Friday, January 22, 2010

Flexing The Power

So Finally, Its IPL3, and indian premier league is again the talk of the town. Ideally this article should be written here , but for time constraint, I am going ahead here.
So the main point of attraction is the Pakistan players were not picked up  by certain teams, and caused a fire as widespread as anger within. The reasons given by franchisee was simple, they did not knew if there was another terrorist attack planned on India in future, and again players might not come into play in the country. I am in no way accussing any country of any such activity, I am just looking into past with sight on future. A general layman would not spend $ 200k, on something he fears he cant use. So here the fact is said. No one is picked up.
Now the fire is there, so there will be useless politics. It starts with players who were priced high and thought of making good money. Disappointed ! I would be, for not picked up when I can be taken up by a team and make a million bucks in a month. Now comes the next layer, basically the people who wont benefit anything from it, like the chairman, manager and so on. They stand unfazed and tell others not to be disappointed. But then , next day, as always they have been since the creation, changed the stand. It reminds me of chameleon who changes color with the situation. Next day was coming down and critising.
Now when done with shouting,( i could use better terms like useless drama), and no attention paid to it, more press statements come out. Where the hell were the statements when Sri Lankan Test team was attacked. Where were the statements when KKR finished nearly last in 1st version with the best player , who was banned by your board but cleared for IPL. Why, is discipline only required in national sides ?
Next , when whole world published statements and Mr Modi just came out with an honest answer, he could have said , ask Francisee , they didnt find the players talented enough, so did not picked them up. If there is a problem ask the people who selected Bond and Pollard. He did not. He is such a liar that he spoke truth. Bitter as it may be , but true. The world accepted, not the one who were left out.
Now since IPL is going ahead without any other distraction, another non-sense. Virus. T20 is virus, and is this a reason why parasites won it easily. Is it the reason why players are so desparate to play for it. Is this the reason that the form of game be abolished, just because a few were not capable enough (whatever be the criteria) to get into top 15 bracket , taking 8 teans (top 120 ) .
Come on !!! give a break. We all know what T20 is, and we enjoy it the way it is. Still did not work out,
so comes the last one.
INDIA will one day rule the world cricket, and not any other country. Well why is this the feeling of RULE, or taken by someone so strong that fingers are taken out without any reason. Just in matter of months, there is a concern world cricket will run by Indian Cricket Board and not ICC. Exxageration. India have money power, the foundation to exhibit and audience to enjoy and flexing its power in the same way. The people left out are as always trying to complain, crib , attack ( on moral nature) and using the old ways of not living and not letting others live.
Well time for cricket to move on , and decide whats more important, loyalty to nation, entertainment, fearing india will rule the world cricket (as it is doing now by being at number 1 in test rankings) , entertainment, auction of players or just shouting the injustice which is by-product of sins as performed


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