Friday, January 15, 2010

Rhythm Divine ...

26 years old. Our friendship life --ages old. Dont really remember how it started but i do remember he was the one who stood with me in all my times, good or bad. The times when so many lost confidence, he carried me through. He was and is one of those who inspired me to be what i am today. We have not only done so many things together, we have had our share of fortune and misfortunes.
Let me recollect some memories :
Year: sometime in 2003
Bus Number 140 :: Crossed Bye-Pass.
Event : Physics Sessional Exam
As he got into bus, I was having fun, talking to Richa, and he joined. Yes he was, because we have laughed out stomach out after the exam. The teacher sitting next to Richa was our Physics one ( i should say lecturer but sadly my school teachers were better designated as lecturers than in my college, Salwan Public School and MontFort ). I dont know what pun was, but I was telling how pathetic she teaches, how little is her knowledge and what she thinks of herself , so is no where closer. And Rhythm tried to tell something, i didnt get the clue. As we came down he told, Shiva was sitting just where u were standing. So i gave the exam really carefree ... and got highest marks then 3.5/30 :)

This was where we really got going. With our first Robot Car and untiring zest to survive the night and the day, The time was not good, here we lost the tournament ( we managed to impress and get appreciation alongwith certificate ) and there India lost World Cup. Majestic Sachin was out for 5 and our champ Rhythm, could not control the robot for long.
Well , times changed , we both joined hands and then went out to make a cliffhanger , then rainwater harvester and in the process fertilized the seeds of friendship more than any harvester can, still are, and touchwood will be long time , say like forever ...
Miss u Rhythm

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