the place. Pretty cool going along with Manu , Nalini , Pooja and Raman.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Santa Cruz Beach

Venue: Santa Cruz Beach
Date : April 24 , 2010
Partners in Crime : Me , Anshu, Atin , Neha , Vikran Vaishu

Another one of my ad hoc just have fun , on the spot plan that just cropped out of nowhere after a very tiring day at office and more tiring evening. I could go on and write so much fun we had the night prior, went to Dana Bazaar, then Walmart, Costco , Taco Bell , only to be picked up and informed that it was Haresh birthday and we have arranged a surprise party.
Venue: Atin/Neha Home 
Time: 11 10 PM
Anshu went to Neha's place to be joined by me, but the birthday plans took a longer than usual time, and by the time i was back it was 1115 PM and all miscreants have decided. As i Entered the place, there was a wicked smile all over. First to break silence was Vaishu, who told me about the plans. Next on the list I saw Vik , as he held his head high to my eyes, as if pleading guilty. The next in line was my sweetie pie Anshu, pleading guilty as if she has not done the crime. Already tired, but as my friends know, always up for adventure.
So Santa Cruz beach, next morning 8 AM. Plan and plan to execute right before our eyes. So after finalizing the trip details, we went right into our beds at respective places.

Venue: The lakeview Appartments , My place
Date 26 April.
Time : 6 AM .
Did I really sleep well , I am not sure. But pretty sure that if we have to leave by 8, this is the time to be. Landed up in shower and then in kitchen by 630 AM, trying to make sandwiches for all , as much as i can, only to find out that everyone has exhausted all supplies of namkeen (snacks). Well , then decided to take the raw material itself.

Time : 8 AM
All set . Yes , amazingly all are ready and raring to go. Few things before we say it lets go, like some stuff to eat. So it was decided, me and Anshu head to Walmart while the rest go right through to the beach. After going through the Walmart , we reached the place at around 9 30 AM.

The weather was cool , and there was chill in air despite the bright sunlight that was making the sand golden brown, there was not a foot in water. So we started with the beach masti .
Volleyball : with 3 a side game, it took us few brutal blows and running around too much that after 30 minutes of play, we decided to call it off for volleyball.The next on the cards was baseball, which was more fun and better suited to wonderful conditions. Few pics were clicked and then we proceeded towards the destination water. It has been like 1030 AM, and the water still was chilly for us to go in. however we dared and started playing freesbie, when out of blue, Anshu caught a living crab in the fresbee (pics ). It was as big as palm of human hand and had very sharp claws. We played with it like we are playing with a kid, but careful. One sting and we will be back hospital. Once we were satisfied with the game, me and Anshu went back to throw it back in sea. We had to go a bit deeper just to make sure that it does not come back.
Once we threw it back, no one in our group ( other than me and An ) went to bay again, such was the terror of king size crab, which could have easily made its way to 30$ platter.
Next on the cards was kite flying , and once we all were done with it, we just tied the kite to a holder and laid down in sun. The kite was on auto pilot mode and never dwindled. Seemed like we just had used a adhesive in the sky.
Lunch time, and within seconds An was in water. Then got a sandvich for her and went with her to the water. Jumping and playing, wading off the waves, breaking the big ones and riding on the small ones, we had our natural salted moist sandvich. We felt as if we owned the sea, we felt as if nothing is there to separate us, but then a voice from back to pack the things up. We sneaked in just little more time to get back to water once more.
The day was still not over. We wanted to go on for roller coaster rides. But hard time deciding , lunch or rides. Rides won. Next few hours were the roller coaster rides, followed up by evening snacks.
Next was arcade games, and we won like few teddies, tried boozuka and broke a few pins. The day was far from over, and water still not sufficient.
Neha suggested we go to Santa Clara downtown, we could say Yes, but our legs screamed and screeched ... No way. And we returned home, and saw the swimming pool. Me , Vikram , vaishu and An went into swimming costume only to realise that pathetic lakeview apt have locked out the pool for no reason and without any notice. But then proceeded to presidio and had a nice time in heated swimming pool and jacuzzzi .... went back home for a home made dinner and  3 idiots to seal off the tiring day.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

An interesting convo

Unaware of what this is, how serious this is , i met a converted guy today. Happy when I met him, happy for his new religion, happy for all he now had. A new middle name, which is not surprisingly missing from his class X marksheet, a new religion ( like a child fasinated by new toy), a new God , a new passion to serve the new God, and with a zest to enlighten me more about this new majestic religion which he follows now.
This friend of me, was awestruck when I recited, Our Fathers in Heaven to him. He was struck when i told i have read Bible and Quran as much as i know bhagwad Gita, and so was he surprised how do i continue with oldest religion in the world. Its superstitious no , or is it not in fashion.Old religion, we don't go by it anymore.
well , then I asked my friend to convince me to convert. asked him to be monk and let me the pupil.
So the conversation starts that world is coming to an end in Oct 2011, and that there will be 5 months of extreme heat and fire that will melt everything that exists. We all will be dead, and the only way to save us will be Jesus who will come down and take all our wrath on himself.
I am not pretty much excited about the former part, but yes i would love to see God coming down in Oct to save us (or my friend). I think my religion is pretty much stable and nothing comes to end soon. It tells me about the same period that the world will come to end, but that world is symbolic. The era will change, the new era will come. So if someone just stole the date from hindu calender and tried to preach its meanings without understanding is likely to be in shock to see Lord.
But my friend was finding more peace, he said the church gave him silence. I persuaded him to come to temple, and he was afraid. Saying he will go only to church, he wont come to temple. I so then asked him, will coming to temple lessen your faith in hinduism or christanity. You have been with yr parents to temple all yr life, all your engineering days it was a Hindu god u prayed and u got best result. Now when you are fully established, you refer to change the God. If it really come from within (to change religion) then going to temple should not affect. I go to church regularly !!!! my faith is still strong.
He was surprised at me not going bersek. I smiled and said, "Did you ever saw me violent". Well , this was him, and he asked me one thing. "What if I come back to hinduism".
I replied," You never left it my friend ".

Rest of journey there was a silence, and he gave me a big hug, smiled and said," I now know my Son, like my family, like me , will always be Hindu".

Sita Sings the Blues

Have you ever wondered why the freedom of speech, of expression and to make movies is limited to making mockery of other religions. Have you wondered how MF Hussain being muslim drew the paintings of Rama and other Hindu Gods while in India and became the best painter in world by using the brush in obscene manner, at same time Salman was given fatwa for Satanic verses. Same offense, different results. Then came out Sita sings the blues, the movie received so many awards that I was tempted to watch it once. Coupled with the fact it is available for free viewing, i gave it a shot. Lets see what western world understands from the most pure and ancient religions of the world.
The movie starts with the most violent act of some lady ( i still did not know who they tried to depict) kicking the gramophone records. Then came the title and it claimed its Ramayan by Valmiki. Then starts the torture, the way the language is spoken, the way the claim of Ramayan is questioned as if it was real or not, made me feel sad. I dont even know how many versions of other religious books exists, but for  Ramayan has a very simple text written in a way that a student in 4th grade in india is able to understand it in entirity, but the IQ of that child , atleast seems to be ages ahead of others who seem to be more proficient in reading and understanding skills. The book is considered holy for Hindus because it talks about how Evil King Ravana (the king of deamons ) was killed by Lord Rama. But then the movie depicts Ravana as a learned man who did only 1 sin, well possibly because I think stealing, molesting the original content, using abusive languages, drinking, and not respecting others is a symbol of Great Learning in the west. But sadly in my country these are not counted in good deeds. For us, respecting others, tolerating the in-disciplined, to be polite and humble are considered good. Well, the movie possibly is a veil to depict some other religion, because the story actually does not makes any sense. The way the satire is presented looks like a normal story in west, but its waste if u look at it in indian style.
The movie should start with a disclaimer tag: all those who love making fun of other religion (maybe because of insecurity that the other religion is better than their own, or for some other reason) should watch how the holy book of hindus is molested. It makes me perfect sense to compare this movie to actual Ramayana, may be this becomes a modern Ramayana, where the challenges are different than those existed when the Ramayana was written.
First thing first, Hindus are peace making and peace loving creatures, they dont believe in blasting bombs or doing blind fire. But remember everyone has a limit. The day the water overflows a tumbler, it has to flick over. I am amazed for how long can we stick to our traditions of tolerance.
Ramayana is a fight of well cultured gentleman,Ram  to fight injustice against Ravana (which according to the movie is not bad otherwise). The entire movie never mentions Laxman going to exile, neither how is he poisoned. I think the terms like helping others, lending a helping hand, be considerate to others are virtues which are prevalant only in Hindus, while being a mere dictionary term when it comes to religion which the producer director of the movie follows. I am not sure which religion she follows(if she really does), but one thing is sure, her religion tells her and encourages her to do a mockery of other religions. Which religion is that in the world.
What is the aim achieved by making such movies and distributing them on mass scale, truely reflects where the world is heading. I am still left wondering as to how much more tolerance and patience is present in the people following this religion that they still are protesting peacefully. They are still not going out and planting bombs are issuing something like fatwa for the movie crew. They infact dont have such a command to execute. They are peace loving, and very friendly, helpful, thoughful and take the world out of such crisis. But once in a while there will be a Ravana who will be waiting to be dead in hands of people like Ram.
Whatever one do, whatever be the motive , whatever be the path, the movie ends with the girl reading ramayana, over and over again. May be she is also trying to figure out how the real one is depicted to a limit where the spoof will also be ashamed of it.

Sita Sings the blues is nothing but the type of work which creates stir in the society, and is directly responsible for people taking arms to protect their identity. The people who make such movies are those who create terrorists in the society, and then go and make movies on those terror strikes. The only way to stop these types of movies getting popular does not exist, but god forbid, don't make movies which might turn the most sacred peace loving religion in this world also a menace. The world will see its end if that happens.

Sincere request: Please consider Earth as a safe place, and try to respect the feelings of others. They matter more than few awards you win by laughing on sentiments of others. The creativity is good, but please use it to make movies like Avatar and not Sita Sings the Blues. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For you ....

Eye so shy the smile so fine,
An angel u r like the finest of wine,
Years waited my ears your mere sign,
In My heart will you be for all of you is mine.

You are as pure as that dove of love,
for the Cupid struck me with your name on the bow,
All the love that i wished i ever saw ,
With you on my side will never will be low.

I am glad that I got the most beautiful eyes,
The one you have with wonderful smile ,
Love you angel like i loved none did in the wild,
and let you fall in my arms till time might slide.

Monday, March 15, 2010

We are ...

we are most wonderful in our own stride. Even the weakest link is the strongest one. We just have to believe that God has made us in a way that we all form keys of a massive lock that needs to be adjusted, formed in proper combination and then run through for unlocking the mystery. So today take a chance, decide and go for it. you will win .... just believe that you will, and the beliefs will follow you. Just take a step to target, and the roads will move you... trust me to trust yourself and the God will trust you, and he like me , like you will hit the target and make it worth... we are what we are ... and we are all the best ...

Yuva Sakti Samarth

Sakti samarth ho tum aaj hindu yuva ,
haath mein mashaal liye ankho mein sapne liye ,
sangh ki ekta samajh ke dekho aaj duniya ke liye,
kadam se kadam mile , haath se haath jude ,
hindu yuva mridul baja ke chalo ,
aaj fir se tum shakti samarth ho ker chalo tum.

yuva ki sphoorti hai dhara ki shakti,
is dhara per kadam gad chalo tum ,
hawa mein udo bin pankh aaj se tum ,
amber se nahi pawan se prakharta seekho,
sangh ke sach ko tum ko kerna hai sakar ,
sahi raah se jo yuva mude hai baar baar,
aaj fir unko laana hai rangne basanti.

sadiyo se chale aa rahe hai shaan se jeete,
aaj duniya ko sikhana hai shaan se jeena,
sab mein dikhte bhagwan hai humko aaj bhi,
apni dhristi deni hai aaj is bhoomi ke her chakshu ko,
sangh ki nayan se suraj ke tez dena hai her yuva ko ,
sakti samarth ho ker chal rahi hai lehar aaj is jug mein

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And how Does IPL bind us ...

As the season started, the drums rolled, the ribbons flew and IPL was back in the land where it all started. It not only brought back similar KKR starting the tourney, but it brought with it another stride of memories, of the IPL 1 and the second version. Of the coke bottles we opened, the chips we flavoured, the tea we had ...  the friends we were and how united we were in the regional fight of mumbai and delhi. How best it was to fight over a stupid shot played or wonderful single taken, of the last ball sixes and first ball wickets. Of the out-of-form watch winning cricketers and free fall of icons. Nothing changed as i watched the first match, nothing it seems will change. For now in my house are segments from each part of India, who cheer ,swear and shout at each opportunity so granted upon them as the masters of the game. Yet at the end are all smiles, frustration persists after a bit longer discussion to the losing side, but it fades away as soon as the next match is on. The entertainment value and the points are all well taken and very well understood. The sentiments of people overflow, are over the flow yet delimited by simple common sense, that this is like a 3 hour movie, and nothings really cricket in it, other than the swinging bat, the swooshing ball, the tumbling fielders and ever so enthusiastic audience. Did i forget the cheerleaders. But in the midst of all this, there are those 13 players on field who are trying to make a million other smile, another tens of thousands to cheer, few thousands to earn money for next day, few hundred (people) to make millions and selected few to earn hundreds of million. Other then that, it gives a hope , a hope that it will be better next time, an urge to do it twice a year, but then if World Cup is held each other, it will lose its importance.
The IPL -3 is back, and with it are the curses the smiles the abuses the swears the laughter , the sense of winning and the sense of frustration ... sense that is senseless is back ....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mein Hindu Yuva

aaj is dharti ke dum per, nikal pada hoon jug badalne,
kal tak khud ko talaashta mein aaj nikal pada hoon amber choone,
anter-man ke asmanjas per paaker vijay badh chala hoon is dhara ko rangne,
kabhi kisi ki haani nahi ki apni raksha ker chal pada hoon shrishti bachane,
mein hindu yuva chal pada hoon poore jug ko santri rangne.

her taraf se aate mere mool per prahar hai aaj,
sej shayayya tyaag ker uth gaya fir kerne raaj,
jagat ja raha hai vipad-sthithi mein kerna hai abhi bada kaaj,
badh rahi hai dhwani bahut kerna hai ab shor ko saaz ,
mein hindu yuva jag ko bachane uth chala hoon aaj.

her roshini ke gehre saaye mein tapakta is duniya ka swaarth,
kab se bachata chala hoon mein duniya ko nar sanghar se mein ,
aaj lau liye prem ki chal pada hoon us path per mein ,
jahan fool barse her jagah per saathi ho hum sabhi saath,
mein hindu yuva is sandesh ko failane chal chala hoon apne aap hi aaj.

sadiyo se lehrate us santri se aman ka sandesh,
dekha jisne ram ko diya jisne geeta ka updesh,
lad chala jo laaj bachane jhansi ki shaan ke saath,
kahin shivaji kahin paranhans kahin hindu ekta ke haath,
mein hindu yuva badh chala hoon bhagwa lekar duniya ko bachane aaj,

badh chala hoon mein hindu yuva ab mein is lau ke saath,
jug ko dikhane sooraj ka tez,
chal chala hoon is deepak ke saath ,
badh chala hoon mein hindu yuva is jug ko bachane aaj ...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barsaat ki Ek Shaam ...

aaj is sunhere se chamakte aakash mien kahin se to bijli giri , kahin per to door ek badal ka tukda aa gaya mere hi ghar per , jaise talaash raha ho koi apna. kabhi mein usse dekh ker muskura deta to kabhi woh ek do vidyut ki tarange chod ker mere ko jaise ched deta. kuch der is tanha se ghar ki chat per baithe mein usse ghoorta raha, na usne palakein jhapkayi , na mein wahan se hata. Avichal akhand khade us badal ke saathi , uske saath judte chale gaye. woh jo chakshu bhar in aankho mein samaya pada tha dhara jitna vishaal ho gaya tha. ab us masoom se dikhne wale badal ke aakar ne sunhere aakash ko apne rang mein dhaal mein syaahi jaisa ker diya tha. us ne samjha ki mein shayad kamzor ho raha hoon , thandi hawayein mere jism ko cheerti huwi nikal ja rahi thi, maano ki meri rooh se jaan maang rahi ho. ek aadh paani ki boondein bhi padi, per haunsala adig, aur irada chataan. kuch der phele dikhne wala masoom sa bacha anayas hi bada ho gaya. kahin se ek aawaz aayi , aur meri hum-nafaz ki khanatki choodiyon ne jaise mere ander nayi jaaan bhar di. abhi aaker mere saath baithi hi thi ki woh gor se gharja. rimjim kerti uski boondo ne jaise nayi jaan si la di. woh khadi to huwi per jaise ek ki baat hriday ke madhaym se ho gayi. uske badte kadam ruke aur woh mere aagosh mein aaker baith gayi , maano ki jaise ek hi ho. Aur jhilmil se boodein rimjhim kerti huwi humne bhigati rahi. Kab aakash ka rang hum mein mil gaya ya hum uske rang mein kuch yaad nahi raha. Her chalakti boond mein ek naya geet tha. Ek aisa anupam sa ehsaas ki jaise her ek paani ki dhaara amrit ho. chand ghanto tak barasne ke baad woh badal haar maan ke ek naye deepak ko bhujane nikal pada. aur hum dono wahin ussi tarah ek doosre mein samaye huwe kab raat ke bister per so gaye kuch pata hi nahi chala ... 
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SpiceJet Ad

i would have not spent time on writing something like this, but the new SpiceJet Ad amused me more than anything else. It is an exhibition of a loser, of someone who has accepted the defeat and trying to cash in on it, shamelessly. Instead of promising a better service, the ad works telling advantages of bad service.
It tells how easy it is to miss a few important meetings, but most of the times we are flying back home to meet our near and dear ones. Delayed flights won't take into account of that loss, the frustration that follows and the reputation that sinks and stinks, rather it seems to a proud for SpiceJet to have delayed or cancelled flights.
What a pity !!!
They then openly tell they don't have the best carrier, but the best solitaire player in the country travels in that airline. Can someone of a real good repute come and claim he is happy to spend money on a below par service, which is irregular, irresponsible and proud of its shortcomings. To have worst service is one thing, but to accept it and not try to improve it, I strongly believe this is definitely not the way.
And then they claim, its only hours the flight get delayed, so what. You have time to waste, waste it on airport, why not use railways then. But then it will always be at bottom on pile, and remain like that forever, unless there is a change in mindset .
I just hope they re-think that Indian population has come of age when they now have understood what is correct and what is not. Quality is still not compromised, and failures still not accepted.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Immortal Mortal and A Fool that follows ...

As the world starts to salute the master, as the word spreads, as once again little master prepares to pad himself up, as once again he sets his foot on the ground, with the sky in his eyes and the Indian population behind him, I stand amazed at him not crushing under the pressure. I am more amazed at his ability to wear down the age, and the wisdom has still not left him. His failures in the past and the "Elephant in Dressing Room" did not slow him down. Standing amazed at 26 years of age this guy looks at that 36 year old with admiration of an icon. A person who is majestic not because he scored centuries, runs , took wickets , fields well but because when he carries his bat to the 22 yards, along goes a steady head over sturdy shoulders, flexible legs and a whole lot of expectation from a hundred million fans.This my friends is lot of it, because the margin of error is so less, that a small mistake may be compensated in match, but lives longer in articles like these and criticism that follows. A judgmental error is mammoth in terms of reputation at stake.
There was this one person who was going in as a traitor  and openly challenges the person who is heavy in dressing room, taking much more space and letting others suffocate. One who is sitting at the top and not letting better cricketers take the opening slot, and Sachin just read it. He must have felt it too, but the answers are never given vocally. He had his ways.
When he is claimed to be wearing down and playing only for sake of it, only for WC 2011, he comes back scoring most vital runs and innings that won him Innings of the year. Nothing much has changed since he came, he re-defined the cricketing standards, and Indians adopted it. It is no surprise that kids grown up imitating him are now world class batsmen, and they proudly say so. The world is changing, he started when India were no where, and carried his career through times when no one can imagine Australia leaving number 1 spot, but he carved his career. He was a part of team which reached zenith in ODI and Test Rankings. In the time when India were to be taken number 1 spot to the time India needed to maintain it, he was the man who relentlessly scored centuries, just to keep his country at that position where it is today.
This innings might come as a feather in his career, but again, its real heart break for him to achieve it. The world will praise him, the God of cricketing world will sit in temple of heart of each Indian, who helpless by emotions will now expect him to score the target once more. Just once more, and that too each time he plays. The Fool Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, does not realise the appetite he has for runs is no match for expectations we have for him. I call him a fool, because he tries to woe all of us with his majestic batting, and we instead of beading out gems, try to collect stones and throw at him ( which he said and then converted them into milestones). Sachin is no longer an icon, no longer a phenomenon , but is now a way of life. He can not grow out of cricket, the sport he excels in, but has definitely let it grow with him.
The master stroke continues ....

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Name is Khan and I mayNot be a Terrorist

I have grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan’s movies. It all started with Baazigar (where he murdered Shilpa Shetty and ditched Kajol only to take his revenge, he was a Khan then, was he not !!!) . Then came Darr and again he was after Juhi Chawla and tried to kill Sunny Deol. Sunny was strong and survived, he was still a Khan. He must have named himself as Rahul or Raj but then he is Khan. And if those were just storylines and nothing to do with SRK real life, so please watch “My name is Khan” with same entertainment value. His name in movie is Rizwan Khan who is not a terrorist, and that is a fiction (it is not based on true story), or is it !!!
Reel and Real life are two different aspects, not to be mixed. I have grown up seeing heroics of Sunny Deol, Hritik Roshan , Amitabh Bachan (angry young man) and it took me ages to realize what they do in movies is just a screenplay. In real life they don’t go out and beat the goons, when terrorists call them for ransom, they don’t go to the den of underworld terrorist and kill them. They call the cops. They should and they do, because there is a difference in real life and reel life.
Sometimes real life resembles reel life, it must as it reel life is glorified version of real life. Things we aspire, the what we want to achieve and we can’t are so easily depicted in the reel life. In 2 hours, it covers 70 years of our life. It just can’s be real , it has to be reel. So I come to ever patriotic romantic hero SRK who has entertained us from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ( where he takes on an engaged girl) to My Name Is Khan (again married, this time with a kid). So our hero (real life heros are different from reel life ones) has managed another heart touching flick. But was it really necessary to show him autistic. Can he not be normal and still say these words. Why is the extra sympathy needed. The whole country is saying in one single line , SRK is not a terrorist. We all know he is not. We all know he is not one in the movie. But does it matter what common man think and says and even practices.
If I understand correctly, My Name is Khan is not a mere representation of a name, but it tries to address a problem bigger than the movie itself. It tries to address the need of all Khan who are not terrorist to be recognized as innocent. It tries to address the basic simple fact that even if not all Khan are terrorist, a handful still exists who are. I should not take liberty in writing Khan as a terrorist or not, but it is the message conveyed in the movie. But it is where it leaves me confused. And I don't know why should it not leave you in same stage.
The movie shows 9/11 attacks, and that cost life and loss in millions of dollars. It is claimed as a terrorist activity ( and I personally think it is one of those activities) , so is it not feasible for the country who has been attacked in the back by some loser fundamentalists to turn back and try to find out who is that Khan who drew the airplane right into Twin Towers. Is it not feasible for a country which had the first dose of real militant power to cut through the covers and find out guilty. Is it not depicted in the movie itself that there are Khans, who are not only terrorist but making more like them ( remember mosque scene, the doctor was a Khan, who was a terrorist, strictly as per movie). I still wonder if 9/11 was a retaliation attack on the power of world ruler, and would the attackers not known that innocent Khan would be targeted. They knew it, but still went on with it. Terrorists don't have a religion, but they do carry a name.
All said and done, Khan is not a terrorist, but who is the person in Jammu & Kashmir who is killing innocent people. Must be an innocent Khan, who was trying to play with his newly  acquired AK-47, or improved RDX , with no intention of killing, but the bullets in those machines do kill. They don't know who they kill, but since 1980 they have been puncturing Kashmir like no other. They are still doing it. I don't understand why. I see so many Khan living so peacefully in India, they are sheltered by India, they love India as other religion, and India also loves them back the same way. There will never be a condition in which My name is Khan is shot in India, because we know the fact that Khan is not a terrorist. But then, is he really not.
I fail to understand if India ever attacked any country, or had seized undue or unfair advantage ever in history so that it bears the ire of terrorists. I still fail to understand the bomb attack in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Surat, ahmedabad and so many other Indian cities that his blog will have virtually every major Indian city striked by terrorist who is not a khan.
The way the movie is made, and the message it has it pure and crystal, Shah Rukh Khan is not a terrorist, neither is Rizwan Khan, but the way the world is today is because of someone who was a Khan and a terrorist.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He is Back ... .

There was a time when the industry boomed. It boomed so fast and at such a pace that workers were roped in from other countries, so called skilled workers. These skilled workers loved the salaries they got, freedom they had and the money they were awarded. The Dollar Income was always the strongest, and appreciated. The economic deep down of 2001 crashed a few, who went back with what they had, others fought through. Few had Green card dreams, other were getting on being citizens, and the recession was not deep. The dollar was alive and US was still a leader, so still is.
But the times change, and good or bad, are over earlier than thought of. From 2001 to 2009 , the years evaporated in thin air, H1 rules became easy, skilled workers were replaced with workers, and pockets filled with more money. This was normal here, but back in India, this inflow of money caused a major shift. The IT cities got expensive, people now calculate Dosa with $1 or $3.99, or Idly plate with $7.99 as in US, and ready to give the amount. The normal guy does not understand the equation. And now comes the great daddy, year 2009. Jobs vanished in thin air, dreamed crashed like fragile glass, the clock started eating savings, the house suddenly got more expensive and insurance sky high. India seemed to be a better place, and moved back. The inflation which was inflicted by Indians in US in India got heavy on them, the market is worst and salary is no where comparable to US one. So still determined to fight it all.
Came in 2010 with a new hope, the guys who are in India are back. They heard US economy is getting better, some jobs are there. Let us try if we can, let us go alone and seek another chance. May be another chance and I wont be broke anymore. May be they need to understand ,they are not broke , but the next recession will not leave them anywhere else. He like them is the broke, and he is back with a permit to work in the US of A.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Phone / I PAD Application Development

this article should end up in some technical blog section somewhere but it will be my mainstream topic. For there are so many things one i-phone app development desire teaches you. Few are :
  • Nothing in this world is free 
  • You can always find a way out , even if not free 
  • If you want to pay, you will end up paying as much as you want. 
Now , I had a desire to do some I-phone application developement, it is one of the best devices i have, and i love the applications, and thought how wonderful it will be if I can develop my own applications. And so whats the pre-requisite.
When i started writing this article , it was for I-Phone, now it is for I-Phone/Ipad.
I - Pad is a real re-Invention of old I-Pod Touch, which is a discovery of I-Phone Minus Cell Phone.Well, after looking into I-Pad , i am more inclined to write a first sight not so love review, and how happy I am to buy a Mac Book without waiting for I-Pad

The i-Phone application is relatively easy, and the learning curve for simple applications is not steep. The learning material can be found at for a price though ( it was 99$ , if u dont have an apple account)
To develop an i-phone application , the first thing you will need a little knowledge of Objective-C ( a flavor of C) , a Mac OS , I-phone SDK ( available free ,2.5 GB in size) and another spare 99$ to host it.

Once done with the inital development, install the I-phone SDK, and open it. Easily though , click on New Project, and select Windows Application. Now Click on a file whose extension is .xib, it launches the application interface and a window. Select from the option in the new window, and change the background color or text , add a button. Go to Edit -> Build Project and Run . I phone simulator launches with no coding . And here u r with ur first i phone app dev.
I will be updating it with screen shots in i-phone section on

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flexing The Power

So Finally, Its IPL3, and indian premier league is again the talk of the town. Ideally this article should be written here , but for time constraint, I am going ahead here.
So the main point of attraction is the Pakistan players were not picked up  by certain teams, and caused a fire as widespread as anger within. The reasons given by franchisee was simple, they did not knew if there was another terrorist attack planned on India in future, and again players might not come into play in the country. I am in no way accussing any country of any such activity, I am just looking into past with sight on future. A general layman would not spend $ 200k, on something he fears he cant use. So here the fact is said. No one is picked up.
Now the fire is there, so there will be useless politics. It starts with players who were priced high and thought of making good money. Disappointed ! I would be, for not picked up when I can be taken up by a team and make a million bucks in a month. Now comes the next layer, basically the people who wont benefit anything from it, like the chairman, manager and so on. They stand unfazed and tell others not to be disappointed. But then , next day, as always they have been since the creation, changed the stand. It reminds me of chameleon who changes color with the situation. Next day was coming down and critising.
Now when done with shouting,( i could use better terms like useless drama), and no attention paid to it, more press statements come out. Where the hell were the statements when Sri Lankan Test team was attacked. Where were the statements when KKR finished nearly last in 1st version with the best player , who was banned by your board but cleared for IPL. Why, is discipline only required in national sides ?
Next , when whole world published statements and Mr Modi just came out with an honest answer, he could have said , ask Francisee , they didnt find the players talented enough, so did not picked them up. If there is a problem ask the people who selected Bond and Pollard. He did not. He is such a liar that he spoke truth. Bitter as it may be , but true. The world accepted, not the one who were left out.
Now since IPL is going ahead without any other distraction, another non-sense. Virus. T20 is virus, and is this a reason why parasites won it easily. Is it the reason why players are so desparate to play for it. Is this the reason that the form of game be abolished, just because a few were not capable enough (whatever be the criteria) to get into top 15 bracket , taking 8 teans (top 120 ) .
Come on !!! give a break. We all know what T20 is, and we enjoy it the way it is. Still did not work out,
so comes the last one.
INDIA will one day rule the world cricket, and not any other country. Well why is this the feeling of RULE, or taken by someone so strong that fingers are taken out without any reason. Just in matter of months, there is a concern world cricket will run by Indian Cricket Board and not ICC. Exxageration. India have money power, the foundation to exhibit and audience to enjoy and flexing its power in the same way. The people left out are as always trying to complain, crib , attack ( on moral nature) and using the old ways of not living and not letting others live.
Well time for cricket to move on , and decide whats more important, loyalty to nation, entertainment, fearing india will rule the world cricket (as it is doing now by being at number 1 in test rankings) , entertainment, auction of players or just shouting the injustice which is by-product of sins as performed

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kite Flying

Well, for second time in US i had the opportunity to fly the kites, and it like the same old spirit of freedom to traverse the sky, brought back the old memories. The times in May - August and beyond when flying kite was a passion, not a hobby. When the best times of my childhood were harvested with a loot of stray kites endowed upon the roof, few went into trees and remaining reached skies. When our hands were full of useless band-aid, tapes and hansaplast(for those who remember), still failing to the cutting strength of that millimeter thick string and ending the day, each day, with a useless index finger, a tired body, paining arms and lots of homework to complete in the night.

Well those were the days, and even today when I have those memories, it is still impossible to imagine that we still are as busy as we were then. The kite flying is not an activity but a passion which should be seriously taken upon, helps the child to think out of box, and i can give another 100 reasons to do so, just because it has been one of my most missed memories. No more. There are kites here, and so are the winds. Enough enthusiasts to start the activity any time of the year. And the kites of plastic and thread of nylon, who cares for rain and storms.
17-Jan-2010 happened to the day when we celebrated makar sakranti, or lohri and had kite flying activity for the kids, and those who are kids at heart. Kids of all ages participated, enjoyed , laughed , smiled , shared strings, and bonded to each other more than that string which is there in the sky. It is no longer a wonder for me how important that is for me, and why is it done to mark the celebration of independence. The only missing feeling was the weak string which we could get other kites down, nonetheless it was fun to fly in as proclaimed free liberal land.
We can do it regularly, we have kites, the strings, time and most important the ever enthusiasts for the event. Lets make it a habit, to do it here, here in US. Join hands , call me , try to do it with us. Trust me , more we are more we will enjoy and better off we will be.
Lets spare a thought for the same, and let the spirit of kite flying enlighten us on each and every step till the final step. Hope to see you share your kite flying experiences with all of us ..

Sunday, January 17, 2010


It was the morning today, and we were casually striding through the streets of Fremont, when one of the topics came up for Haiti relief, and how we are donating for the people affected by it, and then as most conversations go hay-wire, so did this one. And came the topic of people having green cards, citizenship and how my own website is more suited for people holding H1-B as refugees now. Well, again someone said if you are more than 6 months in USA , you are NRI. I heard so many instances of non-required-indians or non returning indians settled in USA and not thinking of coming back. So I am also in the category of Non Resident Indian and will have to try my level best not to end up as one of definitions so talked about. But are we any less Indians, are we any less patriotic, and may be painful , the answer is NOT. And it will be revolting when   I see the Indian children growing up here better patriotic than those i saw in India. Americanisation or westernisation in India is more than that in America. The young generation is here much more conservative, much more careful, modern yet traditional values. The situation way back in India is different. For so many people ask about freedom in US, it is freedom of speech, of thought , of looking in oneself. The freedom in India is no less than in US, nor it is money affect, it is the direction of thought process.

Direction of thought process ??? In India we are looking forward to be modern, to be one who wants to be liberal, who wants to be modern , who being free in mind are still enslaved by thought that US is more freedom, the thought process is wrong. What happens when we come here, got the freedom. Now what you want to think. and to implement. Most of us stay in home and crazily sleep through weekends, and have a freedom of relaxed life. And a big tummy to end it.
So lets face it , better english , better lifestyle ,more closer to the nation, because with each thing there is one  comparison, same thing in India , good better worst but never the same. Let me  tell you , being NRI is not bad , but one should go back to india or be indian at heart ...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rhythm Divine ...

26 years old. Our friendship life --ages old. Dont really remember how it started but i do remember he was the one who stood with me in all my times, good or bad. The times when so many lost confidence, he carried me through. He was and is one of those who inspired me to be what i am today. We have not only done so many things together, we have had our share of fortune and misfortunes.
Let me recollect some memories :
Year: sometime in 2003
Bus Number 140 :: Crossed Bye-Pass.
Event : Physics Sessional Exam
As he got into bus, I was having fun, talking to Richa, and he joined. Yes he was, because we have laughed out stomach out after the exam. The teacher sitting next to Richa was our Physics one ( i should say lecturer but sadly my school teachers were better designated as lecturers than in my college, Salwan Public School and MontFort ). I dont know what pun was, but I was telling how pathetic she teaches, how little is her knowledge and what she thinks of herself , so is no where closer. And Rhythm tried to tell something, i didnt get the clue. As we came down he told, Shiva was sitting just where u were standing. So i gave the exam really carefree ... and got highest marks then 3.5/30 :)

This was where we really got going. With our first Robot Car and untiring zest to survive the night and the day, The time was not good, here we lost the tournament ( we managed to impress and get appreciation alongwith certificate ) and there India lost World Cup. Majestic Sachin was out for 5 and our champ Rhythm, could not control the robot for long.
Well , times changed , we both joined hands and then went out to make a cliffhanger , then rainwater harvester and in the process fertilized the seeds of friendship more than any harvester can, still are, and touchwood will be long time , say like forever ...
Miss u Rhythm

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Las Vegas Trip ... 1

First Long Weekend after a long time , and second last for the year. Merry X Mas , 25th of Dec is on Friday and ripples apart all those people who wanna have a long weekend away from home in most entertaining way , but are often compelled to stop by project constraints , time constraints and even financial constraints. The rates of hotels shoot up like there is an emergency, the food chain maintain the cost but quality or quantity dips , the accommodation is poor and streets are crowded. People who live in San Francisco travel to LA , LV and people from those sides come down to SF .
So again i wanted to use this opportunity , and the plan was hatched a week ago ( prior to 25th Dec) and I called ande ( Mayank) and set up the meeting time. The plan is now set up to meet, on 24th evening at ande's place, 25th morning to Las Vegas and
then on 26th to Grand Canyon and back. But one thing that still left me thinking was the fact that
ande said if i come on 25th , he wont let me in the house till 3 am for till then we will be in Strip in Las Vegas. 
I then called Mayank and asked him very silently in dead of night, Are u in LA or LV. The answer as expected 
was not in a single line, it had to come after a long lecture, and it came. For all the slangs u know, for all the 
things heard of, he said , and then, you coming to stay with me without knowing my city. 
Well he was in Vegas, so plan change. No LA now, direct to LV and then Grand canyon and back

So we started for Las Vegas on 24th Dec from Fremont, and then there is a problem. We dont have a GPS holder ,
so the navigator becomes holder as well. That was not much of a complaint as we had a single driver throughout. 
Estimated Drive : 1200 miles

Trip Start : 330 PM Fremont 24 Dec 2009
Occupancy: Deepak , Gopal , Bhooshan , Kamal 

Pretty much smooth track right into the point where we entered a good complex near Barstow. We were hungry and one of us has repeatedly told about Denny;s
So we were in Denny's still thinking of driving right into Vegas (would be a long trip for Kamal, 550miles + at a stretch) and so wanted to do it fast and get going. Got a long way ahead, and we sat at a corner. After sometime when no one came then we realized we have to go and get it ordered. So here we were laughing on the guy who said he loved Denny's because then we knew it was his first time too in Denny's. Well, the food was good and we were re-fulled. Then we took a coffee from seven-eleven, and refueled the car ( which was drinking gasoline as thirsty camel) . here we start again and we touched speeds of 90mph , or maybe even more. Time was getting on us, and we were thinking to stop somewhere in night. The road was dead , for long stretches there was no vehicle in either direction, unlike the review we got that there will be a big rush to Vegas on 24th Dec. We sped , possibly overs-sped and realised it when we say magnificient red blue lights blinking in our cars out of nowhere. And we stopped in a shoulder.
It was ice cold and i was virtually not wearing anything, when the window pane rolled down. It was cold windy and possibly killing me, at temperatures reaching zero on a windy highway and cops directing flash light in the car, and very humbly asked the question, "Sir , do you realize what speed you were on", we knew we are gonna have a bad time here now. "88 it was, may i see your license", and he went back. Coming back only to tell it was 65mph limit highway. Hard luck, the ticket is gonna come now , and we decided we will share. but we cant share the increase in insurance and the traffic classes one has to take. Well , one thing was sure , we are out of money and we are going straight to Mayank , no stopping anyhow, anywhere.
(to be cont)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Earthquake in San Francisco

yes yes, it just happened. The earthquake in the golden city, and the one i feel is the most unstable one. I have got used to shivering chairs, trembling tables ,shaking floors and veering vehicles. I also saw the column in bay bridge falling off 3 months back, and the busiest of cities just forgets it like it never happened. But each shake shakes the nation , each small divide paves way to bigger one, each one of us is still worried about this unstable city which is so vibrant and multi colored that even Las Vegas seemed like a rural place.
The best dressed girls, the tip top gentlemen, the expensive yet extensive downtown and floors and floors of shopping complex as full as the items in them. The capital of land of opportunities, rightly called as Golden city because it actually is a gold mine, but i got the tremble once again. Someone passed by my side, but i am still wondering is the construction so weak or the earthquake so feeble. But then everyone in the office felt it , yes it was ... another shaky earthquake in San Francisco today and I felt it. Did you