Sunday, January 17, 2010


It was the morning today, and we were casually striding through the streets of Fremont, when one of the topics came up for Haiti relief, and how we are donating for the people affected by it, and then as most conversations go hay-wire, so did this one. And came the topic of people having green cards, citizenship and how my own website is more suited for people holding H1-B as refugees now. Well, again someone said if you are more than 6 months in USA , you are NRI. I heard so many instances of non-required-indians or non returning indians settled in USA and not thinking of coming back. So I am also in the category of Non Resident Indian and will have to try my level best not to end up as one of definitions so talked about. But are we any less Indians, are we any less patriotic, and may be painful , the answer is NOT. And it will be revolting when   I see the Indian children growing up here better patriotic than those i saw in India. Americanisation or westernisation in India is more than that in America. The young generation is here much more conservative, much more careful, modern yet traditional values. The situation way back in India is different. For so many people ask about freedom in US, it is freedom of speech, of thought , of looking in oneself. The freedom in India is no less than in US, nor it is money affect, it is the direction of thought process.

Direction of thought process ??? In India we are looking forward to be modern, to be one who wants to be liberal, who wants to be modern , who being free in mind are still enslaved by thought that US is more freedom, the thought process is wrong. What happens when we come here, got the freedom. Now what you want to think. and to implement. Most of us stay in home and crazily sleep through weekends, and have a freedom of relaxed life. And a big tummy to end it.
So lets face it , better english , better lifestyle ,more closer to the nation, because with each thing there is one  comparison, same thing in India , good better worst but never the same. Let me  tell you , being NRI is not bad , but one should go back to india or be indian at heart ...

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