Friday, January 8, 2010

Earthquake in San Francisco

yes yes, it just happened. The earthquake in the golden city, and the one i feel is the most unstable one. I have got used to shivering chairs, trembling tables ,shaking floors and veering vehicles. I also saw the column in bay bridge falling off 3 months back, and the busiest of cities just forgets it like it never happened. But each shake shakes the nation , each small divide paves way to bigger one, each one of us is still worried about this unstable city which is so vibrant and multi colored that even Las Vegas seemed like a rural place.
The best dressed girls, the tip top gentlemen, the expensive yet extensive downtown and floors and floors of shopping complex as full as the items in them. The capital of land of opportunities, rightly called as Golden city because it actually is a gold mine, but i got the tremble once again. Someone passed by my side, but i am still wondering is the construction so weak or the earthquake so feeble. But then everyone in the office felt it , yes it was ... another shaky earthquake in San Francisco today and I felt it. Did you

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