Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kite Flying

Well, for second time in US i had the opportunity to fly the kites, and it like the same old spirit of freedom to traverse the sky, brought back the old memories. The times in May - August and beyond when flying kite was a passion, not a hobby. When the best times of my childhood were harvested with a loot of stray kites endowed upon the roof, few went into trees and remaining reached skies. When our hands were full of useless band-aid, tapes and hansaplast(for those who remember), still failing to the cutting strength of that millimeter thick string and ending the day, each day, with a useless index finger, a tired body, paining arms and lots of homework to complete in the night.

Well those were the days, and even today when I have those memories, it is still impossible to imagine that we still are as busy as we were then. The kite flying is not an activity but a passion which should be seriously taken upon, helps the child to think out of box, and i can give another 100 reasons to do so, just because it has been one of my most missed memories. No more. There are kites here, and so are the winds. Enough enthusiasts to start the activity any time of the year. And the kites of plastic and thread of nylon, who cares for rain and storms.
17-Jan-2010 happened to the day when we celebrated makar sakranti, or lohri and had kite flying activity for the kids, and those who are kids at heart. Kids of all ages participated, enjoyed , laughed , smiled , shared strings, and bonded to each other more than that string which is there in the sky. It is no longer a wonder for me how important that is for me, and why is it done to mark the celebration of independence. The only missing feeling was the weak string which we could get other kites down, nonetheless it was fun to fly in as proclaimed free liberal land.
We can do it regularly, we have kites, the strings, time and most important the ever enthusiasts for the event. Lets make it a habit, to do it here, here in US. Join hands , call me , try to do it with us. Trust me , more we are more we will enjoy and better off we will be.
Lets spare a thought for the same, and let the spirit of kite flying enlighten us on each and every step till the final step. Hope to see you share your kite flying experiences with all of us ..

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