Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He is Back ... .

There was a time when the industry boomed. It boomed so fast and at such a pace that workers were roped in from other countries, so called skilled workers. These skilled workers loved the salaries they got, freedom they had and the money they were awarded. The Dollar Income was always the strongest, and appreciated. The economic deep down of 2001 crashed a few, who went back with what they had, others fought through. Few had Green card dreams, other were getting on being citizens, and the recession was not deep. The dollar was alive and US was still a leader, so still is.
But the times change, and good or bad, are over earlier than thought of. From 2001 to 2009 , the years evaporated in thin air, H1 rules became easy, skilled workers were replaced with workers, and pockets filled with more money. This was normal here, but back in India, this inflow of money caused a major shift. The IT cities got expensive, people now calculate Dosa with $1 or $3.99, or Idly plate with $7.99 as in US, and ready to give the amount. The normal guy does not understand the equation. And now comes the great daddy, year 2009. Jobs vanished in thin air, dreamed crashed like fragile glass, the clock started eating savings, the house suddenly got more expensive and insurance sky high. India seemed to be a better place, and moved back. The inflation which was inflicted by Indians in US in India got heavy on them, the market is worst and salary is no where comparable to US one. So still determined to fight it all.
Came in 2010 with a new hope, the guys who are in India are back. They heard US economy is getting better, some jobs are there. Let us try if we can, let us go alone and seek another chance. May be another chance and I wont be broke anymore. May be they need to understand ,they are not broke , but the next recession will not leave them anywhere else. He like them is the broke, and he is back with a permit to work in the US of A.

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